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Jerking off my boy in the bathtub

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Then joy of having a young hard cock in the bathtub…

I ran some hot soapy water in the bathtub and stripped off my clothes to give that young boy a bath. Sometimes the young boys don’t like granny giving them a bath, they tend to resist when you try to scrub their ears or the junk between their toes etc.

But Mickey was a very well behaved boy when it came to my washing him. At age 12, he didn’t give me any problems. That one summer night he sat very still while I checked him over for hidden dirt and then got him all soaped up.

As I washed his belly and reached down between his legs to wash his boy parts, he started to twitch when I washed his balls and his butt. To my surprise his cock began to grow, and grow. Before I knew it I was stroking his growing cock as he twitched and shook. ” It’s OK Mickey, ” I whispered.

As I stroked away, I couldn’t take my eyes of Mickey’s cock, My God this boy was huge. His cock started to throb and pulse as he thrust his hips against my hand. Then Mickey started to shoot streams of cum. Not two or three but it just keep shooting more and more.. It took me a while to calm him down as he was still breathing heavily as I dried him of and gave him a big granny hug.

He went into the living room while I cleaned up the mess and got dressed. When I went in to watch TV, he was curled up in Granny’s favorite chair, licking his cock and balls. What a good boy that dog was…..

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  • Reply Caponron48

    I think Mickey was a black Labrador….

  • Reply Gwen

    I often suck off my 10-year-old son when I’m drying him off after his bath. His young cum is creamier than his fathers and I swallow the lot. My son loves it

    • Adam

      Wish my mom did that growing up.

  • Reply ..

    More please

  • Reply Castiel Winchester

    Plot twist!