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Geeky Nerd

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Story of how a geeky nerd turns to a sex maniac

The story starts in the summer of 2016, in the state of Ohio in the United States, where I was doing my summer internship.

So, a little about myself: I’m a 21-year-old programmer who also enjoys writing stories. I’m an introvert by nature, therefore I only speak to girls when I need help with assignments or project submissions. My dedication earned me the affection of the professors, but it left me friendless and isolated from my classmates. People used to label me a nerd who preferred to spend his time in a library rather than going out to see a movie with his pals. I didn’t mind because I knew my career was more essential than my friendships.

My professor proposed that I conduct a research in the United States at Ohio State University, where he had a connection and could share ideas, and I quickly accepted. As a result, on April 2nd, 2016, I flew to the United States on a two-month visit.

It was a fantastic experience, and I spent the majority of my time in the lab or the library. We were assigned single rooms and were expected to cook for ourselves; but, because I did not know how to cook, I ate at the school cafeteria on a regular basis. I ran across Charu, who was my college batch mate, two weeks into the internship, and we were both astonished to find her there.

I approached her and asked what she was doing here, to which she said that she, too, had been chosen for an internship. She inquired if I had toured the city yet after we had exchanged trivialities, and when I said no, she pushed that we do so together.

I originally disagreed with her since I believed it was a waste of time, but after she persisted, I caved in and agreed to roam around only during the last week of internship. We kept bumping into each other every other day, but we never spent time together other than to exchange niceties.

After some time had gone, we were approaching the end of our internship and our return to India. She reminded me that I had promised to accompany her on a city tour with only three days left, and I reluctantly nodded and agreed to go the next day.

We went before sunrise the next morning and spent the entire day traveling and sight-seeing. We were fatigued and returned to college late in the evening. Charu asked if I could help her carry the bags to her hostel, which was only a block away from mine, because she had done a lot of shopping. I consented because I had nothing better to do. She lived on the sixth floor, and walking up with those hefty luggage was a herculean feat because the elevator was broken.

When we arrived at her flat, it was a shambles. Clothes strewn over the floor, beer bottles strewn about, and food left out.

It appeared as if she was living in a dump. She tried to assuage my fears by claiming that there had been a party the day before and that she didn’t have time to clean up because we had left early in the morning.

I inquired if she needed assistance, and she softly nodded and said it would be nice if I could assist her. She went off, saying she was fatigued and needed a bath before dinner, and I was left with the difficult duty of cleaning her room.

I put on my headphones and started cleaning up the mess, which seemed to never get any smaller. After around 45 minutes, the apartment appeared to be much more livable. Charu emerged from the bath with dripping wet hair at that point. She smiled as she complimented me on my assistance.

She was dressed in a pink tee and black shorts. Her nipples and breasts were visible through her wet shirt, which was now hugging her body because she wasn’t wearing a bra. She didn’t seem bothered by it or pay attention to it.

So, a little about the story’s primary female protagonist.

Her name is Charu, and she is 21 years old, as I previously stated. She is a sophisticated and intelligent woman. She has a lovely and outgoing personality, and she isn’t afraid to ask ridiculous questions or go on impromptu trips. She is the epitome of flawless breasts and big hips. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a fair complexion. We’d known each other since freshman year of college but had made no attempt to converse or get to know each other.

Returning to the sex narrative now….

I offered to depart because my work there was completed. But she insisted that dinner was on her because I had helped her clean up her room. I was hesitant and on the verge of leaving, but something kept drawing me back. Maybe it was my hormones, or maybe it was the sight of her in shorts, but I agreed to stay for supper.

She warmed leftover pizza in the kitchen while I sat on a bean bag in the hall, staring at her from the corner of my eyes. Her gorgeous ass, her long shaved legs, and her damp hair shoulder high seemed like a dream until she abruptly asked me which beer I preferred.

“Sorry, I am a teetotaler; I have never had an alcoholic drink in my life,” I said. She was not startled by my response because she understood my character, but she emphasized that having beer with pizza was an American tradition, and since it was our second last day here, it was more important to respect American tradition. I was amazed at how quickly I agreed to it without objecting or raising any objections to her notion.

With a pizza in one hand and two bottles of beer in the other, she returned from the kitchen. She sat in front of me, her nipples protruding through her tee shirt and water still pouring from her hair. Charu asked, “Why don’t we play a game?” as I was picking up a slice of pizza.

Each person would ask the other a question, and if the response was “NO,” the person who asked the question had to drink beer; if the answer was “YES,” the person who asked the question had to drink beer. I let her go first because it sounded like a fun game.

“Did you ever replicate an assignment?” I inquired. She shook her head, implying that she had duplicated it several times. It was the first time I had ever tried beer. It smelled nasty and awful, like if someone had been drinking urine. I couldn’t imagine how somebody could appreciate something so inedible. Looking at my dissatisfaction, Charu claimed that the taste improves with each sip and that beer was an acquired taste.

Now it was her time to question, “Have you ever masturbated?” I was taken aback by her question and responded with a resounding “NO,” which stunned me as the word bounced across the room. It was my turn to drink once more.

I kept the inquiries easy at first, asking her about her friends, college, and crushes, but her questions were ridiculous and too personal. She inquired as to whether I had ever watched porn or considered having threesomes.

I seemed to keep losing the game, as I had completed my beer bottle while she was barely halfway through hers. Even though it was a great game, I despised losing. I stepped up the heat and began interrogating her about her personal life, which made her uncomfortable as well.

“Has she ever shaved her female parts?” I inquired. She said that they were always clean and free of hair in case someone wanted to lick them.

She smiled and asked if I wanted to look before passing judgment on her response. I wasn’t sure if it was the wine or her talking, but I sensed the atmosphere becoming unsettled and dense with sexual tension. Her eyes were curling her hair and she was stroking my arm as she stared at me and flirted. It happened all of a sudden, and I was sweating profusely. I nodded, assuring her that I trusted her, and told her to get back to work on the game.

“Do you finger yourself?” was my next query. She looked at me and questioned if I was asking a question or giving her a command to follow. She raised her head and murmured softly, “Your request is my order master.”

I had a good idea where this game was going. My shorts had a bulge in them. Unfortunately, I had worn a tight one that day, and it hurt like hell. All I wanted to do was pull out my cock and rub it a few times to ease the pressure. But I realized it was wrong, so I told her it was just a question to which she needed to respond with a simple yes or no.

Allow me to explain what was going on in my head.

One side, the irrational one, informed me that Charu was desperate for sex and that all I had to do was pull out my cock, undress her, and fuck her and everything would be OK.

The sensible half of me urged me to keep my cool and that it was probably simply the booze in her system. If we did something rashly, it may turn into something we both regret later, or worse, she could frame me for sexual assault while inebriated, which is considered rape in the United States, as it is in India. My life would be ruined and burned to the ground in seconds if I was even only accused of one.

So I suppressed my sexual desires and focused on the game. It went on like this. The inquiries became more difficult and intimate, and both started drinking out of turn. We did terminate the game abruptly around 1 a.m., with Charu passing out after drinking four bottles of beer while I was on my third. As a result of the forfeit regulations, I had actually won the game.

Charu had truly passed out, her head falling over my shoulder and her hands on my lap, in a very uncomfortable position. I got up to go after putting her head on the floor, but the wild evening was far from finished for me. I was both fatigued and horny as I sat there, thinking about how the evening had ended with Charu passed out on the floor. I opted to stay because I felt it would be irresponsible to leave her like this.

My head was heavy with all the unexpected sexual cravings as I lay on the floor next to her, staring at the roof. I was sweating profusely and pondering the proper course of action. I couldn’t sleep because of all the chatter about shaved pussies, fingering, and masturbating

Because I had never masturbated before, I placed my hand over my still-in-pants cock and began gently stroking it, unsure of what to anticipate. My cock began to swell again, as it had done the night before, and there was a tingling feeling in my bulging penis head, followed by an uncontrollable rush at the base of my cock.

It was strange and thrilling, unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. There was a sharp agony followed by a sense of relief. It was blissful, but also sinful. My pants and hands were covered in cum. I was feeling fuzzy and perplexed when I realized it was past time for me to enter the realm of dating and sex. This was the point at which everything changed for good.

I devised a foolproof plan while lying next to Charu. After masturbating for the first time in my life, I felt the need to repeat the experience with a pussy. So I took her and slid her over my cock in my underpants, hoping for the best, and fell asleep for a few hours.

A shriek jolted me awake. I turned around to see Charu staring at me, her hand still in my pants, surprised. She instantly withdrew it and leapt up, perplexed. She inquired as to what had occurred the night before. If we had sex or did something we didn’t remember and subsequently regretted, I, too, pretended to be perplexed and told her I couldn’t recall anything before falling asleep in front of her.

She apologized profusely, apologizing a thousand times and requesting that I disregard the previous night as a mistake. But I refused to give up, and I was adamant that she pay for her error. I asked her if she would have forgiven me if she had found my hands in her shorts if I had simply apologized. She said it was all a big mistake, that she had drank too much and that it was best if I simply left her apartment and didn’t tell anyone else about it.

I refused to budge and informed her I was being harassed and violated. “OK, what would it take for you to forgive me?” she asked. I told her I had no idea, and she stated the only way we could make things right was if I stroked her pussy as well, but only on the condition that I never tell anybody about it. My mind was racing with excitement, and I couldn’t take my sly grin off my face. Was it all real or was it all a dream?

I glanced at her and replied, “If that’s the only way things will even out, then so be it.”

She took my hand, pushed her shorts down, and placed it on her underwear, still with her eyes closed and a heavy breath.

I stood in front of a 21-year-old woman with exquisite breasts, my hand over her panties. I felt the contour of her pussy from her pink panty automatically. When I put my fingers into her panty and into her vagina, she winced a little.

She then leans against my chest and rests her head. I could detect her scent. She had a lovely scent of strawberries and rosewater. Her skin was soft, and her nipples were rock hard once she bumped into my chest.

They were pointing through her shirt at this time. Her sexual arousal was palpable. From the outside, my fingers were softly massaging her pussy. She couldn’t take it anymore. “What a fool are you?” she said quietly into my ear. I wanted to do this with you all night, but you wouldn’t budge. Thank God, at the very least, you’ve regained some sanity.”

She smiled and said I shouldn’t be afraid to explore new things and trust my instincts. She shoved me to the ground, and I was kneeling in front of her, my nose right in front of her pussy.

She asked me to remove her panty and have a dialogue with her pussy with my tongue. I obeyed her command and quickly removed her panty while she removed her top. There was a gorgeous lass in front of me with perfect breasts and a pink pussy begging you to kiss it.

It had been shaven, as she had promised. My fingers were already wet when I ran them across her pussy. She took a deep breath and pressed my head towards her groin. I grabbed her hips and kissed her clit; she squeezed her breasts as I licked her clit.

I rolled my tongue and kissed and sucked her pussy lips carefully. Her pleasure and ecstasy knew no bounds. She instructed me to use my fingers while my tongue was still around her clit.

I gradually pressed my index finger inside her pussy. Her pussy was tight and pristine, so it wasn’t a simple task. I started eating her pussy and frantically fingering her. She began moaning with delight as I pressed two fingers inside her. I was worried that I was hurting her, but she kept on pushing my fingers farther into her clit. Then she suddenly grabbed my face and let out a loud aha, with her cum pouring all over my face.

“I do not trust that this is your first time and certainly know how to pleasure a woman,” she remarked softly teasingly as I glanced up at her with a little embarrassment in her eyes. By the way, you need to try a woman as well.”

She then ordered me to stand up and held my hand on my fully dressed body, pushing her nude body against mine. We were looking into one other’s eyes for the first time. We came closer to one other as she closed hers and I closed mine.

My sentiments were on the roof as my lips met her gentle ones. It was my first kiss, and it happened to be with Charu, one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. We started kissing passionately, our tongues tangled and biting each other’s lips.

While we were still kissing, she carefully went her hand to my jeans and unbuckled them. “Perhaps someone is already enjoying the show and wants to be taken care of urgently,” she grinned as she noticed the bulge. I blushed and felt a little self-conscious. She requested that I remove my jeans and underwear, after which she deftly removed my shirt.

We strolled carefully towards the bean bag, holding hands and both naked.

She indicated for me to have a seat, and I inquired if she was a virgin. She nodded and explained that trained had long passes and that she had lost her virginity to her roommate (who, by the way, was a girl) while I was about to lose mine today. She started stroking my cock with her left hand and spitting all over it as soon as I sat down on the bean bag.

My penis head had already bulged and became crimson when she pushed my foreskin down.

With her other hand, she began sucking it and biting and squeezing my balls. It was a sensation I had never experienced before. Pain, pleasure, and ecstasy are all mingled together in some kind of cocktail. She started rinsing my penis and squeezing it into her mouth. I was groaning and drenching myself in perspiration.

She then requested that I lift my legs and turned her attention to my asshole. I was listening to her like if I were possessed or her sex slave as she instructed me to open my legs wider. She then requested me to close my eyes and assured me that it might hurt at first but that it would be all pleasure after that. I closed my eyes and felt a liquid-like substance starting to be administered to my ass hole. Then I felt a finger slide deep into my skin. I was in pain, yet I didn’t want it to stop.

I could now feel her finger moving slowly up and down, as well as resistance against her probing fingers.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt her fingers come out. It was delirious, and I thought it was over, but I was mistaken. I felt a bigger finger exploring my asshole, but it wasn’t a finger, it was a beer bottle, and then she shoved it in. It was excruciatingly painful, and I thought I was going to pass out. She requested that she suffer it for a few more seconds and then everything will be alright. I’d become accustomed to the discomfort after only a few moments. It was a revitalizing and pleasurable sensation.

I sat there with an erect penis and a beer bottle rammed up my ass when she urged me to open my eyes. She sat on me with her breasts facing me and one hand on the bottle, asking me to relax. She then climbed up onto my cock and sat there.

This was the most wonderful sensation I’d ever experienced. My cock was buried deep in her pussy, and she began to grind it.

With one hand, I was kissing and squeezing her breasts, while the other was bouncing up and down my cock, driving the bottle farther into my ass hole. Hers was a tight pussy, and each stroke was more difficult than the one before it. There was a lot of moaning and a lot of tremendous desire. Then there was a rush in my penis, and I knew I had climaxed, so I came in her pussy in one stroke, and she came in almost as quickly.

She carefully rose to her feet and took out the beer bottle, which she claimed had come in handy at at the perfect time. We passionately kissed and clutched each other. She stated that it was a well-received and justified punishment. We laid next to each other, still unable to believe what had just occurred between us and the entire US experience, which would be a closely guarded secret that we would treasure for the rest of our lives.

We kept our relationship a secret once we returned to India. Nobody in college suspected us of being shady. I was like Clark Kent, all nerdy and geeky during the day and Superman at night in her bed.

We began spending more time together under the guise of discussing our final year project whenever we had the opportunity. We both choose the same topic and are taught by the same professor, so we spend a lot of time together.

We had a pretty long run keeping it a secret since that day. Charu invited me to her brother’s wedding last week, and it was an offer I couldn’t resist.

We started making out when I went to her house in Bhopal for the wedding. Charu decided that making out in her brother’s room would be safer, so she stripped down to her underwear and I stripped down to my underwear as wedding ceremonies took place in the hall below. Unexpectedly, Charu’s soon-to-be sister-in-law walked in without knocking, putting us in an unpleasant situation.

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