Masturbate in bus station 3

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i go to close my legs but tom stop them and open them again wide then he start pull down my underwear he is going to fucked me

i will left most words and go to story i am at my friend house emma after basketball match and with tom enent in bath all this at dinner emma and tom act and talk normal time to go to our bedrooms tom to his own and me with emma her room.Emma had always two beds her bed and for visitor her room like every teen girl was in pink walls and had posters and photos biyonce rianna all woman a little stange for me neither one man but anyway we change and wearing our pyjamas i wear a white sleeveless vest with my boobs inside free something that emma like looking to me with a big smile and a grey pyjama trouser while emma a pink long nightdress that fell after her knees.
i fell together with emma in her bed talking for girly things like boyfriends fashion clothes until emma asked me if i will tell her the truth what do you mean come on maria you realy want to believe that you masturbate in baths had me in your fantasy come tell me who was together with you i have not problem if you are lesbian but your hands was in door so you couldnt masturbate so tell me i tell you i was alone and i masturbate with water realy i want to learn me how aswered me with laughs i doesnt feel ready tell her the truth then her mom open door and tell us that is past 1hour after midnight and better go for sleep ok mom she had right we were tired of basketball match and had need of sleep and plenty time this days for talking i goodnight her and i fell to my bed and i fell above me bed linens.
I was sleeping deep and with my back until awake me without open my eyes or moving by the feeling a cold hand come under bed linens and inside my vest rubing my belly exactly in area of my belly button something that many times in past driving crazy and hot then i feel one another hand in my mounth and with fingers play with my lips i couldnt understand what night visitor want with my mounth and pass of my mind maybe was emma play with me or tom that want and other things but i take decicion to let it go until end whoever it was the visitor to my bed sudenly visitor take his hands and put down my bed linens to bed end left me uncover i feel visitor come up to my bed and sitting above he wasnt heavy then i understood it was tom but what he want above me he not fear emma wake tom still above me come nearly to my face and with his hand keeping my head in one place while his fingers of his other hand again in my mounth this time trying to open it with curiosity what he will do i open it a little and i feel something try to get inside.
Tom had only one thing that can put inside my mounth i was scared and was i thinking to open my eyes and talking to end this but i remember that my boyfriend i had before four years and learn me the act of blowjobs i was a talent and he had big cock he was my first and only boybiend so i decide to give this experience to tom and i open my mounth and tom put him inside my mounth then tom close my mounth where i could feel above my lips his balls i had take him all something not difficult in bath at stadioum i had see his cock to be normal for his age tom start alone in out his cock my mounth slowly and gently but hit my cheek of inside he put him in out my mounth until his balls hit my lips a strange feeling but i continue let him have control over me and i like a good girl i was carefull with my teeth i could hear tom moan while in me the feeling after years of a cock inside my mounth and all this in dark and the danger of his sister or parents catch us doing me hot and wet after some minutes tom put out his cock outside my mounth with sadness without he cum but tom go more down me and he lift my vest until my neck and grab my boobs and rubing them what nice boobs is this my friend is this i could hear him.
he left my boobs and go to bed ending there he open wide my legs and start unlace my pyjama trouser and lower it until my feets and with his hand put in one side my pink underwear to fucked of a 9yearsold boy it wasnt exactly my fantasy but i will not say no four years without sex is this i feel a tongue to touch my pussulips doing me have a nice little suprise even worse his tongue start moving doing me want to scream but i wasnt want hear me so i try strong have close my mounth but tom tongue now get inside my pussy doing it more difficult while tom tongue dry out my pussy and be near to orgasm i put my hand behind tom head and with my hand i puch him with a little power in my pussy he resist at first but he continue his work at my pussy it was dark and i couldnt see his face but i was sure he liked it.
I could feel a big explosion come tom understand it and he go to remove his head from my pussy but i keep him with my hand there and i start cuming while tom i hear him try to tell me something and without any other choise he take them at his face or he drink then while i bite hand to cover my scream when i finish i left him free final its over lets go fell go for sleep and i go to close my legs but tom stop them and open them again wide then he start pull down my underwear until a little after my knees my god he is going to fuck me i tell myself i was right i hear him scratch something at least he is going to use condom what good boy i could had fucked four years but it will couldnt be problem for tom cock size then i feel tom hands above my thins and his cock rubing my pussy
it was still so wet and impatient for cock that when tom start push my pussy take his cock with first push doing tom left a loud moan and to me a pleasure tom start push slow push him inside my pussy i couldhear him tell me how good girl i was then i feel tom fell above me his head was in my boobs this give him the chance to take care with his tongue my nipplies while in this pose he could fuck with more power now i could feel his balls hit my pussy.
I couldnt hold anymore and i start moan tom maybe understood that i awake but he continue with fuck me stronger and play with my nipples doing me feel a little pain doing me near again to cum tom it was also near to cum told him and sudenly together with me scream and he grab my boobs
we cuming together and he fell with pleasure in my i starting to rub his head i knew you was doing that you sleep and this doing me hard he rise of my boobs he kiss my cheek wait i have something for you and kiss him to mounth and i asked him to do that again of sure maria one another time he return to his bedroom and i wear my underpant and pyjama trouser and i cover myself again and fell for sleeping for sleep.more stories is coming.

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    you both wanted each other! text me at (347)949-2811 was that the only time and did you get caught?

    • maria ID:grkxs4xik

      yes there are more times where he fucked me he become my new little boyfriend until i go to university

    • maria ID:grkxs4xik

      yes there are more times where he fucked me he become my new little boyfriend until i go to university and there is a story where he takes me anal.