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Happiness is sex

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My deaf and blind son has become my lover, and he is such a passionate lover.

I read a wonderful story on here last night, a story that has given me the courage to tell my own, I’m a single mother with a son, Jason, he is 12 years old and he is both blind and deaf.

Jason has been this way since he was born, he has never heard a sound, never seen a light, his world is silent and dark, his only sense of the world comes from touch and smell and taste.

When he tastes or smells things, he doesn’t know what it is, only that he likes it or not.

When he touches things he only knows how it feels, he doesn’t know what it is, what it’s for, or why it exists, if I place a ball in his hand, he doesn’t know it’s a ball, when he smiles, he doesn’t know he’s understand or understand what a smile is, it is simply his body and brain reacting to different stimulant.

Since he was a baby I have fed him, clothes him, washed him, kept him warm and safe, done my best for him and I will continue to do so until I’m no longer here.

He hit puberty when he was 11, he was very uncomfortable that day and fidgeting a lot which was unusual for him, it wasn’t until I changed him that I discovered why, as I took off his diaper, he has to wear diapers even now, because he can’t use the toilet by himself, he doesn’t even know what a toilet is.

I saw he had his very first erection, as soon as I removed his diaper and his cock sprung out in to the air, he stopped fidgeting, he was relieved, his diaper must have been compressing it down and he was in pain.

I left it alone and waited for it to go away before putting a new diaper on him, in the weeks that followed I noticed he had an erection almost every single day, he was getting older and heading in to his teenage years, I was expecting it, but it still shocked me when it happened, in my head he was still my baby boy, but clearly he wasn’t a baby anymore.

I’d spend nights in my room crying, just thinking about how he’s never going to have a normal childhood, he will never meet a girl, fall in love, get married and have children of his own, there are things in life he will never experience.

On his 12th birthday I brought him some chocolate cake, it was his favourite, I knew that by the way he smiled when he tasted it, as I fed it to him as he sat in his chair beside his bed, he started to fidget around and he looked very uncomfortable, so I picked him up and laid him down on his bed, took off his loose trousers and removed his diaper.

He had the biggest erection I’d seen yet, previously his erection were big, but his foreskin remained almost fully covering his tip, this time it was very long and his foreskin had been pulled all the way back revealing his bright red mushroom head and it was twitching, he didn’t know what his penis was for, or why it kept getting hard, he only knew that it hurt when he got erections, and I wasn’t happy with that, it wasn’t meant to be painful, it was meant to be pleasurable.

Thinking once again about how he will never experience certain things in life I decided that he would, he wasn’t going to miss out on the joys of life, and so I gripped his cock in my hand and I jerked on it, I could see by the way he reacted that he was enjoying it, I continued to jerk on his cock until he ejaculated all over my hand and he calmed down and smiled.

From that day forward I jerked him off every night before he went to sleep and it became his new favourite thing, he was always at his happiest after I made him ejaculate and it also made me happy seeing him glow.

After a couple of weeks I decided it was time to take it further, and I included sucking on his cock in to our nightly jerk sessions and he enjoyed the wetness of my mouth around his twitching erection.

A couple of months after that, I took it even further.

One night I decided to put him in to my bed with me, and we were both naked, I gave him his usual suck and tug, and after he’d had an hours sleep I started to play with his cock underneath the sheets, rolling his cock and balls between my fingers and stimulated it until he got an erection and he woke up and began to fidget as I played with it.

I rolled over on to my side and put my arm around his back, then I rolled on to my back pulling him along with me so he was on top of me, I lifted my legs around him and guided his twitching cock to the entrance of my wet and waiting pussy.

With his head in my cleavage, he sniffed my breasts and as he felt the tip of his cock touch my entrance, his reproductive instincts kicked in and he began to very gently thrust his hips and his cock slowly slid inside me.

Once he had an inch or two inside of me, which felt amazing, he began to thrust it in to me faster and faster, I put my arms around him and stroked his head as he humped away at my pussy, “That’s my baby boy. Good boy.” I kept whispering, he couldn’t hear me, I knew that, but he could feel my warm breath on his cheeks as I spoke.

He was very good, it could have been the fact I hadn’t had sex since the day he was born, I never had time for a relationship, but it wasn’t just that, I could tell he was good, he fucked me with intense enthusiasm and I could feel his love with every thrust of his hips.

I listened to him grunting with pleasure as he made me moan with orgasm, he was holding on to me very tightly and his fingernails were cutting the skin on my back, it was painful but I didn’t let it bother me, my boy was happy and enjoying himself, that’s all that matter to me, I just let him fuck me any way he wanted.

I was surprised at how long he lasted, nearly a full half hour in fact, considering how fast he was fucking me, most men would have finished within 30 seconds, but Jason just kept going, he had so much love to give his me.

When he finally ejaculated, I felt every shot come out of him and flood my pussy, he groaned so loud I thought he was dying, I rubbed his head to calm him down, “Fucking hell, Jason…” I gasped to myself, “…My beautiful boy.” I said.

We spent most of the night with him sleeping soundly on top of me, I didn’t dare move him off.

I woke up in the morning to him fucking me yet again, he had found my pussy all on his own this time, I woke up feeling his cock entering me deeply, he fucked me really fast again, but ejaculated a lot quicker this time, it was the best wakeup call I’ve ever had, “Naughty boy” I joked to myself after he came inside me.

This time I did move him off of me and I went to the bathroom to drain his semen out of my pussy.

As you may have guessed, I am now in a sexual relationship with my son, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, we are a lot closer now, and he is so happy, his happiness is all that matters to me.

I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

I’d like to shout out to Mia’s dad, we should get our kids together one day, I’m certain they’d have a blast. So would we, I’m sure of that.

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    Ide love a older big grandmother or big mummy. To sex use and abuse me as a sex toy in my wet diaper xxx [email protected]

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    I would so so everso love to have a mummy like that To take my wet diaper and my pink plastic wet nappy knickers down and sex use and abuse me kiss kiss

  • Reply Mark ID:1a4l0tal8m

    Sweetie I’m very serious I really would love to chat with you sometime because I was a big momma boy and especially after my dad died and we was always home alone just the 2 of us always every day and I am older now and still think about them days and have great memories with my mom and even some dreams,,,I just love to talk to someone who can relate to this and someone like me
    [email protected]

  • Reply Mark ID:1a4l0tal8m

    I love ur story and it’s so hot and brings back some memories from my childhood days,,I really would love to chat with you sometime I’m a older man but have lots of deep secrets I love to share with someone,,,ur story makes me so horny I’ve read it several times if you ever like to chat hit me up here
    [email protected]

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    -…….I thought you were kidding

  • Reply Kyle ID:nc3ode8l

    Hi lovely story. Im 12 years old aswell

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    Ong yes