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Before school

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I’m horny before class so I’ll skip it to get some Dick instead.

Heyy I’m Gabriella im 17, Latina and I’m from New York and I’m in highschool and let me tell you about myself I’m 5’7 slim thick, I got wide hips, thick thighs and I my tits are 38E so a lot of people would say I’m easy on the eyes and I like showing off so I don’t leave much to the imagination.

On this day I went to school early and I didn’t get the chance to play with myself which I do every morning and so I was horny But I decided to hang out with these guy i hang out with and they gave me compliments on my outfit because I was wearing a spaghetti tank top dress that was low cut and slim fitting so it showed off my body really well and like normal like complained me and I told them how horny I was and one of them started putting his hands on me and I told them why don’t we go somewhere private.

I walked to an empty classroom with them following me staring at my ass And when they close the door I got on my knees and they pulled out their dicks with me jerking one off and sucking the other one off I would switch between the both of them sucking one then sucking the other, after doing this for a while one of them cam on my face while I was jerking him off and soon after the last guy cam in my mouth.

After They Finished I let them get hard again by touching me and since I wasn’t wearing a bra and I had a thong on leg gladly felt up every inch of my body, But when they got hard again they pulled off my dress and got ready to fuck me one of them rubbed my pussy while the other getting the tip in my ass but soon both of them had their tips in me which made me moan as they started going in and out of me and since I was planning to do this anyway I was on the pill so I told them to cum in me And I was begging them to make me their slut/cum dump and when bust them cam inside of me I Just went back to sucking their dicks while having there cum leak out of me and I gladly let them take pictures of me naked and videos of me sucking their dick and getting fucked by them. But after they finished I was satisfied so they let me put back on my dress and I went to whatever class I had

A few days later I would find out they actually sent and posted the videos and pictures to people in group chats so a lot of people saw what I did and I feel that a lot of people started asking me for sex or head which I said yes to because I really enjoy it and that’s basically how i became the free use whore of my school, which
Im cool with people calling me a open slut so yeah.


👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Add me on kik, Zodiacwarrior556, I think we’d get along 😉

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    Good girl, great little cumdump.

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    Would love to see those photos!