my first massage

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I had worked with my business partner for ten years when we started our own business working from his home. His wife was a very good looker blonde with great tits and I had thought she would be good to have sex with but she never gave me any signs.

This day I was working at the desk when she came in with a tea and sat down saying her husband had called in to say it would be late afternoon before he returned. whilst talking she said she was starting up her own business as a masseuse which she was trained some years ago. I asked her what he felt about that and she said he was fine and i asked her did some of her customers not look for more. She laughed and said of course but I only give what I want to.

She then said had I had a massage and I said no maybe one day then she said I am looking to get some practise are you OK to help, I blushed and said I would but I did not want anyone to know. She showed me into her spare room set up as her studio and then said if I get undressed she would be back. I was naked under the towel when she came back wearing a close fitting white coat and she looked great.

She started on my back and as she stood in front of me it was clear she had little on under the coat and her nipples poked through the fine material. I could not avoid being turned on and my cock was rock hard. She then said to turn onto my back which of course gave the game away as my rock hard tool stood skyward.

She smiled and said my word I have not seen anything that big before and then her hands worked my cock as she said just say when I have gone to far. I was moaning but not stopping her when her coat hit the floor and this venus stood there with the smallest of thongs and nothing else. My fingers wondered to her clit and she then climbed on top of me saying I cannot ignore the monster please fuck me. I slid inside her soaking clit and slowly increased my stroke rate until she shook as her body realised her juices and my cock could wait no longer as it filled her with my cum.

After some kissing and rubbing she then bent over the table and asked for another shot which I dutifully obliged once again cumin but this time over her ass.

I continued to assist with her practise sessions when ever alone.

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  • Reply Nick ID:174dr2b0c

    Best story I’m cutting to make it my story

  • Reply Tom ID:2a7f158fid

    Let’s fuck

  • Reply Samsa ID:grl46s4qk

    I hope you do know that you don‘t „slide into a clit“? The clit is a little, sensitive nub and if you‘d like to slide in somewhere that would be the vagina or the ass…