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Forbidden Fruit

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My best friend was gay, but one day I was horny, so I seduced him.

I always said he’d be the perfect boyfriend if he was straight, but he laughed it off as a joke. “Well, if I was straight, then I wouldn’t be me.”

So, we didn’t date, but my Christian family wouldn’t accept him either way. For being a sodomite, or a boy being with their daughter. So, I skipped church (And got dirty looks from mom) and invited him over to hang out.

I’d just turned 18, though. So, I went out to the adult store for some toys, and when he knocked, I said “Come in.” I already had the buttplug, and vibrator inside me, but I popped out the vibe, and crossed my legs. I’d worn the buttplug to school all day, but I made sure that the base didn’t stick out, where anyone could see it.

It was amazing, though. Being so turned on all day, and when I got a chance to masturbate, I came like gangbusters. Just knowing that nobody even suspected why I was squirming around in my chair, and even with my legs crossed, the base shoved it in with almost my whole weight.

“Oh,” he started pulling the door, back out on the porch.

“No, you don’t have to go, I’m finished.” So, he came in, and shut the door, but I got up, and popped the buttplug out. “Huh, I didn’t know when you’d show up.” I took it in the kitchen to wash it off, but I skipped breakfast, and took a big dump before a shower, and enema. So I was nice, and clean inside, and out. There was nothing but water based lube to rinse off.

“Is that a buttplug?”

“Yes, it is.” I set it on the dish towel next to the sink, but I didn’t have any underwear on. Just my nighty, and I was so horny, I stunk up the whole kitchen, but he didn’t hold his nose at it, or anything.

“Well, where’d you get it?”

“You know the adult bookstore, out by the loop?”

“Which one?”

“The one with the arcade. It’s not really an arcade, more like booths with TV screens in there, to watch porno movies in it.”

He shook his head, “Hard to believe that people still pay to rent movies, when you can get all the porn you want on your phone.” He pulled it out of his pants pocket, but he kept eying the buttplug, just standing up on the counter.

“Oh yeah.” I came over, to look around his shoulder, and managed to keep my hands off his tight pants. Nice hard muscular buns, and soft junk hanging in the front. “What do gay guys like to look at, anyways?”

“Well,” he showed me, but I was actually a little surprised. “This is my favorite one, but they talk a lot before they get naked.” He ran his finger along the bottom, to skip ahead past the dinner, and the walk home. Holding hands, and kissing at the door, before they went in, and took off each other’s shirts.

“Huh, you want to try it?”

“The buttplug?” He looked right over at it, still drip-drying on the counter.

“Yeah, I don’t mind. In fact, you can keep it. I can always go get another one until you’re old enough to go use the glory holes.”

“So, they have glory holes at the arcade?”

“Of course. Previewing videos is just an excuse to rent the booths, and stick their dicks through to suck and fuck.”

“Uh, okay.” He set his phone on the kitchen counter, and undid his pants. “Huh, you got lube.”

“Of course, it came with a bottle for free.” I went, and got it, but when I came back from the living room. He was bent over in the corner, his pants down, and jerking off, but I couldn’t see where the buttplug went. “Here it is, you want me to put it in for you?”

“You’d do that?” He nodded, but didn’t turn his back. Still hiding his dick from me, even as he stroked it, in the corner of the kitchen counters.

“Yeah, it’ll be my pleasure, but I’m gonna have to loosen you up first.” I love to tease myself, more than anyone. However, I got a glimpse of his pink head in between strokes. Squatting down in front of the sink, to get the extra pair of dish washing gloves out, and put one on. Fresh out of the 4 pack, I didn’t want to get any crap on my fingers, but I left a hand bare, so I could feel his ass.

“Oh,” he let go, and bent over the counter, when I dribbled a little on his buttocks. I saw his dick pop up, right before he covered it with his shirt, and back. “Oh god. It’s cold!” He shivered, but his butt was hot, and red. “This is so sick.” He shook his head, and turned away. “Huh, but it’s okay, I trust you.”

He told himself, and I got a dirty little thrill. Knowing that he really shouldn’t, it felt sick to me. Almost like a child molester, even though he’s almost 18. The same age as me, except for a couple months, but those crucial months where I can buy sex toys, and he can’t. He’s just so closeted, and and repressed. If he wasn’t so ashamed of his sexuality, he might have found another homo to have sex with before I got my chance, but I finished loosening him up.

“Ohhhhhh!” he moaned loud, when my fingertip stretched him open, wide enough to penetrate him. “Uh!” He pulled the buttplug out, from in front of him, and smacked it down on the counter. “Put it in, please?”

He’s begging for it! “What were you doing with it down there?”

“Suph!” He wiped his mouth, drooling, when he’s barely taken a stinky pinkie. “Huh, I was thinking maybe I could cum on it, and fuck that in, but now it’s too late.”


“I can’t keep it up with your finger in my butt.”

“Really?” Maybe, that’s just some guys. You know, some guys can’t pee if you’re watching, or get it up with another man in the room? That’s straight guys, but come to think of it. Even the gays I’d seen in porn, buttfucking. Most of them weren’t hard when they got fucked, but I sighed, a little disappointed.

The plan was to get my hands on his dick, at least. Really, I wanted to suck him, and fuck him, knowing there’s no way he’d be able to keep it up inside my pussy long enough to get off, but I had toys for that. I didn’t need him, or his dick, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want him. So badly, and as offensive as it is to say, I can’t resist the pun:

Forbidden Fruit. “Huh, why don’t you come over here.”

“Ihn!” He puckered, and squealed when my pinkie slipped out.

“You’re a virgin, so the best way to do it is do it yourself.” The suction cup dried off on the towel, so I licked it around, and round, pulling a chair out at the kitchen table. “Have a seat.”

He held both hands over his junk, and his shirt hung down low, but he walked so funny with his pants down around his shoes, I had to laugh. “Carefully, I know you want to shove the whole thing at once, but try to take it slow. So, you stretch instead of splitting wide open.”

“Uhn! Nugh!” He held onto the kitchen table, and the chair legs rocked, before the suction cup let go, and dropped it. “Fuck, it’s so tight.”

“Yeah, you never tried it, on yourself?”

He shook his head, “I’m a top. Or, I guess I thought I always wanted to be the top, and do the fucking, but UHN!” He let out a loud grunt, and then barely a whisper. ‘fuck!’

“Is it all the way in?”

“Huh!” He just let his head loll all the way back, relaxed, and even his smile went away. His mouth wide open, for somebody to stick a dick in. If I had a dick, I’m saving up for that strapon harness, but it’s like a couple hundred bucks. The one I want anyways, because it’s real leather, and treated for moisture resistance so you can sterilize it, but I should have gotten the cheaper one while I had the chance.

“Huh!” He pulled his shirt up, and pulled his chubby up. “Oh huh!” No longer trying to hide it, I just licked my lips, watching it swell, and stick out harder. “Huh, suck me off. You know you want to suck it, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I helped him turn around, so his lap wasn’t under the kitchen table, and I could get down between his legs. My fingers in my dripping snatch, the pinky I’d had tucked up his buns slipping along the side of my thigh, and pinching my lip against my knuckles.

“Oh, oh fuck oh fuck! OH! Ohhhhh.” He didn’t last long, neither. “Uhn uhn uhn!” He grunted, with his taint twitching, and clenching his sphincter tight around the neck with each spurt. “Ihn hin! Huh!” He relaxed, completely. Took a ragged breath, and let it out, while his dick went soft in my mouth.

“Smuip!” I held it carefully, my chin up so it didn’t roll out over my teeth, and bottom lip. I even lifted my tongue so it pooled around my spit glands, and leaned over, to kiss him.

He kissed me back, and even stuck his tongue in my mouth to lick the residue coating it, until it was gone. It was honestly the longest, deepest kiss I’d ever had, and so satisfying, because I knew I won. The prize was his heart, and hopefully even when he got a boyfriend, or anonymous glory hole sex, he’d remember me, and the day I took his virginity.

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