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Amanda and Jackson Part 2

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This is the continuing story of my relationship with my little sister and yes, it became sexual when she was 12 and I was 14.

Mandy and Jacko (Amanda and Jackson)
Our story is really crazy in some ways. We live in San Fran and our Dad is a very private contract software or something designer. He gets paid a lot of money and you can tell because we live in a really big house in Sausalito.
We found out about our Mom and Dad when Mandy was just 16. We were actually having sex at the time and Mom walked in on us quite unexpectedly. Since that first time when Mandy was 12 we had been having sex a bit. First we had quite a bit, almost doing sex every week. Mandy loved it and so did I but I think we took awful risks because I almost always came inside her and once her mess or periods started there was a risk that she could get pregnant to her own brother! Ye Gods!!
Eventually Mom took her to the doc when she was about fourteen and a half because Mandy told her that she did want to have sex with a boy in her class sometime. Mom was not pleased. However, it would be a very bad thing if Mandy got pregnant and so it was on the pill for her. This made it much nicer for me because I never had to worry about her getting pregnant and after she had sex with this classmate things really settled down for us.
I used to have sex (fucking) with some different girls but I always loved the comfort of taking Mandy in my arms and we were so good with each other. My girlfriends were always carping on about whether I was doing it right, or if it hurt and saying things like “I am not wet enough” (they were). They were using excuses to not have sex after the first time.
And Mandy, well she had all sorts wanting to have a fuck with the Asian chick. She was conquest material and she did not like that. They started to treat her like a slut and my sister is not a slut.
So our visits in the nights and when Mom and Dad were away busy were just lovely, slow enjoyment. I loved making her tits stand up and the nipples stick out and I loved feeling her pussy and making her wet. I loved kissing her lips, upstairs and downstairs, and it was just heaven to work on her clit and make her wriggle and squirm to orgasm. In return Mandy would suck my dick, taking it right into her mouth and she would make me cum into her and she would drink all the gush. While doing that she had this neat way of cupping my balls and gently massaging them until the whole sac became tight and very sensitive. And then other times when she was just pulling on my stick she would kiss and suck my nipples. I had some huge orgasms blowing my sperm with force during these sessions.
And then one time, and it was only ever one time, Mandy wanted me to enter he anally. I did not want to do this because she said I had to do her doggy style and kneel behind her and push my cock into her bum. I argued that her bum was there for another reason and that did not include my dick. Vaginas are definitely for dicks and they do the job for babies getting out of their mothers. See, each parer of us has a specific job.
Anyway her boyfriend at that time wanted to “arse fuck” her. The we talked about it she said he was not very good at fucking her in her vagina and she had decided to bow to pressure to see if he could do any better. I pointed out that if she gave in to him he probably would not be able to hold on and would cum in her before she got anywhere. That was what he was like with front sex. In and boom! Done. No fun for Mandy.
After much asking I finally said ok, but I was not keen. Mandy always makes me hard and we have this relationship where we do things to each other to become excited and sexual we don’t even have to ask or say anything. We just kind of melt into each other. We are very very close.
So Mandy got up on her hands and knees after some preparation and I knelt behind her. The bum hole does not get wet or produce anything that would help my cock slide in to her so I had found some lubricant gel for sex (in Moms draws) and I put a big gob of that on my penis. Then I put a big gob on Mandys bum hole and gently pushed my finger in to her, She squirmed a bit and said it was very tight but I asked her to try and relax and see if she could accomodate my finger. After a bit of pushing and withdrawing I think she started to get used to it and her hole relaxed a bit, so I pushed a second and then a third finger in. It was tight but inside it was all loose. There was no poop because Mandy said she had pooped and washed herself and she had put vaginal deodorant around her whole crotch area. So everything was smelling nice.
She asked me to introduce my cock so I eased my three fingers out and presented my rather engorged cock to her hole. I was excited but I am always excited to be having sex. It had sort of closed down a bit so I pushed 2 fingers back in and then I tried to stretch her bum so that I could fit my dick in. That worked but it was hard. Slowly the tip entered her and as it did I removed my fingers and, hey presto! I was in her bum! Her hum hole had a very tight sort of ring and it grabbed my dick very tightly, so I pushed it in further. Mandy moaned and moaned and said it hurt so I asked her if she wanted me to pull it out. I would have been glad to because I did not like hurting her an any way and I did not thinking fucking in a bum hole felt right, or good. I was doing it just for her.
Anyhow once I was inside her with the head there was not much feeling at all. In her vagina the muscles up the runny would grab and release me but here there was nothing. Just the ring of her bum hole and that felt like it would prefer me to not be there.
So I pulled it out. Mandy cried a bit but after we talked a bit she came to understand that offering her bum hole was just being slutty and if a guy could not get off on her with front sex then he had the problem, not her.
We went on and had really lovely fucking for about half an hour. I came twice and so did Mandy, one time we were coming together and that makes for really delicious and sexy sex. I told her not to go round agreeing to bum hole sex ever again.
So, at the age of about sixteen and a half Dad was away on business (he was often in Japan and Singapore and China and even Thailand as well as places in Europe) and Mum was doing here thing in downtown San Fran. She has some businesses in import and export related to Thailand (well she is from Thailand) as well as some businesses she describes as “personal services” which my dad knows about – but I think they are really to do with escort girls from Thailand and China mainly. They are probably not brothels but I did look two of them up on my laptop and it seems that they offered “exotic” services to distinguished gentlemen and ladies.
Mom came home at 1pm because she was unwell and Mandy and me were fucking our little hearts out in my bedroom. I had entered her, her legs were wrapped around my back, my cock was pumping and Mandy was screaming do me! Do me now! and I came with my usual big gush and Mandy did the same, wetting the bedsheets with her own cum. And Mom walked in the door shouting to “what are you two doing this afternoon?”.
We did not need to answer that because she took one look at us and said that she had thought we were having sex and we need to sit down and have a talk. Yikes! I thought she would be mad. As mad as hell. After all brothers and sisters having sex is a really big no no.
So she came and sat on the bed and I was embarrassed and so was Mandy. We had no clothes on, we had no covers over us and I had just pulled out of Mandy’s pussy. My dick was lying there all flaccid with cum oozing out from it and here was Mom just treating that as if it was normal. Mandy was still lying there with her legs apart and cum was actually dripping from her pussy. My cum!
So, we quickly grabbed some clothes and Mom said do have a shower to us and then meet me in my bedroom. That puzzled us but we shrugged our shoulders and went off to our own bathrooms and showered, changed into clothes, and then went to Mom’s room. We knocked and she called out com in.
The next bit gets complicated so I will take a rest now and I will set out the rest of our story including how we are now really together have the most fantastic sex life and we have a very big surprise!

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  • Reply Jackson ID:7g8tq4jkhl

    I will post the last part and hate to spoil your surprise but my Mom, even if she is ladyboy Thai has never had sex with me or my sis. I will post the last part now and you can see that my story is really about childhood sex and how that has developed so beautifully for me and for Amanda.

  • Reply Era ID:fzq74g8rd

    I’m guessing you had sex with your mom? 🙄