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My son saw me naked while changing so I tease him now part 2

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Since My son was find it so eager to watch his mom naked, I was teasing him a lot.

..continues from Part 1(https://sexstories69.com/2022/08/my-son-saw-me-naked-while-changing-so-i-tease-him-now/)

I continued to walk naked in my bedroom everyday, knowing quite well that he is watching me. But I knew he still thought that his mother is pure woman and hence he was not trying to get bold with me. I liked that dynamics, but wanted to show him that I was not that pure.

During one of my random tinder fucks, I asked my fuck buddy to record us fucking, and in return I will let him do anything to me. He was more than happy to obey. He placed my mobile on the headboard and started to fuck me. This was 6’4″ black guy. I guess, he was muscular in his days, but at 49, he was carrying a little fat around his belly and his ass. But I would give him that he fucked me so well for so long.
Anyways, he fucked pussy in different positions. Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style etc. And since I had given him the free pass on me, he tried some weird stuff as well. He throat fucked me with my head down and made me lick his butt hole. After which he ravaged my asshole with closeup camera. Finally he dumped his load on my face. Which was already covered with his and my spit. That was an amazing evening.

I came back and before going in the bedroom, left my phone on the dining table unlocked. I knew my son always used to go through it. And while I was taking a shower. He did take my phone and went through it, He found the 3 videos of the night in which his mom was getting fucked my a black guy. By the time I came out of the bathroom he was not there near my door. I guessed he had found the video and watching it in his room. He must be jerking off looking at the video. I went out in my towel and collected my phone. Yes, he had transferred the files to his phone. I came back and threw the towel down and lay down on the bed. I opened my phone and started to watch the amazing show in front of me. The thought that my son was watching his innocent mom getting fucked video and jerking off to it made me horny.

So I took my dildo out of my night stand and started to play with it. Soon My eyes were closed and legs wide spread as I was shoving the 12″ black dildo deep inside my wet pussy.

I was moaning a lot. When I opened my eyes I could see, a shadow behind the door. Ok, my son was back. So I continued to play with myself and making noises. It was such a turn on. I squirted so hard.

I hope that I made my son cum too. Then I cleaned myself and went to bed.

I hope that seeing his mom getting ass fucked and masturbating would give some strength to my son to do something wrong with me. (I mean I don’t think that it would be wrong but everyone else things so….)

Let me know if you think that it we like end of the world if a horny son fucks his single mom. 🙂

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Ger him in your bed and take his young cock deep into your juicy wet cunt

  • Reply Julie ID:fx7ita58i

    My son peeks at me he is 10
    [email protected]

    • good ID:fzq6hy2zm

      Shame on you Julie for not loving your son! Why does he have to peek? Why don’t you get naked in his room in front of him? What’s your number?

    • Juicyguy ID:1fto8yx78l

      Yeah, Julie. Let your son become a man. If you are not going to show and teach him he might get wrong info from somewhere else. Do the right thing and show if what you got.
      P.S take and pics and add her. We want to make sure you actually showed him 🙂

  • Reply lol ID:2wzbadr6ia

    you need to suck him off and make him fuck you

  • Reply Barry ID:4phnbakd1

    yes….he really has to fuck you

  • Reply Guy ID:457ie0344

    Lure him in! And let him fuck your brains out

  • Reply Rod ID:fzq0w06ik

    Please go and fuck your son

  • Reply gabbysmom ID:1fto8yxw42

    get drunk and pretend falling asleep. he will fuck you.