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His loss is my gain

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My nephew was stupid, he had an amazing beautiful girl and he threw it away. He missed out on something incredible, she’s mine now, all mine.

My 13 year old nephew, Ricky, comes to visit me once a month and stay for the weekend, I’m his favourite uncle and he likes coming to stay with me because I’m a cool uncle with all the latest games and gadgets for him to play with, and I always spoil him.

While he was visiting me he met Jia-Li, she preferred to be called Jade, a 12 year old Taiwanese girl that lived a few streets away, she is such a beautiful girl, 4 foot 2, long silky black hair, big blue eyes, slender petite figure, she has the biggest cutest smile, she’s a little shy and speaks softly, takes pride in her appearance and is a lot of fun to hang out with.

They started going out as boyfriend and girlfriend, and I let them hang out in the house together, they never got up to anything ‘naughty’ though.

Then one weekend when he was due to come visit, and I knew Jade would be at my door any minute eager to see him, he phoned me and told me he wasn’t coming, he told me that he met another girl closer to home and didn’t want to be with Jade anymore, I told him he had to come and tell her that face to face but he refused, he was acting very selfish and cruel.

Then there was a knock on my door, I knew who it was, “Look, she’s here now. At least tell her on the phone. Let me pass you over.” I said.

“NO!” he shouted down the phone, “I don’t want to talk to her, Uncle Paul. Just tell her I’m sorry and not to phone and text me anymore, my new girlfriend doesn’t like Jade calling me all the time.” He said.

I opened the door and was about to reply to him when he suddenly hung up on me, Jade was at my door, standing there in little white jean shorts, a white vest top, with her big smile on her face, looking as adorable as ever, she gave me a little wave, “Hi Paul.” She said, with her Taiwanese accent.

“Hi, love. Come on in.” I said.

I went in to the kitchen to get her a drink and for some privacy while I tried to call Ricky back, but the little shit wasn’t answering his phone, so I had to break the news to her myself, she looked very saddened and she started to sob, so I gave her a hug and comforted her and it took her about an hour to calm down.

“We still friend, Paul?” she asked.

“Of course we are. Hey, listen, don’t you be worrying. Just because you two have broken up doesn’t mean we’re not going to be friends. You can come here and hang out any time you want, alright.” I explained to her.

She left and a couple of days later she turned up at my door and we hung out, and she started to come around to my house every few days, we had a right laugh, played games, I was a 31 year old man, enjoying the company of a 12 year old girl, and we got really close, probably too close, inappropriately close in fact.

One Saturday when the weather was really crap, and pouring with rain, she turned up at my door soaking wet through, I asked her why she’d want to come out in this bloody weather and she just said she wanted to hang out, so I invited her in, gave her a towel to dry herself off with, handed her some of my old pyjamas and put her wet clothes on the radiators to dry.

We decided to have a Marvel movie marathon, sitting on the couch, eating junk food, we had a lovely afternoon, but time got away from us and we suddenly realised how late it was, just at that moment her phone rang, it was her mom calling to find out where she was, then she turned and ask me if she could stay and finish the marathon, “Sure, if you like. No problem.” I said.

“Can I stay at Paul’s, mom?” she asked over the phone, her mom knew who I was, we’d already met when Jade and Ricky became friends, her mom agreed it was okay and Jade finished their conversation, put the phone down and re-joined me on the couch.

“What did your mom say?” I asked.

“She said I can stay, but I need to be home by 11am tomorrow, we grandparents are coming over.” She replied.

“Okay. Cool.” I said, and we continued the movie marathon.

4 hours later and Jade got tired, she snuggled in to me and placed her head on my shoulder, closed her eyes and fell asleep, I finished watching the movie and then gently got up and laid her down on the couch and placed a blanket over her, I squatted down and stroked her head, she looked so peaceful, and so beautiful, then I leaned in and kissed her on the forehead.

She opened her eyes, then she lifted her arm up, placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me in and kissed me on the lips and then smiled at me, I definitely felt something when she kissed me, it was intense, and very arousing, but I had to be the grown-up, I knew it was inappropriate, “Uhm – sweet dreams.” I said, then I stood up and walked towards my bedroom.

“Goodnight, Paul.” She said.

“Goodnight, Jade.” I replied, and I went in to my room, closed the door, got in bed and went to sleep.

I woke up later that night hearing the squeak of my bedroom door hinges as it opened, light flooded in from the hallway, and Jade came in to my room, she had taken the pyjama bottoms off and was just wearing my flannel pyjama top, which was about 3 times too big for her, she walked over to my bed, lifted the corner of the sheet up and then crawled in to bed with me.

“Are you okay? – Are you cold?” I asked, not knowing her intentions.

She ruffled around underneath the sheets for a moment and then pulled her arm out, she was holding her white panties in her hand, and she threw them on to the floor and smiled at me again.

“What are you doing?” I asked, swallowing a nervous lump in my throat.

She told me to shush, then she rolled towards me, put her arm around me and started kissing me, her lips were so soft, “Jade…” I uttered, she placed her finger over my mouth to silence me, “I want too.” She said, then she went back to kissing me again, and I couldn’t help myself, I kissed her back.

With our arms wrapped around and embracing each other, we started rolling around on the bed and kissing passionately.

As my balls heated up and my cock hardened, I unbuttoned the pyjama top, revealing her full naked beauty, I kissed her tiny breasts and licked the tips of her nipples until they popped out hard, I kissed my way down her body, her skin was like silk, I dipped my tongue in to her bellybutton and made her giggle, and then went further down, her pussy was flawless, not a single pubic hair to spoil its purity, it was beautiful, I sucked on her clitoris and sent her heart racing and she gasped uncontrollably as I made her moan with delight.

Then I practically fucked her with my tongue, pushing it deep in to her perfect crack, her legs parted like the red sea and she held my head in place as I ate her delicious virgin pussy, she had an orgasm and soaked the sheets beneath her wet through with her fluids, some of it went in to my mouth, it tasted like the sweetest candy.

I crawled back up and laid on her, my throbbing hard cock was twitching at her entrance, I pushed it in to her crack, her flaps moulded around my girth and my tip tore a hole in her barrier and slid inside, “Ooh – Ungh – Ung” she moaned, looking up at the ceiling and smiling as she felt my hard cock fill the empty space within her.

Her orgasmic fluids offering the right amount of lubrication as I thrust in to her again and again, my balls dripping with sweat knocking against her ass, I found my rhythm and discovered her pleasure spots, I hit them again and again with my cock and she howled to the moon with intensity.

I knew it was inappropriate, but she wanted it, hell, even I wanted it, to hell with man’s law, this was happening, and I wasn’t about to stop.

We fucked for nearly an hour, even surprisingly myself by how long I lasted, then the moment arrived, I was about to come, I thought about pulling out, but as I lay on top of her, enjoying the feeling of her tight young pussy as I continued to thrust in to her, I couldn’t bring myself to it.

What we were doing was natural, it was nature’s way, our biological instincts doing what we were always meant to do, no, I was going to let nature run its course, and I was going to finish how nature intended.

“Ooah!” I groaned, thrusting in to her faster and deeper, “Oah – Jade!” I groaned.

She held on to me, digging her perfectly manicures nails in to my back, her small silky legs swinging in the air, my thrusting increased in speed the more I felt my seed flowing up my shaft, “Ooah – Ooah” I groaned.

“Ungh – Ungh – Oooo – Ung” Jade moaned in response.

I just exploded, I relaxed and let it go, my seed flowed out of me like hot water through a pipe, I felt every single drop come out of me, flooding her insides with millions of my little swimmers, and in that moment I had visions of my seed fertilising her egg, I wanted to impregnate her, I wished for it to happen, I wanted her to be mine forever, so I could breed her again and again.

She fell asleep, but I couldn’t, I just laid and stared at her while she slept, she looked so peaceful, so satisfied, she even had a smile on her face while she was sleeping, just laying there naked on my bed, such a beautiful creature.

In the morning we did it again, this time she got a bit more adventurous and wanted to be on top, she rode me amazingly well and once again drained my balls of seed.

She went home just like her mom asked her too, but she came back a few days later, and now we are secret boyfriend and girlfriend and have a lot of incredible sex together.

Ricky doesn’t know what he gave up, he’s such an idiot, but his loss is most definitely my gain, I may even send him a photo of us fucking just to rub it in, show him what he missed out on.

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  • Reply Older Dude ID:7ylren3hr96

    Nice story would love to experience that again but unfortunately I am getting to old near 60.

  • Reply AdultRP ID:202m32dm9d2

    Very nice story. I got sure have a thing for girls from Asian countries and that sounds amazingly hot. If anyone wants to talk my Kik is the same as my posting name. Just tell me your age and gender. Then we can talk about anything you are comfortable with

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20dr

    Hope you do breed her. Just like nature intended.

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