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Cabin in the woods

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I ran a counselling trip for dysfunctional teens and on my last trip the girls turned on me, drugged me and forced me in to group sex. I loved it.

I’m a 38 year old councilor who works with dysfunctional teens, kids who are always skipping school, have alcohol and drug addictions, commit crimes like shoplifting, stealing cars, mugging people.

Most of the kids I deal with come from broken homes where their parents are also addicts, commit crime and generally don’t care what their children do, they lack discipline and are seen as trouble makers and a burden to communities.

I’ve been doing this job for many years and I run a special program where I take a group of these kids out to a “wellbeing” cabin in the woods miles away from any town, once there I hold group counselling sessions, teach them life skills and basically try to find out why they act the way they do and get them to see that there is a better way to live and they can be better.

I mostly work with mixed groups of boys and girls but this particular trip was an all-girl group of ages ranging from 12 to 14 and there was 8 of them in the group.

The first couple of days went really well, we had some group counselling sessions, they learnt to work together doing various tasks, I even allowed them to take the boats out on to the lake, we were making fantastic progress and I genuinely believed they were turning a corner in their lives.

One night I decided to reward them with pizza, so I left them alone in the cabin to set the table and get things ready while I took the mini bus in to the nearest town, which was a couple of miles away but it didn’t take me long to get there and back because there was virtually no traffic out where we were, took me about a 45 minute round trip.

As I pulled up to the cabin and took the tower of pizzas out of the back, I could hear faint music and I saw flashing colored lights through the cabin windows, as I opened the cabin door using my back, the music got louder, I stepped through the door backwards trying not to drop the pizzas, when I kicked the door shut and turned around I was horrified.

The girls were dancing around in their pajamas and nighties, there was a mobile phone on the table blasting out music and flashing disco lights from the screen, they were dancing on the furniture and I could see that some of them were holding bottles of alcohol, “What the hell is going on here?!” I shouted, slamming the pizzas down on the table next to the door.

I turned on the main lights and then stepped over to the phone and switched it off, I grabbed a bottle of Vodka from one of the girls, “Where did you get this?!” I demanded answers, I then saw a clear plastic bag on the dining table, and it was full of pills, “Drugs! – Who brought these?!? – who brought them?!” I shouted.

The girls just stood in silence, but giggling under their breath, “I want this place cleaned up. I’m so disappointed in all of you.” I snapped, I walked up a couple of the stairs then stopped, “When you’re finished cleaning get upstairs and start packing, I’m taking you all home tomorrow.” I said, then I went upstairs.

I locked the alcohol and drugs in my bedroom cupboard and then I just sat on my bed feeling like a failure, I was making such good progress with these girls and I couldn’t figure out where I went wrong, maybe I’d been doing this job for too long and lost my mojo, I sat down for maybe half an hour and then there was a knock on my door, when I opened it all the girls were standing in the landing with their heads slightly lowered and looking ashamed.

One was holding a glass of milk, they knew I liked to drink milk before going to sleep at night, “We’re very sorry.” She said, on behalf of them all, then she handed me the glass.

I took the glass, “Thank you.” I said, then I had a drink from the glass.

“Please don’t take us home tomorrow. We like it here.”

“I have no choice. If you can’t work with me then I can’t work with you. I can’t help you.” I replied, then I felt a bit strange and briefly lost my balance, putting out my hand on the doorframe to stop myself from falling, my head went all fuzzy, the girls were suddenly grinning at me and I realised the milk had a funny aftertaste, “Did you – did you put something in this?” I asked.

“Just a little something to loosen you up a bit.”

Some of the girls rushed forward and grabbed me when my legs suddenly turned to jelly, they help me over to the bed and lay me down on it, “Just relax.” They said, they all came in to the room and closed the door behind them before sitting around me on the bed.

“What did you give me?” I asked.

“A light sedative.” They said, one of the girls then pushed a blue pill in to my mouth and forced me to drink the rest of the milk, “Swallow that.” She said, I recognized the pill, it was Viagra.

After finding where I stashed the alcohol, they took it out and started drinking again, I wanted to stop them but I felt weak, I could move but not far, they turned out the lights and put the music and disco lights back on the phone, then all of them worked together and removed my clothes.

My cock was rock hard and pointing up to the ceiling, “We have liftoff, girls.” They joked.

I watched with fuzzy vision as they stripped and I suddenly found myself laying naked on my bed, helpless, with a huge erection, surrounded by naked teen girls, who were all rubbing their hands all over my body and couple began to suck on my cock.

One of the girls sat on my cock, I don’t know if she was a virgin or just because she was so young a small, but her pussy was very tight, she rode me while taking swigs of Vodka and being cheered on by the other girls, one of the other girls pushed her off of me playfully and then she sat on my cock and rode me, but facing away from me.

I ejaculated after about ten minutes, she must have had some previous experience because she jumped off of my cock almost immediately when she felt me come, she quickly grabbed my throbbing shaft and like a hose she directed it towards the other girls sat around us, spraying my come all over them.

Due to the cocktail of drugs they’d given me, my cock remained rock hard, even after I came, and they continued to suck and ride me for hours, they forced alcohol down my throat which amplified the effects of the drugs in my system.

Then one of the girls gave me a pick-me-up, I don’t know what the drug was but within seconds I was full of adrenaline, wide awake and feeling frisky, I grabbed one of the girls and pinned her down on the bed, then I pushed my big hard cock, which was in pain after being stuck up and abused for the last couple of hours, but I didn’t care, I pushed it between her legs and straight up her pussy.

The other girls cheered, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” they cheered, and I fucked her little brains out, she must have been a gymnast at some point in her life because her legs bent right back, while pounding her pussy I grabbed hold of another girl from either side of me and pulled them closer, with my arm around their backs I made them lean backwards and I sucked on their perky tits.

My heart rate was off the chart, I was sweating so much the bedsheets were soaked and sticky, I was just so pumped and having a great time.

We had group sex all night long, I fucked every single one of them, ejaculated so much semen my balls had shrivelled up and my cock was a bright shade of purple.

I decided not to take them back home the next day and instead we stayed for the entire trip, had a lot more sex, both in groups and one-on-one, even went skinny dipping in the lake.

I had to quit my job when we got back home because I felt I couldn’t help anyone anymore, and the fact that 5 of the girls found out they were pregnant a few months later didn’t help matters, yes I was the father.

That week in the woods really opened my eyes and I developed a taste for young teenage pussy, I opened a private counselling practice in town and to this day I continue to fuck my young patients on a regular basis, it’s good therapy, for everyone.

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