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Group shower with my Uncle…

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My Uncle Jimmy took my Brother and I camping and we wound up in the shower together

When I was 15, my uncle Jimmy took me and my 13 year old brother Randy on a camping trip for a weekend. We were staying in a campground that offered canoe trips on the river, they took you upstream and dropped you off and then it was about a 10 mile trip back to camp. Jimmy and Randy shared a rental canoe and I had a kayak.

We had a great time, the water was smooth and flat all the way and we even stopped a few times to swim and cool off. My 35 yr old uncle Jimmy was wearing a thin pair of loose fitting swim trunks and when he got out of the water , I could see his cock showing thru the wet fabric. I elbowed Randy and pointed it out to my brother who mouthed the word ” Wow”. Uncle Jimmy had a really really big cock.

About 30 minutes before we got back to the campground, it started to pour the rain, We were soaked, head to toe, and to make matters worse, climbing up the muddy creekbank to wrestle the boats out of the water had us covered in mud.

When we got back to the tent, Uncle Jimmy ducked inside and came back out with a backpack and we all ran like hell to the bathroom/ showers. There no no clothes in the backpack but it was filled with dry towels which was great.

We all started to strip off our nasty wet muddy clothes as Randy and I shivered with cold. Uncle Jimmy jumped in first and Randy and I went in right after him. We were all taking turns getting under the hot water and it really felt great after the cold rain. As we moved around, I kept bumping into something, as I turned around I found out it was Uncle Jimmy’s big cock all soaped up and standing half erect.

” Holy shit uncle Jimmy that’s a whopper” I said as Randy and I both laughed as we gazed at his cock. He laughed and told us that we hadn’t seen anything yet, as he started stroking his hardening cock. “You boys are still young, and you guys are still growing, show me what you’ve got” Randy and I looked at each other and grinned as we started to stroke our growing young cocks. Now me being
15, and having had a growth that year when I grew 4 inches taller , my cock had developed into maybe 5 plus inches. Randy being only 13, was maybe 4 inches when hard.at the most.

“You see, you guys are packing nice young cocks, I was 18 before I got this big” Uncle Jimmy said as he took our cocks in his soapy hand and felt their size and weight. “Just how big is it now” Randy asked ? He told us he was a little over 8 inches and we could play with it if we wanted. as he still was holding our young hard cocks in his hand. Randy and I looked at each other and I told Randy to go ahead. ” No, you go first” he said laughing.

No problem, I was dying to feel that big cock just out of curiosity. I wrapped my hand around it and jiggled it a little as it throbbed in my hand. Good Grief, it was long and heavy with a big swollen head. Now I told Randy to hold it and Randy took it in his hand and just said ” Wow” as uncle Jimmy started to stroke our cocks more and more.

It wasn’t long before Randy and I both were ready to cum and Uncle Jimmy told us to just let go and We both started to shoot our cum in the shower floor. Uncle Jimmy then asked me to jerk him off and make him cum, I got right to it and Uncle Jimmy leaned back and put his hands on the shower wall and as I stroked his huge cock I felt it start to throb and Uncle Jimmy moaned ” Oh Oh Boys here it cums” Good lord, I thought I had shot some big loads of cum, but Jimmy shot 6-8 big streams of cum all over Randy and I as we just stood there stunned.

As we dried off with the towels, Jimmy’s big cock was still half hard and just dangled and swung as he moved around. Since we had no clothes with us, we just wrapped the towels around us and walked back to the tent, luckily it had stopped raining by then.

That night when we went to bed, we discovered one of the sleeping bags had gotten wet, so we zipped the two dry ones together and we all slipped inside naked. I was in the middle, Randy was on one side and was fast asleep, when I felt my Uncle Jimmy nudging me, he whispered ” Are you still awake” ? I couldn’t sleep thinking about that big cock. He rolled over and started to play with my cock as he pushed his cock up against my bare ass. My cock started to swell as he stroked it a little.

Then he cut on a little penlight and dug thru his backpack that he was using as his pillow. He then started to rub some kind of lube between my butt cheeks and also on my cock as he stroked it. He kept pressing his swollen cock against my butt hole, but I told him I was afraid it would hurt too much.

He then said “OK” and he squeezed my butt cheeks tight and slid his cock in and out of my butt cheeks with the head of it poking my ball sack and shot another huge load of cum between my cheeks. “Now roll over” he said. When I rolled over, he slid down under the covers and took my young cock into his mouth and in no time, I was squirting my warm boy cum in his mouth. Holy shit, Randy didn’t know what he was missing.

It wasn’t the last time that summer we got to go camping with Uncle Jimmy…Sometimes it was just the two of us !

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