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Molly’s in heat

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My parents are always drinking. They could be home and drunk, or out at some party blacked out. They spend all their money on lottery tickets and alcohol, so they never bother getting me a babysitter. They’ve been leaving me home alone since I was like 8. My dog was the only other living creature in the house. She was pretty much my baby sitter. My mom found her on the side of the road when she was a puppy. Never got her fixed and barely keeps up with her shots. I’m 13 now and my dog, Molly, is 4. She’s a good dog, doesn’t really bark and says at my side. She’ll even sit in the bathroom with me while I shower. She only sleeps with me and she licks my face all the time. She’s always trying to sniff at my dick and I always push her away. Last year she was acting weird, I don’t even know how to describe her behavior other than she’s been more clingy. One night, my parents just left for a party and she started humping whatever she could. She humped blankets, pillows, her dog toys, even shoes. She never acted like this before. I just watched her all night hump and hump and hump. It was addicting in a way. She did this for 7 days then she stopped. When it stopped, I realized that I liked her humping stuff. It made me feel a way towards her I never felt. I brushed away my feelings until 6 months ago. She started to get really clingy again and I knew she’d start humping again. The next day, it started and I stared for hours. I even got hard from watching her. I watched for two days before I got close. Real close. I sat right behind her, looking at her pussy. It look so.. warm. I didn’t touch her. I just watched from right behind her. This one lasted longer, 10 days to be exact. I was sad when it stopped and I tried to get her to hump stuff but she wouldn’t. Until last week. The clingy Molly i was sexually attracted to returned. She started humping the same day as the clinginess. I locked her in my room this time. For a few hours she and I were on my bed. She humped away at my pillows and when she switched pillows I smelled the used one. She took a break after 4 hours. She was panting and looking at me. I was naked and sniffing a pillow while staring at her. She turned around and presented herself to me. I threw the pillow to the side and got on my knees. I slid my dick inside of her and started thrusting. She was so warm and tight on my dick. It felt so good. I couldn’t believe I waited so long to try this. It wasn’t long before I came, but I didn’t stop thrusting. I didn’t want to take my dick out. I came 2 more times before I finally let her relax. Over the last week, I’ve fucked her everyday even when she wasn’t humping anymore. Molly is my sexual partner now. And I love her.

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  • Reply JJD ID:1eudff4xt8jo

    Not the I NEVER knew that you can have a sex with animals except the I NEVER had the idea to try to have it and I used to work with dogs training them for many purposes from a protection to a service dogs…
    Was one time My brother in law got a white husky from
    A coworker she was about 3 years the Guy said for me she wasn’t., She was No more than 1/2 of years old but not 3 like the last owner sai.. anyway one’s in a while I came to visit them like I always did. Time pass My in law ask me if I can training Luna like I say for me was normal place her in cage for the process of the training was No More crates for the moment since was Long weekend I decide she will sleep with me as the night goes I feel sleep in a deeply sleep I never have before
    I don’t remember the dream. Only thing I can remember was that My dick was deep inside her mouth she was sleeping and sucking My Cock at the same time like a puppy. I can’t hold it No more and I come inside her throat now she is sucking More harder like expecting More Whit her two paws was pushing like a puppy do to their Mom tittys.. I’m not lieng My dick is thick and large
    She was looking at me for more milk with out take my cock deep out of her mouth I can’t handle it anymore and start to get her in a 69 I was more sitting than laid back so I started to get her ass and pussy ready to what she really wants me to do her.. she never stopped sucking My dick she was enjoying the fact the I was fuck finger her both holes actually she was humming from pleasure after I came i think 4 times My dick still hard I was using markers and other objects to simulate the to help me out with the I took the bulk of my dick out of her mouth, strangely enough, she settled in as if with her tail in the air and her face stuck to the bed, only a virgin pink pussy well swollen and anus that what was waiting To be penetrated by my 10′ inches long and three wide. I remember that I used Vaceline I didn’t know where to put it at first So I tried for pus

  • Reply TvT ID:1djio03dvg9l

    Would love a dog like molly

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1coe3h3l7u05

    beautifu;.. i so enjoy the female dog stories…..so hot

  • Reply Son ID:2liqqdp43

    When i was 12 and got my first hardon i started experimenting with our female labrador. I spied on my parents a few times so i fucked the dog in different positions too.
    One friday my mom came home early. Didnt hear her. Only realised she was standing there watching after i was fully done. She didnt say anything. Just smiled and walked off

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:y3g45aggubp

    How you ever considered fucking your mom when she’s drunk passed out