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Baby boom at school

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I couldn’t have sex without making sure I got the girl pregnant. Now I have about 70 kids and even mistakenly impregnated my own daughters.

When I was 12 years old my school set up an assembly where some people came in and gave a lesson to us in sex education, reproduction, masturbation, sexually transmitted diseases and how to be safe during sex.

Honestly I hadn’t thought much about sex until that day, but from that day forward I became obsessed with it and I developed a very bad fetish, whenever I had sex with a girl I had to get them pregnant, it was like OCD, I couldn’t have sex without making sure my semen went inside them.

I started chatting up girls in my school and I didn’t care who they were, skinny, fat, short, tall, ugly, covered in zits, I didn’t care, if she had a pussy then I wanted to fuck her.

I had an extremely active sex life from the age of 12 but none of the girls I slept with were aware of my fetish, before having sex they’d always be the question of “Do you have protection?”, if a girl told me she was on the pill, I’d always ask a girl to prove it to me by showing me them, then I’d secretly hide them so she couldn’t find them, if she demanded I wear a condom I’d go in to the bathroom to put it on and secretly put a hole in the top of it.

Like I said, I would do whatever I needed to do in order to ensure that my sperm got in to their bodies.
By the time I was 14 I had successfully impregnated no less than 47 girls in my school.

It was at that point both the school and my community realised something was going on, to have so many 11 to 13 year old girls testing positive for pregnancy had never happened before, they eventually found out that all the girls had one thing in common, they’d all lost their virginity to one person, me.

Everyone, the girl’s parents and the school board were angry, but they didn’t know that I’d got them pregnant on purpose, so they set up another sex education assembly to remind everyone about the risks of having sex.

They also decided that I should be isolated from the girls in the school, not because I’d got so many girls pregnant but because the parents of the girls in the school I hadn’t slept with were worried that I’d get their little princesses pregnant, so I spent nearly an entire term in a room by myself.

But it didn’t stop me, during the school summer break, when it was impossible for them to separate me from the fertile girlies at school, I spent the whole summer chatting them up and I got a further 10 girls pregnant.

When I was 16, and with nearly 60 new young mothers in the area all raising my offspring, they held a community meeting and managed to get a local judge to grant a court order forcing me to get chemically castrated.

My sex life fell off a cliff after that because I couldn’t get sexually aroused anymore.

However, things soon got even worse, when I was 25 I was allowed to come off the meds and get my mojo back, which as soon as I got my first erection after stopping the meds the first I did was go on the hunt and I began to chat up the local girls again, they weren’t adults though, I was obsessed with getting more underage girls pregnant.

Over the next few months I successfully impregnated 6 more school girls, unfortunately two of the girls turned out to be the daughters of two of the girls I impregnated back when I was a teenager, yep, I got my own daughters pregnant.

I finally realised I could no longer stay here and so I left town and moved out of the area.

I’m now 40 years old, I’m married and have 8 children with my wife, my pregnancy fetish didn’t stop just because I got married, although my wife has strict quality control in place to ensure I don’t sabotage the condoms or her pills when we have sex.

I keep in touch with a few of my kids I had before I met my wife but the others don’t even know I’m their father, I guess the people in my old community are just too ashamed of what I did to their daughters that they pretty much want my name to be forgotten.

As for my two daughters who I mistakenly impregnated, well, I just hope they never find out I’m their dad.

But it is kind of a turn on knowing that they could have had my babies.

Man, I love impregnated girls. It’s what their bodies are designed for and I was just helping them fulfil their destiny. I feel every girl should be fucked and impregnated, just as nature intended.

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  • Reply FukU ID:on8so7lk0ap

    U should find ur 2 daughters and knock them up to. U like dickin girls so make ur self a granpa. If U got any sons U should teach them to knock up little girls to.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:2vn8jmm9j0

    It’s a miracle that you ain’t got no aids yet

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4o

      The numbers here are so obviously exaggerated that this has to be a complete fantasy. You’re willing to accept that he not only had sex with over 50 different girls in 2 years, but he got them all pregnant? How many guys have you heard, IRL even brag about bagging that many girls as freshmen, and how many did you actually believe?

      I’d think that child support, and criminal charges would be a greater worry than STIs.