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Bellyriding Fox Hunt

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Sky will do ANYTHING to save the life of a poor innocent cute little fox.

— Chapter One —

Sky was absolutely horrified to hear that her new Husband was seriously considering going fox hunting. Sky had been born into a very hippy family, and abhorred the eating of meat, or senseless killing of any animal. This was doubly true of a sport. Roger got an earful from his new bride about the whole thing, but it didn’t seem to phase him. They had only been married a few months, so the whole idea was new to Sky. She had never heard of such a thing. But in fact it was quite a family tradition in Roger’s family.

Ellis Thompson, Roger’s Father, kept a pack of foxhounds just for this event that Roger, Ellis and Roger’s friend, Stan would go participate in once every year on Christmas day. She was absolutely horrified. But try as she might, she couldn’t seem to get Roger to even admit that it was wrong, let alone stop doing it. He seemed to think she was just being funny, and even when she refused to have sex with him, he didn’t bat an eye.

Christmas was to be spent at their house that year, and Sky made a point of being a huge bitch to Roger on the hour drive to see his parents. But still, nothing. When they arrived, Sky made an immediate point to talk with Roger’s Mother, Sue about it. Sue didn’t seem particularly worried or interested, “Oh, those boys, you know how they are. They’ll shoot anything for kicks. It’s been a family tradition on Ellis’ side of the family for years. I think it’s just a way for them to bond.

Sky wasn’t going to have any of it. She sat in bed tossing and turning, trying to think of what she could do. Being mad at him wasn’t working, but perhaps she had other charms that might save that poor fox. She woke up early and began to hatch a plan. Maybe she could entice him with something. So she invited him to go take a walk out to the barn where Ellis kept his pack of foxhounds. She tried to soften herself as much as possible, egging Roger on. Maybe a little romp in the hay combined with a little womanly charms might convince him otherwise.

They went into one of the two dog pens, which was fun because they were immediately greeted by the large male dogs that Ellis’ had for breeding. The females and the neutered males were kept in a separate pen. All but two of the females had been fixed too. Sky was amused by the whole separation thing, but it made sense. Puppies were hard to deal with en masse. Sky didn’t hold anything against the dogs even though they were predators and they’d kill any fix they could find. She loved all animals. So she petted the happy foxhound and intentionally bent over as far as she could for Roger so he could get a good view of her ass under her skirt. She intentionally wore no panties, so he got a good look. They may have been dating for two years and been living together for almost a year since they got married, but he was always horny, so she knew she would get a reaction out of him.

That’s when the breeding male gave her crotch a long smell, by sticking his cold wet nose against her exposed vulva. “Whoah!” She jumped a little, which made Roger nearly die laughing, “That’s what you get for walking into a pen with a horny dog.” She tried to recover as she held her skirt down. But the male wanted to smell her. She wasn’t all that used to dogs but Roger explained, “It’s how they say hi. It’s polite to let him sniff you.” “Oh sure, and it’s down right gracious to let him fuck me too, I bet.” That made Roger laugh again, “Well, now that you mention it, that would be awfully neighborly of you.” “Yeah, you’d like that, huh?” He smirked, “Maybe.”

That suddenly gave Sky an idea. She realized that her new Husband was a bit of a pervert. It was a new fact that she had just learned, and he seemed to like the idea of maybe seeing his new, young, hot Wife having sex with a dog. Maybe if she let the dog have sex with her, she could convince him not to go on the fox hunt. It was the night before Christmas Eve, so she only had one shot at this, she thought. She was running out of options. Even though she had never even met the fox they intended to murder, she wasn’t going to let that happen on her watch. Even if that meant degrading herself in front of her Husband.

She decided this was her best shot. She said, “Well, if you’re a gentleman and find me a blanket, so I don’t have to kneel in the dirt, maybe I will.” His eyes lit up, “Whoah, really?” She smiled, lowering her head and tilting her knee inward a little, “Sure, why not? Got a problem with that? Don’t make me ask twice though or I may change my mind.” His eyes opened wider, “Holy shit, Christmas is coming early this year!” She thought his excitement was kind of cute. Even though she really had no interest in sexual intercourse with any animal of any kind, she wasn’t totally appalled by it either. It really meant nothing to her, but she was beginning to feel a flush come over her anyway.

Maybe it was the wet dog nose against her vulva or maybe it was thinking about having sex with an animal in front of her Husband. But either way, she was getting slightly more turned on than she had expected. Roger returned in a few moments with a horse blanket from the tack room. She laid it down carefully on the ground, and then got on all fours with her beautiful butt pointing right at Roger so he wouldn’t miss a thing. The male dog was all over her in a flash. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with her. He typically had sex with bitches, and Sky was no bitch. He licked her face and her neck and her butt and legs. It took him a while to figure out that Sky was presenting herself. It helped when she spread her legs apart a little. That’s when she caught the first tongue lap across her clitoris and labia. She nearly jumped. It was completely unexpected.

She managed to recover and pushed backward letting the dog lick her pussy and ass hole. She didn’t want to admit it to herself but she was actually enjoying the sensation. She let the dog lick her until suddenly he must have decided he had tasted enough of her and he leapt onto her back. “Oof!” She was surprised how suddenly the dog had tried to take her, and the weight nearly knocked her down. Even though the dog was only medium sized, he was still strong. He poked his penis at the insides of her thighs several times. Instinctively she arched her back and spread her legs even more, lowering her pussy and giving the dog easier aim.

That did the trick. Suddenly the dog’s huge cock pushed deep into Sky’s body. She winced and tightened up. He didn’t waste any time as he thrusted all the way to the hilt, hitting her cervix on the first push. It was all too much of a shock for her, “Ow! He’s huge!” She had somehow expected the soft furry creature to be gentle. But the dog was anything but gentle. He took her like a bitch and fucked his growing penis deep into her. Sky looked over her shoulder at Roger who seemed to be completely enthralled. The dog pumped his penis hard into Sky while she did her best to hang on. She didn’t have time to react to the sensation, but suddenly she felt a huge lump growing in her. She could feel the dog growing inside of her. She realized what she was feeling was his huge knot. Alarmed, she exclaimed, “He’s growing!!!” She began to panic, fearing that the dog might knot with her, and she might be stuck like that for hours.

What if she had to have Ellis come out and hose the dog down so he would shrink? She’d be absolutely humiliated! She tried to get away but the dog growled fiercely. The last thing she wanted was to get mauled by a dog while he raped her, so she reconsidered. Then she began to feel warm liquid drooling out of her pussy. “Oh shit!” She had somehow completely forgotten that male dogs ejaculate too. Now the dog was cumming in her while her Husband watched. She couldn’t move or get away, she just had to wait and let the dog inseminate her. She feared that might mean she would have to stay like that for hours, cumm obviously dripping from her for anyone to see.

She could just picture Sue’s face wincing as she looked at her new Daughter in law with disgust. Yes, they’d find poor Sky, disgraced, crying with a pussy full of cumm and dog cock as Ellis got the hose. It was a complete nightmare. But just as soon as Sky’s imagination really began to go wild with terrible consequences the dog hopped off her and with a painful tug he pulled his huge knot out of her slippery pussy while semen continued to shoot out of his penis and onto her butt and legs. At the same time a huge gush of translucent semen gushed from her opening as she sat up in shock.

“Is he done?!” Roger nodded, “I guess so. Dogs aren’t exactly known for romance.” “Wow, that was quick.” She stood up and dusted her knees off and smoothed her skirt as the dog began to try to lick her pussy again. She pushed him off playfully and exited the gate, to flee her new friend’s tongue. Roger laughed, “I think he likes you.” “He should! He thinks I’m going to be giving him puppies! But I didn’t even get a chance to cumm. He’d make a shitty Husband.” “I think that’s why he wanted to lick you, but you ran away too quick. I think he’d be willing to try again, if you wanted.”

Sky ignored her horny Husband, “Gee, I thought he’d bite me there for a minute. And then I thought he was going to tie with me. God that would have been so embarrassing!” Roger smirked and sarcastically said, “Yes, that would have been absolutely terrible.” She smirked and hit him playfully in the shoulder, “Oh stop it.” “No, that was hot, you should definitely do it again. Why not, we have some time before we’ll be missed.”

Sky saw her opening, “Tell you what, if you promise to stop the guys from hunting tomorrow, I’ll have sex with him as many times as you want before we go back inside.” Roger looked around and shook his head, “No, I mean… I can’t. I have to go. If you could convince my Dad, maybe. But I’m not the one you have to convince. Even if I pretend I’m sick, he’ll still end up going.” So much for that plan, Sky thought. “Ugh… what does it take to stop you murderers?!” “So wait, you didn’t have fun just now?” Sky didn’t want to admit that it had been fun. In fact, she kind of did want to try it again, but she wasn’t going to give her Husband anything he wanted until he gave her what she wanted, “No, I did it for that poor fox. Ugh… I degraded myself for nothing.” Now she had a pussy full of dog sperm that was now drooling down her legs and she hadn’t gained a thing. Back to square one, Sky thought as she said, “Let’s go back to the house.”

— Chapter Two —

Dinner was a disaster as far as Sky was concerned. Not only was she morose over the poor fate of the fox, but she had to sit there as dog sperm slowly and uncomfortably leaked out of her throughout dinner. To make matters worse Roger was having fun at her expense. Ellis started it by asking innocently, “I found a horse blanket in the dog pen this afternoon. Were you two in there?” Roger spoke up, “Oh yeah, Sky wanted to play with that male dog you have in there.” Sky shot him a look of anger as if to tell him he had better not say anything more about what sort of fun she wanted to have with that dog. Ellis nodded, “Yeah, he’s a playful one. A lot of energy.” Roger smirked, “Yeah, he was getting frisky with Sky.”

Sue shook her head, “Yeah, that dog has got it in his head that he can mate with anything that moves. That’s why I make Ellis feed him. I’m tired of him trying to hump my leg.” Sky was mortified, and she wanted to yell at Roger for talking like this. She managed to regain her composure, “He does seem pretty hyperactive.” Roger kept pressing with his double entendre, “I think Sky’s getting more into the idea of dog breeding.” Ellis nodded, “It’s kind of an interesting hobby, finding the best traits for breeding.”

Sky nodded, trying to change the subject, “So is everyone excited for Christmas?” The conversation went back to normal, but she decided she and Roger weren’t on speaking terms. She broke her silence to chew him out before bed, but he didn’t seem to care too much, or think it was a big deal since no one noticed. She laid awake for hours thinking about what had happened. Her Husband was snoring away in the guest room bed while she tried to re-imagine what had gone down. At first she thought maybe she could have sex with the dog again right before they intended to leave. But then it occurred to her that they could just take the rest of the dogs to go murder that poor fox. They’d just leave her and the male dog while there. No, that wouldn’t work.

She began to wonder if there was some way she could work her wiles on Ellis. Sure, her trick hadn’t been successful with Roger because he wasn’t in control of the hunt, but Ellis was a man too, and surely a pretty girl having sex with an animal was too much for a man to pass up. She began to rub herself under the sheet as she laid there, awake. Why was she turned on? Was it the dog? Did she really want to try it again? Maybe, but she wanted it to last longer. The dog was so quick she didn’t have any chance to enjoy herself. Maybe if Ellis owned a pack of male dogs she could see herself sneaking out in the middle of the night and letting them have their way with her.

She shook her head. What was she thinking? How would having sex with a pack of male dogs help her? No, her mind was just on overdrive. Still, the thought of what she must have looked like, from Roger’s perspective was really erotic. She tried to picture herself bent over with her skirt hiked up and the dog thrusting quickly into her. She tried to imagine the clear, thin strand of sperm drooling from her. She was getting more and more horny as she laid there, rubbing her finger gently over her clitoris. She began day dreaming about other erotic things she could do. Maybe she could let all three hunters catch her masturbating in the barn, and let them all have her. No, Ellis was old and Stan was kind of ugly looking. No, maybe something else… like a dildo. But that was no different than just masturbating. Then she remembered the horses. Her brain felt like it had suddenly caught fire. She began fantasizing about what it would be like to get caught fucking a horse.

She could just imagine what the guys faces would look like. She could make them a deal. She would tell them that she would either let them watch her, or they could go off and hunt a poor defenseless animal. Then she’d let the horse cumm in her when they agreed. Her fingers were furiously rubbing over her clitoris until she suddenly came. Her whole body tensed. Her soft moaning and shaking even woke Roger up. Sky just rolled over and made a fake coughing sound a few times trying to cover up her quivering body. She stayed awake for another hour plotting the next few days.

— Chapter Three —

It was Christmas eve morning, and the family was very festive, but Sky wasn’t paying attention. She was on her computer looking up horse sex stories and pictures. She had never had sex with a horse and really never considered the mechanics, but she had heard a story from a girlfriend once about Brazilian girls who have sex with horses. Her friend, Yvette, was studying Portuguese so Yvette had to learn a lot about Portugal and Brazilian history. It was a funny concept that had left Sky’s brain almost the second she had heard about that manner of riding. However, with Sky’s new plot, suddenly it was beginning to seem important. Sky found several stories about women who belly rode under horses, strapped to them. That was even better! She began to hatch a plot where she’d offer to go have sex with the horse, and then they could leave the fox behind but just go on a ride with their horses, and Sue wouldn’t know the difference.

She excused herself to go call her friend Yvette on her cell phone. Thankfully the number still worked, “Yvette, it’s me, Sky. Remember me, from college?” They hadn’t spoken in a few years but Yvette remembered Sky immediately and they briefly caught up, but Sky wanted to get to the point, “Hey, I know it’s Christmas, but I had a question to ask. Remember how you told me girls rode under horses in Brazil?” Yvette sounded suspicious, “Yeah?” “Where do you get one of those saddles? I read online that they have saddles just for doing it.” “Well, outside of Brazil, I have no idea. We have one at the Brazil institute in a glass case, but it’s not for sale. The museum doesn’t actually advertise what it’s really for, actually. It has a description like, ‘used as a harness under horses’ or something like that. Why?” “I want to borrow one, just for a day, until tomorrow night.”

Yvette seemed skeptical, “Why?” “Because I want to stop a murder. Look, it’s a long story, but this is life or death. Do you think there’s a way you can talk to someone and let me borrow the saddle? Just for a day or two?” “Life or death? Do I want to know?” “No, but this is really important to me.” “Uh, okay, but to answer your question, no, there’s no one who you can ask who works there who will let you borrow it, but, well… I used to intern there and I have the key to the museum. I could just let you borrow it. No one would even notice. It’s not exactly a main attraction or anything. Not like the carnival pictures and head-dresses or anything.” “Oh my God, that would be so great. I can drive to meet you if you want.”

They made arrangements. Sky happily bounced into the kitchen and announced that she had to take the car for a few hours, “I have to get one more present, that I forgot.” That seemed to be a sufficient answer, so Sky drove back into the city. Sky met Yvette outside of the small museum. Sky thanked Yvette thoroughly as they went inside. Yvette had the key to open up the display and pulled out the heavy leather saddle. It didn’t look like much, but it was fairly clear how it worked.

Yvette stopped and asked, “Do I dare ask if you’ll need shots?” “Shots?” “Yeah, Brazilian women use shots to keep the horse erect for hours on end. This box here has a bunch of them. They’re a few years old but I’m sure they’re still good.” Yvette reached for a nondescript wooden box and opened the lid, which held six rows of six shots each and a small syringe, with a small pamphlet on how to administer the shots. Sky looked at the shots and meekly said, “You know, maybe I had better bring those too, just in case.” Yvette nodded looking at Sky, trying to read her. Clearly Yvette was trying to figure out if Sky was planning on having sex with a horse, but Sky was trying to avoid the topic. Sky said, “Do you think they’d mind if one vial went missing?” Yvette shook her head, “I doubt it, no one pays much attention to this exhibit. Other than dusting, I don’t think anyone’s touched it in years.”

“Okay, great! Thank you so much Yvette, especially for meeting me on Christmas eve.” “Well you said it was life or death.” “Oh it is, not my life, but every one of God’s creatures needs a chance. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.” Yvette had no idea what Sky was talking about but she nodded, sensing that it wasn’t actually a life or death situation, but not wanting to get into it too much. Sky thanked her again and then left to go back to Roger’s family’s house. She parked the car outside the barn and brought the saddle into the back of one of the stalls behind the big stallion that Ellis kept, where it was unlikely to be spotted before tomorrow. She also left the box there. She patted the stallion on the muzzle and smiled, “You’re going to save a fox, do you know that big guy? I’ll see you tomorrow.”

— Chapter Four —

Opening presents that evening didn’t seem that interesting or exciting to Sky. She got a few cute outfits, and a pretty necklace, but overall, she couldn’t think of anything other than the fox and more and more the thoughts of Ellis’ stallion was captivating her thoughts. Sky woke up many times throughout the night, imagining what it would be like to have sex with a stallion. She hoped her plan worked. The very last thing she wanted was to do this and then have that poor fox die anyway. It was the worst thing she could possibly think of. After a restless night’s sleep, she woke up at the crack of dawn, well before anyone else in the house woke up.

She threw on a thin dress and some sandals, even though it was cold outside, being Christmas day and all. Thankfully it was unseasonably warm and she knew it would be in the 70 degree range that day, having seen the weather forecast the previous night. It was a perfect day for killing foxes, or if she had her way, having sex with horses. She looked around the barn for props to help her in her sabotage. She found a perfect bench that was the right height to lay the saddle down, while she strapped it into place on the horse. It took quite a while to figure out where the straps went, but she figured it out. She eyed the wrist and ankle cuffs, and shook it off. She could probably bend upwards and attach her ankle cuffs so she could be comfortable, and leave her wrist cuffs undone.

She took out a vial of the medicine that was going to help her in her devious plan. She heard stirring in the house from across the yard. No doubt they were looking for her. Maybe they figured she went on a walk. She didn’t have much time to waste. Either way, she knew they wanted to go hunting in the morning. She filled the syringe and after quickly reading the instructions she delivered the shot to the horse. She was expecting him to kick or make a sound but he didn’t even seem to notice, other than a swat with his tail, like he was batting a fly away. Satisfied with her careful delivery of the shot she put the case aside and pulled her dress over her head.

That’s when the butterflies started. She kicked off her sandals, and walked over to the horse, “Steady boy. Hopefully today will be fun for you. We have a fox to save!” She felt strange standing there naked. She had grown up in a house of hippies and had lead a fairly carefree life, but aside from a drunken skinny dip she had never intentionally let anyone see her naked that she wasn’t dating. She pulled out the bench which left the saddle swinging gently beneath the stallion. She put a bridle on the stallion and lead him out into the middle of the barn. She turned him so that his butt was facing the double doors that she expected the men to come in through. She wanted to be the first thing they saw. Then she tied off the horse to a support beam in the middle of the room and sighed. This was it. No turning back.

She rubbed her nipples and looked around again. She suddenly had second thoughts as she spoke to herself out loud, “What are you doing? Are you crazy? Ugh… What about the fox? Yes, just think about the fox. This is a small price to pay in comparison to his life. He hasn’t done anything wrong, and you can save the little guy. Okay, Sky, just do this, and get it over with.” She patted the horse on the shoulder a few times and with butterflies in her stomach she made up her mind. She crawled under the horse and into the sling. It took a bit of wriggling to get herself situated.

It was a little strange at first, trying to get accustomed to the sling. Her legs were splayed out and it took a minute to remember the ankle cuffs were there for a reason. She reached up and managed to secure both of her ankles on either side of the horse, one after the other. She now realized why it was easier to have someone helping her, like she read about in the few belly riding stories she had found on the Internet the previous morning. She finally managed to get herself completely situated and then realized her long hair was dragging on the ground. She thankfully had a hair-band on her wrist and used it to tie her hair up so it wouldn’t get dirty, or stepped on.

She sat back for a moment, contemplating her situation. It felt really weird having her legs wrapped around a horse like this, feeling her sex so open and exposed. Her face was really close to the horse’s chest, and it all felt very foreign to her. She consoled herself by thinking of those Brazilian women who put themselves through this on a daily basis. If they could do it, Sky could do it to save that poor fox.

She reached down between her legs and began to stroke the horse’s sheath. It took a few seconds but the stallion began to react and extend his penis into her soft hand. She was suddenly mesmerized. She hadn’t felt the dog’s penis, except against her labia. It was strange feeling such a huge, warm mass growing in her hand. The horse’s penis was covered in soft skin and was still rubbery, but it was growing quickly. Sky began to press the horse’s head against her pussy. It was a little strange at first. It was growing, so the urge to get it inside herself was growing at the same rate. She worried that if she waited too much longer he would be too hard to get herself impaled without untying her legs, and too big to fit in her vagina, which she considered to be tight.

She pushed and pushed and as the horse’s penis grew she managed to get just enough pressure, to force the head just past the lips of her labia. She gasped. Even partially flaccid, the stallion was easily bigger than Roger and then some. But she grabbed the horse’s shaft and continued to pull it into her. Meanwhile it was still getting more engorged and growing in length with each passing moment. She coaxed him further in. She knew she should stop him right now and run back and forget about the whole fox thing, but for some reason she really needed to continue.

She gently eased herself further down the horse’s penis. Finally the horse was completely rigid and she began to feel it pressing against her cervix. With a deep sigh she pressed a little harder, until she felt like his huge head was pressing hard enough but not too hard. She knew his penis was perfectly aimed to shoot his seed right through her cervix and into her uterus, and for some reason the thought didn’t bother her as much as she thought it would. In the period of two days she had gone from complete disgust about having dog sperm in her, to intense curiosity about having horse sperm in her.

She remembered reading about the sling being used to swing back and forth, so she grabbed the leather straps of the wrist cuffs and used her legs to push up a little and then let the sling go back. Sure enough it was a little like a swing, and more importantly, she knew why those Brazilian women loved their slings. It felt great. The gentle movement of the huge horse dick back and forth in her vagina was wonderful. His skin was so soft, and strangely Sky realized she was nice and wet. She thought to herself it was probably a good thing. It was probably best for girls to be nice and wet when they were having sex with horses, she thought.

She moved her hips a little, in various ways. Up and down. Then in small circles. It felt very strange having such a big penis inside of her. Not that she was completely against the whole idea, but it was odd, realizing that she was now copulating with a stallion in her Father-in-law’s barn. She realized that the thought of getting caught was starting to get to her. She rubbed her hands over her body, trying to stay warm in the crisp morning air, but it was just making her more nervous to feel her naked flesh standing out so prominently in that barn.

That’s when she heard the door open to the house and then voices. Sure enough she heard her Husband, Ellis and Roger’s friend Stan all crossing the driveway towards the barn. Her heart began to race. She suddenly realized what a huge mistake this really was. She began to panic and she tried to pull away. Maybe she could run to the back of the barn. Sure a horse would be out of place but she could hide, out of sight. But as she tried to pull away she realized both her ankles were still secured, and the huge cock in her pussy was making it hard to reach around and untie herself. No, it was too late, there was no time left.

That’s when the barn door opened. Sky looked like a dear in headlights as the three men, dressed in their foxhunting riding outfits entered the barn. It took a few seconds for the men to realize what was going on, but suddenly their eyes adjusted to the light and they spotted Sky, all at the same time. Ellis was first to say something, “Whoah!” Stan was next, “Holy shit! Sky!” Roger was last, “Oh my God!” The three men stood there with their mouths open, transfixed. Sky’s beautiful naked body was splayed out under the horse. Her pretty legs were parted and tied up, and her spectacular butt and pussy were open and visible, punctuated by the huge stallion’s rigid penis embedded deeply inside of her.

Sky’s was holding her breath, which just made her pretty breasts more visible and stick out even more than they already were. Her nipples were taught from the cold. Sky’s hands were the only awkward part. She put one hand on her stomach and just waved to the guys with the other. This was her chance. Her one and only chance to save the fox rested on her ability to convince them that she was more interesting than killing some little creature. So she tried to swallow her nerves and embarrassment and smiled as best she could, “Hey guys!”

Ellis took a few more steps into the room, like a drunk man seeing a winning lottery ticket – hardly believing his eyes. “What are you doing, Sky?!” Sky smiled, again, “Well, I made up my mind. I’m going to do everything I can to stop you guys.” Stan said stupidly, “We don’t actually ride the stallion on our hunt, you know.” Sky actually didn’t know that but she lied and recovered nicely, “I know, but I figured you guys would like a chance of pace. Maybe instead of chasing a fox around, you can take me out for a ride instead?”

Ellis said, “Are you kidding?” Roger shook his head, “No, she’s dead serious about saving that fox, Dad. She fucked your dog a few days ago, trying to get me to stop.” Sky was angry at Roger for telling him, although who cared at that point? She was engaging in bestiality right in front of them, after all. But it somehow felt like a betrayal anyway, so she shot him a look, “Asshole! You weren’t supposed to tell him!” Roger looked innocent, like he didn’t know that, and he shrugged, “Well!? I don’t know… look at you.”

Ellis asked, “Really? Is that why you had that blanket in the dog pen? You’ve been out here having sex with my dogs?” Roger tried to say something nice, “Well, it was my idea.” Sky shook her head, “I’m sorry, I only agreed to it to convince Roger not to go. But he said you were the right guy to talk to if I wanted to stop this hunt.” The three men stared at her. Ellis nodded, “Well, he’s right in saying that, I guess. It is my hunt.” Roger frowned, “Where did you even get that saddle thing?” “My friend Yvette. That’s what I had to drive home to get. It’s a Brazilian belly riding saddle. Women ride horses like this in Brazil all day long. Some of them even have jobs, and live their lives just like this, or so I’m told.”

Stan shook his head, “I can’t believe I’m seeing this.” She swallowed and tried to continue despite being completely mortified. She tried to pretend she was brave, “Well then, I’m going to make you a deal. I’ll have sex with the horse in front of all three of you, and let him cumm in me, if you agree not to kill the fox.” Ellis smiled. Then his smile became a chuckle. And then his chuckle became a laugh. He looked down at Sky and said, “I have a better idea. You seem to have found yourself a saddle. Why don’t you come on a ride with us?” This wasn’t at all what Sky had in mind, “Huh?”

Ellis shrugged, “You seem to want to save that fox from certain doom. So here’s the deal. We’ll go on our ride, just like always. And if you stay under the whole time, I’ll let you personally free the fox tonight.” Sky thought she might have to agree to having sex for a half our or hour. She had no idea how long a hunt might be but it didn’t sound like a short affair. And it was one thing to have some fun in a barn, but going out into the wild outdoors completely buck naked was quite another, “How long is that?”

Ellis looked at Roger, “Well, let’s see, it takes about 2 hours to tire the fox out where you can catch him with the dogs, and it’s usually about an hour or two back. So say… four hours? Maybe a bit more if we stop for a break along the way.” Sky looked at her Husband and Stan, who would surely go and murder that poor fox if she didn’t agree. She shook her head and frowned, and said, “Okay, you’ve got a deal.” Ellis laughed, “Excellent. Boys, get the horses ready, and I’ll get the dogs ready. Oh, and I’ll be riding the stallion today, Roger.” He nodded. Sky realized what that meant. Ellis was going to ride on top of the same horse that Sky was having sex with.

Although she knew it was probably safer that way anyway, given that he was experienced with horses, it was still going to be awkward, and embarrassing. The boys got the two mares saddled, and then Roger came over to saddle the stallion. At first he didn’t say anything but then he said, “You could have warned me you were going to do this.” Sky was genuinely worried that he was upset, “You aren’t mad are you?” “Not pissed or anything but I really wish you would have told me first. My Dad and best friend? I didn’t want them to see this.” “This?” “Well… you know… you… naked… And with a horse of all things?”

“Are you ashamed of me? Am I not pretty enough?” “Oh God no, you’re super hot. But still. It’s a little weird knowing my Dad and best friend have seen you naked. And… you know…” “… having sex with a horse?” “Right.” “I’m sorry, honey. If there had been any other way, I would have done it. I was out of options. I just don’t want that poor fox to be killed.” “I know. You have a good heart.” That made Sky want to cry. She did have a good heart. She meant the best, and this little bit of self sacrifice was worth it, for her.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, I just have to do this. Please forgive me.” He nodded, and sighed, “I guess I don’t have much of a choice at this point. It’s not like they haven’t already seen you, I guess.” She nodded as he finished saddling the stallion. He stood back and said, “I guess this will work. I’ve never saddled a horse with someone underneath it before. I hope this works.” Sky bit her lip a little, “Would you mind…” “What?” “…tying my hands too?” “Oh!” He saw that his Wife’s hands weren’t tied up. She felt ridiculous asking her Husband to bind her helplessly to the stallion, but she knew it would be easier if they were. He blushed a little, which Sky thought was cute as he bound his Wife’s wrists to the side of the stallion, just in time for Ellis to return with the pack of dogs. He yelled over their barking, “We ready?”

The dogs began to swarm around Sky. They licked her face, and arms, and legs, and she even got a few licks on her butt. Their cold noses and wet tongues gave her goose-bumps. She tried to shoo them away, but her wriggling just made them more excited. Then just as soon as they had spotted her they all ran off out of the barn in a mass. And with that they were ready.

Ellis mounted the stallion in one swift move. Although the stallion wasn’t typically ridden with other horses around he was still tame and well broken. Ellis adjusted himself in the saddle, which wasn’t as ill fitting as anyone had expected with two people on either side of the stallion. His feet hung right next to and beside Sky’s arms. Although Ellis’ boots were close to kicking her arms, he managed to keep them far enough back so that it wasn’t a problem. The nude girl was safe for now, it seemed.

Ellis looked down at his Daughter in law who was incredibly uncomfortable with her situation, it was clear, “You ready down there?” “Uhh…” She was seriously reconsidering her decision, but Ellis just laughed and said, “Great. No need to let the fox go, so I guess we’re ready. Let’s go, boys!” With that they were off. The first few steps sent jolts through Sky’s body, as the thick horse penis slid back and forth in her vagina. She really was thankful that she was wet now that they were moving. As embarrassing as it was that she was visibly turned on, if they looked close enough, she knew it was better than the alternative.

Suddenly they were in the bright light of the morning sun. It was nearly blinding to her, but it felt wonderful on her cold skin. It was going to be a very warm day, and the sun’s rays warmed her almost immediately. Stan and Roger fell in behind them as Ellis squeezed the horse’s sides and they began to walk out of the yard. Sky was disoriented, being upside down, but she looked wildly around, trying to make sure that Sue wasn’t watching. The last thing she wanted to do was alienate Sue, who Sky sort of looked up to.

Thankfully the window shades were drawn to keep out the morning sun, and Sue was nowhere to be found. Sky tried to take a deep breath as a sigh of relief, but the huge penis in her was making it hard to think or breath. She saw the piercing eyes of Roger and Stan catch hers as she looked down her naked body. That’s when it suddenly hit her. She was stark naked, walking down a dusty road, strapped to and impaled on a stallion, while her Husband’s Father rode on top of the same horse. Worse, her Husband’s best friend had a great view of her white butt punctuated by the stallion’s huge penis buried between her legs, as she gently swung beneath the stallion’s chest. She tried to squeeze her PC muscles to see if she might be able to stop the stallion from moving, but all she succeeded in doing was turning herself on a little.

She blushed hard, and tried not to think about the fact that her breasts were giggling and the huge penis was massaging her insides. Soon they moved off the dirt road and onto a trail. The trail twisted through some trees and well out to the edge of their property. Sky really had no idea where she was, and if it weren’t for the fact that she knew she could probably follow the fence, she was pretty sure she would have no idea how to get back. It was extremely disorienting and all she could think about was the giant cock in her. Gradually as they followed the fence, she was getting more and more turned on.

She knew she really shouldn’t orgasm, but the discomfort she initially felt was being replaced by arousal. Her pleasure was beginning to mount. At first, Sky tried to lay perfectly still but any movement at all side to side or change in momentum and it would cause the sling to swing. Then she gradually realized that it wasn’t her fault that the horse was moving like that, and she slowly began to let the sling sway as it wanted to. Then she almost unconsciously began to push of with her legs and use her arms slightly to increase the swinging motions. She knew she should stop herself as her arousal increased with each step, but the horse’s chest being so close and being upside down and the huge penis, along with her onlookers was completely hypnotizing.

She knew she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Her stomach began to knot up, and her butt was flexing hard. She began to drive herself down hard onto the rigid penis each time the sling would swing downward towards the horse’s hind quarters. The horse’s huge head slammed hard against her cervix with each deliberate swing she made. It made her wince, but the pain was worth it, because the pleasure was intense. She wasn’t sure if they could tell that she was now actively fucking her body up and down the horse’s hard pole, but her normal rational brain was being replaced by a sex crazed whore.

They already knew that she let a dog fuck her too, and that turned her on even more. She was almost ready to completely let herself go, when Sky heard a woman’s voice and the stallion stopped. Sky was bright red and on the verge of orgasm as she looked over and to her horror a little old woman was standing right next to the fence on the other side, her home only a few yards away. Apparently their neighbor lived far back on her property, but near the fence line, and she looked happy to come out and greet the riders.

Her happy face was suddenly replaced be repulsion when she spotted Sky under the horse. Sky stopped her body from writhing up and down on the stallion’s pole, which was slippery with her vaginal lubrication, and froze, like a deer in headlights. It was too late though, even with the high grass, Sky’s nude body, and giggling breasts, along with the huge penis in her were completely on display for the old woman. Ellis, with a cheery voice said, “Hello, Mrs. Parker, how are you today? I see you’ve noticed my Daughter in law, Sky. She’s decided to try to thwart our fox hunt, as you can see.”

Mrs. Parker laughed, “Oh? I could have sworn she was having sex with a horse, Ellis!” “Well, you are awfully observant, Mrs. Parker. Those glasses are a miracle.” Sky could tell that Ellis and Mrs. Parker had a very friendly relationship, as he poked a little fun at her. She didn’t let up, “I always knew there was something wrong with the men in your family, Ellis. Now it appears that you’ve driven them to run off with the livestock.” Ellis laughed, “Well, Sky here is just doing it to stop us from killing a fox. And as far as I know, my Wife hasn’t slept with anything in the barn. Now that ranch hand you hired last month, there’s another story, perhaps.”

Mrs. Parker chuckled and looked down at Sky, “So, Miss Sky, what’s your story?” Sky swallowed, not sure what to say, and trying desperately not to cumm, “Uh… I dunno…” Her stomach tensed and she grit her teeth, trying to avoid the sensation between her legs. The old woman eyed Sky and looked up at Ellis, “I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think Sky is just screwing that horse to stop you from killing a fox. I do believe your Daughter in law here is going to have herself an orgasm, Ellis.” He laughed and stood up trying to look down under the stallion at Sky, “Oh, is she?” Roger and Stan both stood up in their saddle and Sky saw their heads bobbing around trying to get a good look. This was all too much for poor Sky but try as she might, Mrs. Parker was completely right and before Sky could even try to think of something un-sexy it was too late.

Sky’s orgasm hit her like a freight train, out of nowhere. Her whole body began to seize up, and then all the tension released in one powerful explosion. Sky moaned out loudly, “UGNNNHHHH!” Her body twisted and convulsed and her pussy sucked the hard horse penis. Her breasts giggled uncontrollably as she gasped for breath and her stomach tensed in waves. Sky tried to control herself, but all she managed to do was look guilty as her legs shook and her toes curled, and her chest flushed.

Ellis shook his head, “You got me there, Mrs. Parker. You were right. I guess our little filly here was enjoying herself a little more than she was letting on.” Mrs. Parker nodded, “I’d say so. You’re too young and too pretty to let yourself go to the animals, Sky. Are you not taking care of your manly duties as a husband, Roger?” Roger looked a little embarrassed as he laughed, “Uh, I guess not. Any pointers, Mrs. Parker?” “Yeah, tell your Wife that she’s riding on the wrong side of that poor horse.” That got them all laughing, except Sky.

“Oh, Merry Christmas, by the way.” Ellis handed Mrs. Parker a small box. Mrs. Parker said, “Oh you shouldn’t have Ellis!” She opened it up, somehow ignoring Sky completely at this point. Sky caught her breath as Mrs. Parker opened up her box and found a small but lovely necklace in it. Mrs. Parker was thankful and insisted that they wait for her to get them some hot chocolate. Mrs. Parker went into the house while Sky overheard Stan say, “You sure you’re okay with this whole thing, Roger?” Roger shrugged, “Not really, but I don’t have much of a choice, I guess.” Sky wished Roger felt better about the whole thing. But this wasn’t about him, it was about the fox… and increasingly it was about Sky’s pleasure.

They waited, which just made Sky more nervous. She was laying very patiently. She couldn’t tell if Ellis was intentionally delaying her embarrassment with Mrs. Parker or not, but the longer they stayed there the more embarrassed Sky felt. Soon Mrs. Parker returned with a big silver platter and several cups of hot cocoa. She handed them out to the men, one by one. Sky noticed that Mrs. Parker didn’t bring one for her. Sky’s wrists were tightly tethered to the stallion’s sides, and maybe Mrs. Parker noticed that. Or maybe Mrs. Parker thought less of Sky. Either way, Sky just laid quietly while the men chatted and sipped their cocoa.

Sky was vaguely uncomfortable laying there, while they all talked, so she began to tug at her bonds, to see if there was any way to free them. In doing so she began to sway again, accidentally. Apparently that was exactly what the stallion wanted, because he took an exploratory thrust into Sky. Sky winced, because it was painful. The dog was gentle compared to this monster. She had somehow expected the stallion to be a lot more calm. But then the horse thrusted a second time, hammering it’s massive stiff cock hard against the deepest recesses of Sky’s slippery hole.

Sky couldn’t help but exclaim, “Ohh! Ow!” The pain was hard to ignore as the stallion took several more exploratory thrusts. Ellis, who was on top, laughed and began to dismount, “Whoah, I don’t think I want to be on top during this!” Mrs. Parker nodded and waved him off the horse, “Yes, get down from there, Ellis.” The horse began thrusting harder and harder. Sky winced and tried to hold on, using her strong leg muscles and arms to swing in time with the stallion’s abrupt and hard thrusts.

Stan stupidly said, “What’s he doing?!” Roger punched Stan in the arm, “Don’t be dumb.” Sky must have looked panicked because Mrs. Parker said, “Ellis, are you just going to stand there and let your Son’s Wife get mauled?” Ellis stood there dumbly with a smile on his face as he stood back a few feet. The stallion’s movements were erratic and it was clear everyone wanted to be out of the way of the horny animal. Sky too wanted to be pretty much anywhere in the world other than being fucked by a huge horse while these people watched her. Ellis shook his head, “I’m not sure what I can do for her.”

The stallion’s tempo increased with each thrust. Oddly, Sky noticed the intense pain was replaced by a new sensation. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and suddenly it seemed like the more she let her hips move the more enjoyable it became. She suddenly realized that she wasn’t just being fucked by a horse. Sky too was actively fucking him right back. The two were intertwined, and Sky was beginning to feel another orgasm approach rapidly.

In fact, it wasn’t a small orgasm, it was even bigger than her last. Her whole body began to writhe and shake as she let the horse have his way with her. Long hard thrusts hammered her insides making lewd squishing sounds, but she didn’t care. She was suddenly really enjoying herself. She wanted the horse to have his fun. She was strangely glad he was enjoying himself inside of her. That’s when the horse’s penis began to grow inside of her. Her eyes flew open. She hadn’t even contemplated that the stallion could be even bigger than he already was.

Yet the huge animal’s penis inflated even more, stretching her to her absolute limit. Mrs. Parker yelled, “Ellis!” Ellis was in a trance, and Mrs. Parker’s voice snapped him out of it. He made a move forward to try to untie Sky’s wrists and ankles before it was too late, but Sky heard herself say, “NO!” She couldn’t believe she had said that. Ellis looked at her, confused. Surely no woman in her right mind would want to be fucked this hard in such a disgusting way, with an animal in front of others. But her face was stern. Her body wanted this animal’s penis, and no matter what her brain told her mouth to say, or how perverted she knew it was, her body was in control.

She couldn’t explain why, but she knew she had to feel the power in the stallion’s loins for as long as possible. The horse’s giant plumb sized testicles began to raise up visibly after swaying back and forth so obviously for so long. Sky suddenly remembered, that like the dog, the stallion was going to inseminate her. As much as the idea strangely aroused her, she began to panic again, but it was too late. Deep inside the stallion’s body, a torrent of hot liquid finally boiled over. It shot out of his prostate, and made the long journey down the horse’s rippling hard penis where it penetrated her and made it’s way deep down into her body. There the stallion sprayed rope after rope of hot horse semen against Sky’s cervix and directly into her womb.

Sky’s eyes rolled back as she realized what was happening. A horse was trying to impregnate her in front of her family, their friend and neighbor, while she willingly let him. It was suddenly all too much for Sky and she came. Her whole body began to buck in rhythm with the stallion’s thrusting member. Sky couldn’t help moaning out, “OOOOOH GOD!!!” She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. The powerful cock worked back and forth inside of her. She arched her back and squeezed as hard as she could, giving her lover the best angle and the most tension her tiny hole could muster. The stallion seemed to appreciate her arched back as he continued to jam his huge cock hard into her, and continued to spray her insides with his sticky seed.

His giant head continued to gush out wave after wave of semen, as her cervix sucked and lapped up the liquids as fast as it could. Her whole body was egging her lover on, to deposit more of his fertile fluids into her womb. She couldn’t help but imagine what she must look like, and that seemed to turn her on even more as she moaned out loud again, “OHHHHH YESSSSSS!” Suddenly, a familiar feeling overwhelmed her vagina. The warm semen began to overflow out of her and began to drool down her labia, to her anus where began to drizzle onto the dirt of the trail beneath her butt.

Ellis looked at Mrs. Parker, “I guess she didn’t need our help.” Mrs. Parker shook her head, “No, she doesn’t need our help, she needs a psychologist’s help.” That made everyone but Sky laugh. She was suddenly mortified. It was quite clear she was enjoying herself more than a little under the stallion, even to her. She was deeply embarrassed as she tried to catch her breath, “I’m so… UGNNNN… sorry, Mrs…. Par… OH GOD… Parker. I’m… not… UNNNHHH… normally like… this. OH God!” “Well, I should hope not!” That made Sky blush even more as Mrs. Parker smiled at Roger, “This is quite a girl you’ve got here, Roger. Too bad I think you’ve lost her to the horses.”

Roger nodded, “You may be right, Mrs. Parker.” Sky couldn’t stop blushing, but her anus was still clenching and un-clenching rhythmically. She couldn’t stop cumming, even though she was deeply embarrassed. Mrs. Parker said, “Well, I guess if you live long enough you’ll see just about everything. Even girls mating with horses. Kids these days!” Ellis noticed that the horse was done inseminating Sky so he mounted the stallion again, “Well, I guess we should be going, Mrs. Parker. Thank you so much for your hospitality, and Merry Christmas!”

With that he squeezed the horse’s sides with his legs and the horse lurched forward. Sky was still cumming. It was like she couldn’t suck up enough of the horse cumm into her womb and her body just wouldn’t let her rest. But she tried to regain her composure as best she could as Mrs. Parker waved, “You too, Ellis. Merry Christmas Roger. Say hello to your Mother for me. And you too Stan.” They all smiled and wished her well. Mrs. Parker smiled and looked at Sky as they began to ride away, “Oh, and it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sky. I hope to see you around here more often. I figure these boys are going to want to put you out to pasture with that performance. Feel free to stop by anytime with your horse friend.”

Sky was shocked. Was Mrs. Parker really saying that she didn’t mind the fact that Sky was fucking a horse? More interesting, was Sky really being given permission to have as much sex as she wanted with a horse in front of the old woman? Sky was bewildered. Who on earth would intentionally want to see such a depraved, perverted, and slutty thing like that more than once? Having finally caught her breath a little, Sky waved with her fingertips, “Thank you, Mrs. Parker, maybe I will.” “Great! See you two love birds again soon then!”

— Chapter Five —

The three men and Sky continued on their path around the ranch. It was quite a walk. She had no idea how far or how long they had been gone. But one thing was for sure, it was finally warm out. Sky was feeling a lot more relaxed. Her whole body felt like she had just worked out, and she almost felt like she could take a nap. Of course there was a very large slippery penis coated in horse sperm sliding back and forth in her with each step, so the outlook of actual sleep was slim.

She absently said, “Mrs. Parker is nice.” Stan said, “Yeah, she’s cool.” Ellis was more perceptive, “I think she liked you, Sky.” Sky blushed a little, and bit her lip. She knew she should just shut up. There was an awkward silence for a minute or so before Roger said, “Should we stop for a while? Sky do you need a break?” Sky nodded, “Sure.” The three men dismounted and tied their horses to nearby trees. Normally the dogs would be off hunting something, but instead they stayed nearby, smelling things and generally being distracted by anything fun or interesting. It calmed Sky a little that the men were slightly interested in what the hounds were doing.

That gave Sky an opportunity to assess herself. She looked down her long naked torso and saw her pubic hair. Her pubic hair glistened a little in the few sun beams that shone through the canopy of trees. She smiled a little to herself. She had been incredibly brave, and she knew that almost no matter what she did at this point, that fox was going to be set free as soon as she got back. Her mission had been accomplished, and now it was just a matter of enjoying herself.

The guys were mostly ignoring her at that point, sitting in the grass chatting with one another and playing with the dogs. Roger dared to stand up and talk walk over to his Wife. He clearly wasn’t sure what to say as he stood there awkwardly. She tried to help him out by sounding chipper and care free, “What’s up honey?” “Oh nothing. Just thought I’d come over and say hi.” “Well, hi.” He scratched his head, looking around, trying to think of something to say. She thought he looked kind of cute, being speechless and all. He then said something even dumber than she had expected, “You have a lot of sperm… dripping. Do you want me to clean it up for you or something?” Sky smiled, trying to ignore her Husband’s idiocy, “Uhhh…. no thanks honey.”

Sensing that she was confusing him she tried to make him feel better, “It doesn’t bother me.” That wasn’t quite what she meant. That made her sound like she liked it, not that she didn’t, but she didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. He just said, “Oh.” She tried to recover, “Besides, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t more later.” She wished she could just shut herself up. Yes, the horse would probably cumm in her again, but there was no need to tell him that. She tried to recover, “So, there’s no point, right? But thanks. That was a nice thought.” “Oh, okay, yeah, you’re probably right. Sorry.” He turned and sat back in the grass with his Father and friend.

It was still embarrassing that Ellis and Stan were around. Roger would have been one thing, but with the other guys there she felt less at liberty to let loose. The dog had been fun, but nowhere near as much fun as the stallion. She was amused that she was able to make the distinction between having sex with three different species, man, dog and horse. She knew she would have to be careful with such comparisons. Surely Roger wouldn’t take it well, knowing that sex with the stallion was easily better than it had been with her Husband.

She began to think about what Mrs. Parker had said. Could she really do this again? Could she drive up on the weekends to her husband’s parent’s house, borrow their stallion and ride over to Mrs. Parker’s house? Could she really let go and have sex, maybe more than once, while she and the old woman shared stories? It was such a perverted thought, but still. Mrs. Parker had said that she expected to see more of Sky. What more was there of herself than this, Sky wondered?

She started realizing that she was really getting horny again. She looked over at the guys who weren’t stealing glances like before. They seemed to be interested in the dogs, who were digging up the dirt for some small critter or bug or something. She moved her hips up and down several times, to see if they’d look over. They didn’t. She did it several more times. Still no reaction. Then she began to move herself back and forth in the sling.

She kept thinking about how strong the horse was and how tiny and vulnerable she felt, being tied up. She kept imagining what she must have looked like when the sperm erupted from around her labia, sticking to her pubic hair while everyone watched. She kept rocking her hips up and down, enjoying the meaty cock in her for the first time. She felt like she was virtually in solitude, even if the guys were only 30 feet or so away, and easily within eye shot.

Ellis looked over at her, making her pause for a moment until he looked away. She smiled to herself. Even if she did decide to have her fun, the guys weren’t going to do anything about it. She began to swing back and forth harder. She actually kind of liked the fact that the guys were there suddenly. For the first time that day, she realized that maybe it wasn’t such a big deal. Sure, Roger and her would have a lot to talk about, but he didn’t seem all that upset.

Stan was the only person who hadn’t seemed to give her an indication about whether he was upset or not. Sky hadn’t heard him say one thing one way or another. She imagined that maybe he was just trying not to say too much in front of Roger that Roger may be offended by. But she decided she had better check. Clearly Ellis was enjoying this, otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed to it in the first place. And Roger was just a pervert, she decided, although she didn’t want to push it either.

Sky continued to rock gently. Her breasts swayed gently. It was so odd being fully nude with her legs spread apart like they were. Her pussy was full of horse cumm and for some reason she was completely okay with that fact. She had never anticipated enjoying having animal cum inside of her. But despite the fact that it felt wrong and perverted, she remembered those stories of those brave Brazilian women who did this every day. She had read a few stories about women who even worked while impaled on their horses, as foreign a thought as that was. But despite that she liked the idea, more than she wanted to admit.

Stan stood up to get a water bottle from the saddle bag. Sky tried to stop rocking so wildly, but still continued to move her hips gently as Stan walked over. She caught his eye and smiled, “Hi Stan!” He smiled at her, “Hi, Sky.” “How are you?” “Fine.” “Are you mad at me?” “No, why?” “Oh, I was just checking.” He paused for a moment like he wanted to say something but instead he shook his head and asked, “So what made you decide to do this?” “Oh, well, I read about it online.” “So it had nothing to do with having sex with the dog?” Sky was incredibly embarrassed by that question. It made her seem like such a filthy slut, “Oh. No, they had almost nothing to do with one another. Except, of course, trying to get you guys to leave the fox alone.”

He nodded, somewhat satisfied with that answer, “I see.” She tried to make small talk, “I know it seems odd, but did you know that belly riding is a huge deal in Brazil. Lots of women do it there.” “Oh yeah? No, I didn’t.” “Yeah, I found out about it from a friend of mine, Yvette. She told me about it a few years back, but I had just forgotten about it. She helped me find a belly riding saddle.” “Huh.” She could tell he couldn’t find any words, because he really couldn’t relate to belly riding at all. She continued, “Brazilian girls aren’t even private about it, either. It’s not forbidden there, like it is here.” “What do you mean?”

Sky swallowed, “Well, some women even perform their daily duties like this in Brazil, from what I read. They care for their family, they do their chores, and some even hold down full time jobs, just like this.” “Naked and… everything?” “Yeah, funny huh? With the horse and everything. Can you imagine?” “Wow.” Sky humped her hips up and down a few times extremely obviously, for Stan, “Those girls are crazy, huh?” “Yeah. I mean… no, I guess I could see it.” “See what?” “Why girls would want to do that.” “And why’s that?” “You seem… pretty… into it, I guess. I could see them being into it too.” “Do I?” Sky was a little shocked that he would say that. Was she really that transparent?

“Well, yeah. At first I thought it was just for the fox. But now… I dunno. You seem like you’re really enjoying yourself.” “Oh, well don’t worry, it’s just for the fox.” Sky kind of wanted to crawl into a hole and die when Stan said that. She didn’t want to be the girl who enjoyed horse sex. Being open minded and trying it once to save a defenseless creature was one thing, but she didn’t want any labels. Stan went on, “I know. But I could definitely see you becoming one of those Brazilian girls.” “In what way?” “You know, riding every day, like that.” “Oh, well, I thought about it already, but even if I wanted to I don’t think I could get a job like this. It’s been hard enough finding work as it is. I mean, come on. Who would hire me?”

Stan shrugged, “Oh, I wasn’t saying you should. I’m just saying I could see it.” “Oh.” Sky felt stupid. She shouldn’t have admitted that she had thought about it too. The idea felt too out there, and too crazy for her to even wrap her brain around it. But there she was, naked, with a horse dick in her. She wasn’t far away from the lifestyle of those women in many ways. It was turning her on thinking about it, even though she felt totally ashamed, and Stan’s eyes were only exacerbating that arousal.

Sky desperately wanted to try to get permission to have another orgasm, in a round about way. What was wrong with her? Why did she want this so bad? Her brain felt like it was scrambled. Things she cared for dearly seemed very far away, and a new desire was taking over – the desire to have horse dick fucking the contents of his balls into her every day. Roger was the dominant one in the relationship and his word was normally the rule, except when it came to the life of fox’s that is. She swallowed hard and looked down her body towards where he was sitting. He had his backed turned towards her now. That emboldened her a little.

Roger looked looked over but Sky knew he hadn’t heard their conversation over the barking of the dogs and the sound of the gentle breeze going through the tall grass. She knew her pussy was sloppy with cumm and he sighed and looked back at the dogs, as if he had given up on her. Was her marriage really at risk? She didn’t want a divorce. Other than the hunting, she loved Roger. Even though she was fairly certain making any more of a big deal out of the fact that she was having sex with a stallion would only cause a bigger rift between her and her Husband she still desperately wanted another orgasm. Which would she choose? Thankfully Ellis stood up and made up her decision for her.

“Okay, time to get going. I think this has been long enough, where Sue will believe we’ve been out long enough. You ready to go back in, Sky?” Sky nodded, even though she really didn’t want to at the same time, “Sure, it’ll be nice to be let down.” Ellis smiled, like he knew she was lying. Roger barely looked at her as he stood up and walked over to his horse. She tried to catch his eye but he seemed upset. It was going to be a long walk back.

— Chapter Six —

Sky couldn’t help but have two more small orgasms on the long walk back to the house. The sexual tension was just building up more and more pressure inside of her. She did manage to mostly hide her pleasure from the guys, but she knew she let out a few small whimpers here and there and a loud gasp or two. She hoped they just thought she was yawning or something. Either way no one said anything. The longer they walked the longer Sky had to consider the fact that she really did want the stallion to orgasm inside of her again. If anyone had asked her earlier that day the whole idea of a stallion inseminating her would have seemed semi-revolting. But now, suddenly, it was a fantastic treat, and she really wanted to have it happen at least once more before they unfastened her wrists and ankles.

Even though it was very disorienting seeing the trail upside down, she was starting to remember the layout of the land, and she knew she was getting close to the stable. She was running out of time. If she was going to entice the stallion to ejaculate again it would have to be quick. She looked at Stan and Roger, who both continued to steal glances. She knew she was going to have some harsh words with Roger before this day was over already, and she didn’t want to make it worse, but she was also extremely turned on.

She imagined what she must look like, gorgeous, stark naked, legs and arms splayed apart, breasts giggling with each step, and her sloppy pussy. The thought was so arousing that Sky couldn’t help but hump her hips upwards several times. Roger definitely noticed her doing it too. She looked at him and he looked at her. The expression on his face was undecipherable. He looked like a mix of upset and disgusted. But Sky couldn’t help it. The stallion had the biggest penis she had ever had inside of her. She had been screwing it for hours now, and it was entirely understandable that she would be turned on.

She wasn’t sure if he had realized that she was really trying to get the horse to cumm in her or not. But she tried to play it off like she was just moving her hips. Maybe she could coax the stallion into climaxing in a way that didn’t make it look like she wanted it. She decided to start swinging more dramatically in the sling, by using her legs and arms to push and pull herself back and forth. It had the effect of driving her soft, semen filled cunt down the horse’s rigid penis where she would bottom out with her cervix hitting the stallion’s head. She thought she could do this without anyone really noticing.

She gently but rhythmically drove herself down the stallion’s penis harder. This was perfect. It mostly just looked like she was just swinging under the horse, but she was managing to get almost six inches of movement with each swing. There were a few signs that she wasn’t innocent in her movements. Namely, her butt was flexing and her anus pulsated visibly with each swing. Her legs and arms too looked tense with each push and pull. Her stomach was starting to knot up as her pleasure mounted. She didn’t want to cumm before the horse did though. She needed to feel her body being sprayed again although for the life of her she still couldn’t fathom why exactly.

Suddenly she realized they were approaching the barn. She knew there was no chance that she was going to get the stallion to orgasm by the time they arrived. Her desperation began to mount. No! She needed this. It wasn’t an option anymore. These guys had watched her having sex with a stallion for hours now. They had seen him orgasm inside of her. They knew she had screwed a dog. Her self esteem was already in the gutter and she had no modesty left. She had nothing left to hide from them, even if that meant alienating her Husband a little more. As they walked into the barn, Ellis dismounted and tied up the stallion to the same pole that she had been tied to earlier and after the dogs and horses were all inside he shut the huge double doors to the barn.

While Ellis began the task of rounding up the dogs and getting them into their pen, Stan and Roger tied up their horses. Even though the stallion had stopped walking, and Sky’s alibi for swinging so openly was now gone, she couldn’t help herself. She kept swinging. Roger finished tying up his horse and walked towards her. She feared what he might say. He looked down at his Wife, swinging back and forth sliding her pussy down over the still-erect horse penis while her breasts swayed visibly. He asked, “Want me to let you down?” Sky was desperate for an excuse to stay mated to her equine lover for just a little while longer. She knew her swinging was giving away her true intentions, but she was so horny she couldn’t stop herself if she wanted.

Her pussy was making extremely gross sucking sounds in this position but she couldn’t help herself. Her stomach tensed and she even began to lift her hips four inches off the saddle with each downward swing. She wanted an orgasm badly, and she looked as desperate as she felt. She arched her hips upwards, letting the stallion’s penis rub hard against her G spot, “Oh… Uhhhhh, no, go ahead and… uh…. get everything else put away, and uh…. then you can let me down. Okay, honey?” She was having a very hard time not moaning as she talked.

He looked at her strangely, eying her movements and shrugged, “Uh, okay? You sure?” “Yes! Go ahead.” He shook his head. She probably shouldn’t have said yes so quickly, but it kind of came out, and she needed to concentrate on this huge cock inside of her for a while. He sighed, turned his back and walked back to the other horses. With Stan, Roger began to unsaddle them, while Ellis dealt with the dogs. That left Sky with a few moments to herself. She began thrusting harder and she even quietly said to the horse, “Come on, now’s your chance, fuck me!” She felt incredibly silly talking to the horse like he could understand, but she was desperate. She also surprised herself by realizing that it made it feel more sexy to talk to the horse.

So she tried it again, “Come on, sweetheart, I know I’m just a hole to you, but I’m YOUR filthy hole.” She was getting herself off by pretending she was in an actual relationship with the stallion, “Please, honey, don’t be mad about Roger. He’s just my Husband. No one could ever compare to you and your huge dick.” Unsurprisingly the horse said nothing, but he did stamp his foot a few times. She was starting to think her writhing body was having it’s effect on the huge creature. She quietly continued to coax her lover, “Please don’t be upset. I’ll tell Roger that he has to share me with you. What more do you want from me? I’ve already got a pussy full of your cumm. If you cumm in me once more, I promise. I’ll do whatever you want.”

She surprised herself again, not because she was having fun dirty talking, but because she actually felt like she meant it. She would do whatever the stallion wanted. She’d happily get on the dirt and suck his cock in front of anyone, and she normally hated giving Roger blow jobs. She’d massage the stallion’s huge balls and work her hands over his cock until he sprayed his seed all over her face and hair, and then she’d walk around all day proudly displaying his love, visibly . “I’ll do anything you want. I’ll pleasure you every day for the rest of your life, if you just fuck one more dick full of your sperm into me before they make me dismount.”

Just when she said that she heard a shrill voice outside of the barn. It was Sue’s voice yelling. Ellis’ eyes were huge, and so were the other guys as they looked at each other. Ellis said, “Quick, outside you two.” The three guys hurried out of the front double doors to the barn, leaving Sky in the barn, still helplessly impaled and horny. Stan was the last one out and accidentally left the barn door somewhat askew so Sky could see Sue standing in front of them talking holding something in her hand. Sky listened closely to their conversation as Sue started berating them with questions, “Have you seen Sky? She’s been missing for hours.”

Ellis shook his head, lying, “Uh, no, not since this morning, why?” “I just told you. She’s been missing for hours. I figured she was with you guys. The car is still here.” Roger said, “Oh, she’s probably off trying to find that fox. You know her. We couldn’t find it after we released it. So maybe that’s where she went.” Sue squinted, “Are you sure you haven’t seen her?” Stan chimed in, “Nope.” Sue said, “Well that’s funny, because I found her dress and her shoes in the stall this afternoon when I was looking for her.” Sue unraveled Sky’s sun dress and held it up for them to see. They looked at each other, dumbfounded.

Ellis said, “Well, maybe she wanted to change into something more appropriate when she was off looking for the fox. Who knows.” Roger said, “Right, because a flimsy little sun dress like that isn’t exactly practical for hunting foxes.” Sky felt a little more at ease as she listened in to the conversation. The guys were going to protect her whereabouts and so she felt a little more comfortable resuming her movements. She needed to have the stallion orgasm again, and any time alone was precious time that she didn’t want to squander. She started thrusting her hips upwards and swinging again, tensing hard, squeezing her lover’s huge cock, as she listened.

Sue said, “Hmm… that’s all very odd. By the way, I noticed that you took the stallion out today, instead of the mare you usually ride, Ellis.” He said, “Oh yeah, I wanted to try him out to see if he could be broken a little better.” “I thought you said he was dangerous because he was so horny all the time.” “Oh, he is. I probably won’t ride him on another hunt like that again, I’d say.” Roger nodded, “Yeah, it was really inappropriate.” Sue looked like she wasn’t buying it, “Okay. I see. You guys don’t seem to be too worried about where she is.” Roger shook his head, “You know Sky, she’s always running off half cocked. It’s hard to know what’s going on with her. I’m sure she’ll turn up soon.”

Sue looked at them, “I also noticed that the fox was still in it’s cage out back. I assume that’s probably why you didn’t catch it.” Roger said, “Whoah! Really? No wonder!” Stan said, “Shoot, that would explain it, you’re right.” They were such bad actors that Sky almost laughed, but she managed to hold her mouth. Instead she just bucked her hips harder.

“I see.” Sue looked like she was about to turn and leave when she said, “Oh, by the way, if you do see her, can you please tell her that her friend Yvette called her cell phone. I was worried because I wasn’t sure where she was so I answered the phone. Yvette is a lovely girl. She told me to tell Sky that the Museum called her because they found out the belly riding saddle was stolen. Yvette explained that the theft was related to an emergency. I wasn’t aware of what a belly riding saddle was or what it was used for until Yvette clued me in. Yvette turns out to be a student of Brazilian history and so she told me all about it.” Sky nervously kept thrusting her hips and swinging.

Ellis shifted, looking nervous, “Oh?” “Yes, apparently women strap these saddles to stallions and then undress and get under them. I guess women in Brazil have sex with them if you can believe that.” Stan said, “Ew, that sounds horrible.” Sky was getting more and more fearful. How was she going to talk her way out of this? She continued to listen in. But even though this was looking bad she couldn’t help moving her hips wildly up and down. Maybe if she could just get the stallion to ejaculate into her once more, before the guys got rid of Sue and came back into the barn, she could think straight.

Sue continued, “Yeah, and if you can believe it they stay like that, under their horses, for hours or even days on end. Apparently Yvette also gave Sky a bunch of shots that can be used to keep a stallion erect for hours. Brazilian women use shots so they can stay mated to the horses for long periods of time. Women who engage in sex with horses often like to do so all day long. They look for every opportunity to. Yvette told me they even forgo a normal life and instead spend their entire day, every day trying to get the stallions to impregnate them.” Sky had never considered letting an animal impregnate her, mostly because she knew it wasn’t possible. But it was a sexy idea.

Sky nearly moaned out as she thought about it. Wouldn’t it be wild to have to explain to her Husband that she was going to be delivering a foal? Sue continued, “Apparently having sex with a horse isn’t taboo in Brazil and they even consider it a high honor to become a full time belly rider. Some women hold down jobs and provide for their families, all while impaled. They love it so much they give up everything they have to be bred to their stallions.”

Ellis shrugged, “That all sounds… crazy.” “I know, that’s what I said. But then I found Sky’s clothes in the barn. Actually, I found her dress in the stallion’s pen, so I thought I had better ask.” “Oh, well, I think I’d notice if Sky were having sex with him. Nope, we haven’t seen her, have we guys?” Roger and Stan shook their heads, “Nope.” Sky’s movements were beginning to have an effect on the stallion. He made a loud huffing sound and then stamped his foot twice before taking an exploratory thrust into Sky. She nearly screamed with delight. She whispered as quietly as she could, “Finally, honey! Yes, fuck me hard and quick!”

Outside the barn Sue continued, “Well, okay. But please let Sky know that Yvette talked with the Brazilian museum and they agreed to donate it to whoever the belly rider was who needed it so desperately. Apparently the curator’s grandmother was a belly rider, so she was happy to see that it was well placed. So no need to return it, whenever Sky is done with it… You know… for whatever emergency she was using it for.” Sky was definitely still using the saddle and loving it. The horse was thrusting harder and harder. Each thrust shook her whole body. She held on hard, trying not to make any more sound than the horse and the saddle already were. She could feel her orgasm quickly approaching though, so she hoped Sue would get out of earshot soon because Sky knew she was going to have a hard time being quiet.

Roger nodded, “Okay, great. Thanks, Mom. We’ll tell her if we see her. We’ll be in in a minute. We just have to put some things away first.” Sue smiled and said, “Oh, and one last thing. Mrs. Parker phoned a few minutes ago and we had a delightful chat. She was so happy that you stopped by.” Ellis shifted again and scratched his head, clearly nervous, “Oh yeah, you know Mrs. Parker. She’s always a spirited woman. It was good to see her.” Sky could feel the horse’s energy increasing. Each thrust pounded harder and harder against her as she strained to try to listen to their conversation outside while her orgasm approached. Sue continued, “Yes, she is. And she just wouldn’t stop talking about seeing Roger’s young Wife and how pretty she looked under your stallion, Ellis.”

Ellis swallowed hard, and Roger and Stan both looked down and began shifting their weight. They knew they had been caught in their lie as Sue continued, “Mrs. Parker thinks Sky is such a sweetheart and has such an amazing body. I think she’s jealous. Apparently Sky seems to enjoy being with horses more than anyone Mrs. Parker had ever seen. She certainly does hope to see more of her around the ranch.”

That was it. They had all been busted by Sue. Their lie had seen the light of day and they were in trouble. Sue simply shook her head and pushed the guys aside saying, “You should all be disgusted with yourself and your lies. Now if you’ll excuse me…” They couldn’t do anything. Sue opened the door to the stable and walked in. And there was Sky. Sky was in all her glory, stark naked, and writhing in the sling. The huge stallion’s giant cock was being rammed deep into her son’s Wife, right there in the middle of the barn. The guys sheepishly turned to look through the door. Sky couldn’t help herself, she cried out, “I’mm… ohhhhhh God…. soooo… sorrry!”

The horse’s testicles began to raise up as Sue shook her head, “Sky, why on earth would you do this to yourself?!” Roger said, “I’m sorry, Mom, it’s my fault. Sky wanted to stop the fox hunt, and she thought this was the only way to do it. I should have tried to stop her.” Sue shook her head, “No, Ellis, you had a hand in this, I know it.” Ellis sheepishly said, “She seemed so eager. She had the saddle and everything. I just agreed to take her for a ride. That’s it.” Sue took a few steps into the barn and the guys followed, forming an arc around Sky’s depravity.

Sue looked at Ellis, “How could you let your own Daughter in law do something so perverted?” He had nothing to say for himself. Meanwhile the stallion was fiercely fucking Sky’s body which was tiny in comparison, “Ohhhhh myyyyy Goooodd… he’ssss growwwwinnnnng!!!” Sue looked at Sky’s engorged and slippery vulva, “Wait has that horse already cumm in her?” Roger nodded, “Yeah, once. Over at Mrs. Parker’s house, actually.” “So why didn’t you let her down after that?” Stan chimed in, “The deal was she would stay in the saddle for the whole ride.” Sue said sarcastically, “Oh good. I hope you realize you were risking her life for some perverted fantasy. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. It’s Christmas for heaven’s sake! Show a little humanity!”

Sky wished Sue wasn’t looking at her sperm covered pubic hair and vulva, or any part of her for that matter. Sky wanted Sue to respect her, but now, she couldn’t help her perversion anymore. Her breasts were swaying back and forth violently, and the stallion’s thrusts became more and more urgent. Sky bucked her hips hard, and used her legs and arms to try to match the stallion’s violent bucking hips. Her whole body was fucking the stallion now as she squeezed her vulva hard. Finally the stallion began to make a loud coughing sound. Sky knew what that meant. The horse’s whole body tensed hard as the animal prepared for a gigantic sexual explosion.

Sky’s body was totally prepared for her lover’s semen as she lifted her hips as high as she could, giving him the best angle possible. She wanted to pleasure his cock with her whole body. She would do anything for him. She’d even let him impregnate her if she could. The idea shocked her even as she thought it again. How could she possibly consider something so perverse? Yet all she could do was hold on tight and squeeze her pelvic muscles as hard as she could. Suddenly the stallion began to orgasm. The stallion thrusted hard and leaned forward, as he drove his cock to the very deepest depths inside of Sky. She was in a mix of intense pleasure and pain as the stallion tried his hardest to push past her uterus and shoot his cumm directly into her womb. Finally he began to shoot his seed into the horny girl.

She couldn’t help herself anymore, as she held on tight, gritting her teeth. This was all too much for her. The stallion was fucking a huge amount of semen into her body, while her Husband’s family and his best friend watched. She had never done anything so perverted in her life. That’s when she began to cumm. Her whole body arched upwards and she screamed out, “OOOOOOHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!” Her body convulsed in a explosive wave. Her butt and legs quivered and shook with each thrust. The stallion continued to shove his huge cock deep into her, shooting rope after rope of his virile seed into her convulsing cunt. Her cervix sucked up as much as it could, but her womb was already completely full of horse cumm already.

She bucked her hips hard over and over, until the horse’s penis had shot so much sperm into her that it began to erupt again out of her pussy all over the horse’s penis, her vulva, her pubic hair and then down her butt onto the dirt. She knew the horse had a lot more sperm to give as ounce after ounce blasted out of the rigid horse cock and made it’s way out of her vagina and into plain view for her Husband and his family to see. Sky was suddenly deeply embarrassed, but she couldn’t stop cumming.

Sue said, “Roger, I think she’s had enough for one day. No one blames her for what just happened, but I think it’s time for you to untie your Wife from that animal.” He nodded and ran over and began to undo the first of the leather straps, but she protested, “NO! STOP!” Sky wasn’t done yet. The horse was still fucking sperm into her and she was still trying her best to let him. She wasn’t about to let her Husband ruin this orgasm. Sky was still cumming hard, “OH GOD!!!!” All of her modesty was gone. She was nude and intentionally copulating with an animal. She had nothing left to hide.

Her breasts quivered and her stomach and round buttocks tensed hard. She let her legs splay out as far as they could go, giving the stallion as much of her as he could take. Sky moaned out, “OH, YESSSSSS!” Another wave of orgasm overtook her. She was moaning and writhing as wave after wave of orgasms rippled through her quivering body. She convulsed hard as the horse continued to empty the contents of his prostate into her convulsing pussy.

Sky had managed to make two completely different species ejaculate into her within a few days. But this orgasm took the cake. Her Husband and his family and friend watched helplessly as Sky let the animal defile her. Sky continued to moan and writhe. After what seemed like minutes the stallion finished ejaculating into Sky’s fertile womb, and Sky collapsed into the saddle, still quivering and moaning. Her anus and pussy tensed hard, rhythmically in aftershocks, as if to milk every last drop out of the huge horse penis she had just made love to.

Sky’s pussy was filthy. It was oozing semen, and her pubic hair was matted and disgusting looking. Sky on the other had had never felt more sexually satiated in her life. Her pussy continued to milk the horse’s cock lovingly as she fought for breath. Sue swallowed, “Well, that was quite a scene. I know this has been a long day for you, Sky. But when you’re done there, I know we’ll all be happy to put this behind us.”

Sky managed to swallow and said, “I’m so sorry…. uhnnnnn…. I’m really sorry. I mean it…” “It’s okay, honey. No one will ever bring it up again.” “No… I mean… I’m sorry because I made your stallion a promise.” She felt sheepish having a conversation while still impaled on a horse’s penis while his semen drooled out of her. But she knew she had to do it now or never. Sue asked, “What promise? What do you mean?” “I made a promise to the horse that I would belly ride again, if he came in me before anyone let me down.” “Well that’s just silly, and disgusting. No one makes promises to horses. Look, you aren’t thinking straight.”

Sky said, “No, I know why you’re saying that… you know… with the horse’s dick in me and everything… and the whole horse cumm and… well… everything. But after having belly rode around your ranch all day, I just can’t see not doing it again. I didn’t just make a promise to the horse… I made it to myself.” Sue looked at the men and then back at Sky, “Well, I understand but be reasonable. This just isn’t something a pretty young lady like yourself should be doing.” “I know, but I have to. If you want me to be part of this family, you need to let me do this. I never knew how amazing this would feel, but now that I’ve done it, I have to do it again. I know what you must think of me, but I look up to you a lot, Sue. It would mean a lot to me if you’d let me do this.”

Sue looked at the guys again and said, “Okay, well, look, I’m not keen on this, but… I guess the harm is already done. So if you absolutely must do it again… Maybe we can let you try it once more. Just so you can get it out of your system. I’m not in love with that idea, but you’re my Daughter in law.” “No, I need it more than once, Sue.” “Okay… Well… maybe you can come over one weekend and ride around or something. We’ll set aside a few days for you. Maybe even a long weekend if need be. How about memorial day weekend?” “No, please, I need more. I need… mmmm… more.” Sue was getting annoyed, “What, do you want to come over every holiday and screw our horse? I don’t know about that. I mean, that seems excessive. We hardly see you guys as it is. It would be a shame to have to catch up while your under there mating with our stallion the entire time. I mean, no offense, but it’s a little difficult to talk to you while… I’m… watching you get inseminated by our livestock.”

Sky looked up at Roger, “Yes, I know that it will be an adjustment, but I need it even more often that that. I know I should have probably talked to you first, Roger, but… Well… I’ve just had an idea… I guess there’s no easy way to say this, but…. I want to become a full time belly rider. Ooooh God!” Roger said, “What?!” Semen was still drooling out of her in waves of aftershocks from her orgasm as she pleaded with her Husband. Sky said, “I know you’re upset, honey. But I’ve thought about it, and look…. I don’t have a job, and I don’t think anyone’s going to hire me any time soon. You make enough money for us. If I’m belly riding all the time, my expenses will be practically nothing. All you’ll have to pay for is… uhhhhnnn… mmmm… food and I don’t… each much anyway. Oh, and the belly riding shots, but I’m sure those are cheap too. Yvette said the saddle was free, and your parents already pay for the stallion’s food. So… how about it? What do you say?”

“That’s ridiculous. You can’t do that. Plus I can’t drive you up here every day, it’s a long drive! I’d be driving two more hours each day, plus traffic!” “Oh, well… I figure if I want to be a belly rider I’ll probably be sleeping with the stallion anyway. So… I’ve thought about it, and, well… you can just leave me here. If Ellis is okay with it, I’d just as soon breed with his stallion all day. And maybe next Christmas if I’m an extra nice girl you can buy me another stallion and I’ll fuck him all night.” “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Sky rocked her hips gently, still gently convulsing from her huge orgasm, “Come on, baby. I know you probably don’t like the idea of being a cuckold. I know it would be a little odd to be married to a girl who always has a pussy full of horse sperm and… I know that sounds bad, but… This means a lot to me. Please? I won’t forget about you. We can still do stuff together. You can come up on the weekends and ride me around the ranch. Won’t it be romantic? Long rides around… just us. You on top of the stallion and me under it? I’ll fuck him for hours and hours while I listen to you talk about your week.”

Roger winced as Sky began to rock her hips again up and down the huge slippery cock that was still inside of her. Sky continued, “Then we can ride over to Mrs. Parker’s house and you can both watch him inseminate me. Maybe twice! It would be so much fun, just think about it! Maybe you could feed me his semen when it drools out too. Just think about it! You could make me eat only his cumm instead of dinner as punishment for being such a filthy horse cock loving slut. No matter how much I protested, you’d make me eat his cumm, and nothing but. That’s what I’d get for milking so much out of it out of him. You could force me to have a pussy and a stomach full of his seed.” Her mind was racing! She couldn’t stop her wild imagination or her disgusting mouth.

Roger asked, “What the fuck is the matter with you? A one time fling with a dog, that was kinda sexy. Screwing a horse for hours on end in front of Dad and Stan and now my Mom? That’s just obscene. Now this? Are you crazy?” Sue yelled at him, “Don’t talk to your Wife like that. Not that she doesn’t deserve it for putting herself in this position in the first place, but still!” Sky tried to defend herself, “It was Roger’s idea to let the dog fuck me a few days ago, not mine. I just did it to save the fox.” Sue shook her head, “I can’t believe you had sex with our dog too. I didn’t know what Roger was referring to.” “Yes, but don’t worry, I don’t want to do that again. I’m far more into your stallion.” Sue asked, “Is this true, Roger? Did you put her up to this?” Roger swallowed, feeling guilty suddenly, “Well… I mean… kinda… maybe…. But she agreed to it!”

Sue sighed, “Look, I am the matriarch in this family and what I says goes. If your Wife wants to be put out to pasture that’s her choice, not yours. You should support her decision, especially since you put her on this crazy path. It serves you right for lying to me about not seeing her all day anyway. Now, Sky, Yvette told me that most women who do this want to be impregnated by their steeds, and that urge grows over time. Is that what’s going on?”

Sky couldn’t help but moan and buck her hips a few more times, “Oh God, I wish I could! I’m sorry to say it, honey, but yes. I know you all probably think less of me, and I don’t blame you. I can’t help it. But, yes. I’d happily let him impregnate me if I could. It’s so dirty! I mean, I know I can’t but still. I’d happily give up everything I had right now if I could spend the rest of my life trying to make that happen. Won’t you support me, honey? Please, let me try! I know that’s gross, but that’s what I want.”

Sue sighed again, “I can’t say I agree with this nonsense, but your Wife’s happiness should be paramount, Roger. I don’t think you’re going to be able to talk her out of this.” Roger protested, “But we’re only talking about Sky’s happiness. What about mine?” “You heard her, Sky will still take long romantic walks with you. She still wants to spend time with you.” Roger raised his voice, “Yes, while she’s getting a dick full of horse sperm fucked into her cunt! Trying to get knocked up by a horse while hanging out with the elderly neighbor isn’t romantic. It’s insane!”

Sue said sternly, “Roger, this is your fault. You started her down this path. Now you’re going to live with it. Like it or not your Wife wants to give herself to your Father’s stallion. Now you’re going to have to deal with that fact. Sky is a beautiful woman, and more importantly your Wife and she needs to be cherished. If she wants to have a stable of horses ejaculating in her all day long, it’s your responsibility to make that happen.” Sky liked the sound of that. She hadn’t even considered more than one stallion, but she remembered the stories did refer to the Brazilian women taking more than one stallion when they had the opportunity.

Ellis stepped in, “No really, honey, we can’t let her do that. It’s perverted.” Stan agreed, “Yeah, I mean, once was fun, but this is just unreasonable.” Sue glared at both of them, “Who was talking to you two? A lot of nerve you have getting her to do this and then lying about it to me. I love you, Ellis, but so help me, if you don’t shut up you won’t hear the end of this. It’s not your decision. And as for you, Stan, you’ve been a good friend to my son and I understand your concern, but stay out of it. This is family business. And what I say goes.” The guys looked shocked. Sue had put her foot down. Sky felt like cheering. The tables had turned. The guys who had once been so eager to see her screwing a horse were now protesting and the one person who Sky had not wanted to catch her fucking the horse had turned out to be her biggest advocate.

Roger sighed, “Ugh…” Sky sensed that Roger was completely defeated. She tried to make him feel better, “I’m sorry honey, but I’m sure it won’t be as bad as you’re thinking.” Sky’s pussy was sloppy, and her muscles were sore, but she had never been happier in her whole life. Sue clapped her hands together, “Okay everyone, now that that’s settled, the show’s over! I’ll take care of my Daughter in law here. You bunch of liars… I’m not through with you yet. But for now, get out of her.” That made the guys scatter to various chores – anywhere but in Sue’s line of sight. They knew they were in trouble for lying to her about Sky’s whereabouts and letting this whole thing go on as long as it has. Sue knew, just like they all did, that this probably would never have happened if they had just let the damned fox go.

Sue walked up to her nude Daughter in law, who’s breasts were still heaving Gently and smiled, “So, you’re going to be living with us now, huh?” Sky winced a little, “I hope that’s okay. I probably should have asked first, huh?” “Yeah, and you probably should have asked to have sex with our horse and our dog too. But as least Roger will have an excuse to come up and visit his Mom more often now. Don’t worry about Ellis. He’s in trouble for lying to me, so I’ll make sure he doesn’t protest about your staying here, in the barn, full time.” “Thanks, Sue, you’re so wonderful.”

Sue smiled, “So, how about I go let that poor fox go now?” Sky smiled, “Oh, I almost forgot, yes! And thank you again, Sue. You were amazing! I can’t believe you were so nice and understanding.” “Well, you know… it is Christmas. Consider this my gift to you. And don’t worry. I’ll make sure that Roger buys you another stallion for Christmas or some other special occasion. You have your first anniversary coming up soon, right? Next month? Yvette told me that most belly riders have at least two stallions. I’m sure you’ll need one sooner than later.” Sky humped her hips upwards several times, lewdly while moaning, “Ohhhhhhh, God, I want a whole stable full! How did you know?”

“You don’t have a password on your computer. I opened it up to see if there was anything on there that would let me know where you had gone and your browser was opened to a story about a girl being screwed by a bunch of horses. At first I just thought it was just some fun erotica and unrelated to you. Yvette sort of tied the whole thing together for me. I may be old but I like to think I’m not dumb.” Sky was embarrassed about being caught having read about the stories, but it was still a hot idea having a bunch of stallions, “I want a whole stable full soooo bad, Sue! I want it to be hard to work my way through all of them every day! I want it to be my burden to let them all breed with me each and every day.”

“Yes dear. Well, at least I know what to get you for your birthday!” Sky humped her hips several more times in lust, “Yes, please!” Amused, Sue shook her head, “Now, do you think you’ve had enough horse sperm in your womb for one day or should I leave you two to mate for a few more hours, just to make sure? I’m not sure just how much ejaculate a young woman needs to fuel an inter-species breeding fantasy. I’m guessing it’s a lot though.” Sky’s eyes twinkled as she bit her lip and smirked. Sue smiled, knowingly, and before she turned to leave she said, “Merry Christmas, Sky.”

— End —

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