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Lexi’s in Trouble

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Lexi learns that what she thought was being sneaky wasn’t at all true. Her father knew what was happening the whole time and punishes her.

The next morning Lexi woke up and headed downstairs around 9 expecting the house to be empty. She was still wearing her pj’s as she sleepily came for some food. Scrolling through her phone she missed that her father was sitting at the kitchen table doing work. “Morning. Get dressed, you have an appointment.” His voice made her jump as she thought he was at work.

“I do, Where?” She curiously asked not remembering if she made any appointment for herself. Her mother usually handled all appointments too so it was rare her father got involved like this. “Get ready.” He growled back in his sharp tone leaving her to scurry back to her room. She threw on a simple sundress, getting dressed as quickly as possible she went without panties as it was becoming a habit. When she came back down her father was waiting by the door scrolling through an email on his phone. Moments later they were on the road heading off to somewhere.

“So… where are we going daddy?” Watching him drive his face was unyielding with no answer coming. As the silence grew she could feel he was upset but without more context she wasn’t sure if it was work or her. The radio was turned to a volume that it could just be heard. She went to watch the traffic pass around them knowing her father wouldn’t talk and pushing him would only make him angry. After 15 minutes of driving through town they pulled into a doctor’s office. It wasn’t one she had been too before and as she saw the sign it was for a gynecologist.

“Dad… why are we here?” She asked a little nervous now, her yearly appointment was several months out. She only ever went with her mother for those appointments and liked the women she saw. “For you, now let’s go.” His answer was stern, full of command as he climbed out of the car. Not looking to see if she was following or not he went inside. She was hot on his heels and as soon as the front nurse saw him she nodded, buzzing the patient door open. There were a few women there waiting and Lexi felt their stares upon them as they just walked in and headed straight back.

A male doctor was standing in front of a door looking over a chart. “Ah Chuck! Come right in we can knock this out quick. ” The man held a hand to an open room across from the one he was in front of. Putting the chart into a basket he followed them in. Lexi was only more confused and stood in the middle of the room seeing a try on a table with different instruments for exams.

“Thanks for this Matt, best to be safe with what has happened recently. ” Her father answered taking a seat next to the patient table. “Dad, why are we here?” She asked again but his glare stopped her desire to ask any more.

“On the table miss, we will have this iud in place within a minute.” Matt the doctor was busy putting on gloves. Lexi felt sick, her and her mother talked about birth control in the past but she always assumed the pill would be first. Here he was dragging her in for an iud, something her mother got recently and raved to friends about. When she hesitated about getting on the table her father’s glare returned. “On the table…” his firm words snapped her out of it and she took her place. With her feet in stirrups she laid there legs open pussy exposed to this unknown doctor.

“Mmm no panties, looks like your dad was right when he said you have been naughty and exploring yourself. ” Matt chuckled as he started to work with the cold instruments. It was a very awkward several minutes but by the end of it she had the iud in place. The doctor went through some ways to make sure it was all good with her and with that they left. Her father was silent and brooding, knowing she was in trouble now she didn’t say anything. Her heart was in her throat and felt sick to her stomach. What did he know exactly that she was dragged out like this. When they returned home she slinked in and tried to slip up to her room to hide. Her father had other ideas grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her to the table.

There were four pictures laid out on the table. The first was her naked walking out with Max in the middle of the night. Second was her in the short Sun dress getting Baxter the angle that showed she had no panties. Third was her return with Baxter, the light showing the cum dried on her thighs and the white cream upon her pussy. The last was her naughty outfit he knew about all of it from security cameras she didn’t know existed. She felt absolutely sick to her stomach with eyes wide in disbelief. “Someone has been just as big of a slut as her mother… What happened here? ” His finger tapped against the picture from her walk with Baxter.

“Who made you their bitch while you were out?” His question had an edge of suspicion to it as if he already knew. Lexi wasn’t sure if she could even answer him. “No one daddy…” she squeaked out the answer heart pounding. The next thing she knew her father had pushed her top half against the table face against the picture. Her ass was up and the skirt to her dress lifted. In one quick action and slap a hand hard against her ass leaving a red print behind. “Try again you lying whore.” He wanted only the truth.

She let out a soft sob, he hadn’t spanked her in a long time. She forgot just how much it could hurt having a bare ass slapped. “B..Baxter did… ” the answer was met with another hard slap to her ass. “If you weren’t such a slut it wouldn’t have happened would it?” He let his grip on her back go as she nodded.

“Go change into your slut garments. ” He made the demand, eyes on the last photo. She was hesitant but also didn’t want to be spanked again as she went upstairs to slip into it. Coming back down she felt embarrassed and nervous, not sure where this was all going now. “Fuck you dirty whore… do you like looking like a prostitute who sits at the corner waiting to be fucked by some john?” He tore into her as soon as he saw how she was dressed. He was standing in the living room and dragged her to the couch. Tossing her on it the force of her bouncing tits popped free. She went to fix the top to cover up but had her hands slapped away.

“Don’t cover up slut! I never said you could do that. ” She just froze in place, nodding, she never saw her father act like this and it was terrifying to her. His hands grabbed the top and yanked it hard causing it to rip open. “Do you like this kind of attention? I’m surprised a man didn’t just take you and abuse you wearing this. ” His strong hand groped her chest, tweaking a nipple in a small painful way. His hands pulled the shorts off her body next leaving her practically naked on the couch now.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t find out you have been a naughty whore? ” He asked, looking at her young body. There was a slight bulge between his legs seeing a younger version of his wife before him. Lexi felt her body getting hot as she was laid out naked on the couch. Her father was still clearly angry with her and she wasn’t sure what to say to his question. “I… I hoped not… ” she muttered softly when his fingers started to pull a nipple to get the answer from her. Lifting her up she was placed bent over his knee, his hand smacked against her ass. It wasn’t as painful as the spanks she received earlier. His hand was even brushing against her cunt before pulling away to smack her pale flesh again. She could feel herself getting turned on as she received this punishment. Her father felt a wetness on his hand and slapped her one last time hard. Hitting both cunt and ass making her jump. Next thing she knew her father was carrying her up the stairs over one shoulder.

“Daddy where…” a smack silenced the question and in moments she was in her parents room. He tossed her onto the bed with the gentleness of a caveman. Max was on the bed sleeping and jumped awake from the sudden bounce. He laid his head back down just watching silently. Lexi was laying on the high mattress face looking directly into her father’s bulging pants. He removed the clothing revealing the erect six inch cock beneath. Gathering her hair into a hand he pulled her in and shoved the hog into her mouth. He was rough with her young mouth, even slapping her when she tried to pull away for air. Her pussy was getting wet from the cock fucking her mouth. She didn’t want her father to do this but here they were and she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying it.

He slapped her ass twice and whistled to get Max’s attention. “Put your ass up bitch.” He spanked her hard, having her go from laying in her belly to her knees under her and ass up. Max was sitting up tongue licking his lips. “Muff dive boy.” Given the training phrase Max walked over and started licking her pussy. He eagerly lapped at her cunt, Lexi quickly started to moan as her father fucked her throat and Max ate out her slit and ass. She had tears running down her face as her body screamed for air but got barely any with the way he relentlessly pounded her face. Drool ran down the shaft of his cock soaking his balls and the bedding under them. The only noise she could really make was groans and gargled moans around the cock inside her.

“Mount…” he said after a minute of Max licking her pussy and ass. He wasted no time, the Australian shepherd leapt up paws hooked around her hips leaving two red scratches down her sides. She felt his red rocket poke her body several times before its engorged tip found her ass. He thrust it in deep heedless of which hole he really found and was pounding her body hard. Fuzzy balls slapped into her clit as he hammered her like a sewing machine’s needle. Her father silenced any cries of pain with his cock driving it in till his balls hung on her chin. She felt him unload a hot load straight down her throat. She was struggling to swallow, her ass hurt, pussy throbbed and she felt herself cumming. Her father’s cum leaked down her chin, as soon as he pulled free of her mouth she sucked in air. Max was still jack hammering her ass, “Daddy, make him stop… please my ass…” she pleaded as it hurt to have him fuck her tigh hole so rough. Her father snapped his fingers a few times and Max dismounted panting, his cock still stiff swaying under his fuzzy body.

Her punishment wasn’t done though, she slumped down onto the bed trying to collect herself. Her father came around with a bottle of lube and squirted a heavy bit on her sore hole. Then slapped her ass once again, “he wasn’t done whore…” “But daddy.” Her protest was muffled by a gag her father shoved into her mouth.

“I said he wasn’t done and now I’m not either…” her father quickly had each hand bound behind her back so she couldn’t remove the gag. Placing her on his lap as he now laid naked under her he grabbed pillows and made himself comfortable. She was now on her knees chest down against her naked father. Her slammed his cock into her pussy started to fuck the dripping wet hole. Max took his cue and mounted her ass again. She now had both cocks in her southern holes. It was too much to handle at once, her father was slow to thrust compared to Max’s hammering rate. The lube eased the pain a little but his size still hurt the virgin hole. A short moment later she could feel Max shift, his cock buried into her body. His knot began to swell, stretching and filling her body. She started to cry from it’s pain when he tried to pull back. Her father was grunting feeling that she was knotted he fucked her harder. Minutes passed as she laid there between them feeling Max drain himself, hearing her father’s cock fuck her went cunt. She probably had three different orgasms but couldn’t beg for him to stop through the gag. Her swollen cunt was sore and finally felt him drain his balls into her greedy slit. Max was still knotted up in her ass, a puddle of his drool formed down her back. Her father skillfully climbed out from the mass of limbs leaving her there as he cleaned himself up in the shower. By the time he got out Max finally slip from her body and was licking the cum from her body. Lexi hadn’t noticed it was happening as her entire body was on fire or sore. Once the gag and bindings came off she silently went to clean herself in the shower.

“Just like your mother, you are Max’s and my bitch. So be careful with what you wear or he may demand to fuck you. He knows he can and knows he has my permission. If we have company over I expect you to wear panties to avoid needing to distract the dog…” with that her father left to get work done. Lexi was left to go shower and clean herself up. She spent the rest of her day closed up in her room looking up at the ceiling. She couldn’t believe what had happened but also couldn’t believe she wanted it to happen again

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    Is she 14 or 15?

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    Lexington and her mom used like sex toys together by dad?

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    I want someone to punish my virgin holes like this

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      I will soon play this out with either my friends daughters or the next door neighbors granddaughter.
      I simply love to punish the bad ones lol!

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    Hot story. Hope it continues