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slutty maddie back again

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hi guys!! it’s been 2 months since i’ve last posted a story on here & i haven’t been very active on my sc acc @mads.curtan ( add me for some fun 😉 ) i’ve been feeling incredibly horny lately, i just want to be fucked so badly. i haven’t any new real stories to tell so hears a made up one for your enjoyment! ( DONT FORGET TO ADD ME ON SC: mads.curtan )

i layed on my bed, it was a hot sunny day in july last year, it had been 3 months since my first experience with max, my dog. i had just gotten out of the shower so i was laying in a towel on my bed, the heat was so annoying. i threw my towel off me releasing my naked body to sun shining in from my window, water droplets still on my soft skin. i heard a scratch at the door. it was max, i hopped off my bed still naked and opened the door, max immediately sniffed my crotch, i giggled with excitement, mom was at work and dad was downstairs so i would have to be quick, i patted his head and guided him to me bed, i then spread my legs open as wide as i could, he began sucking my clit and licking, i moaned straight away, his tounge sticking in and out of my pussy hole. i started punching my nipples while moaning, i sorta forgot i was moaning so loudly, my dad knocked on the door but i couldn’t hear him, he opened the door and bam! he seen me right there naked, legs spread with max sucking my pussy. he was quiet, i quickly grabbed my towel and covered myself although he has already seen my little tits and pussy, he started rubbing his crotch, a buldge in his pants clearly visible, i started feeling really horny, clearly he liked what he saw so what was the harm in doing this?! i slowly climbed off my bed not breaking eye contact with him, he didn’t move or speak he just left out a soft moan/sigh.. i rubbed his bulge and kept looking up at him biting my lip, i dropped my towel, max immediately ran towards me and started licking my pussy from behind as knelt down infront of my dad, i took his belt off and his underwear, a huge 8inch cock poked out, i was shocked , was i really turning my dad on?! i touched it and began sucking, i wasn’t very good but clearly he moaned from it. after me giving him a not so good blowjob as i was very inexperienced, he moved his hand down to my pussy and began fingering me, i pinched my nipples and moaned, while he fingered me max licked my clit. then we heard mom was home and they both left my room, my dad sucked my nipple quickly before leaving and winked at me. i was so turned on..


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    Snapchat is not safe at all; it can access your phone number which can easily be used to track you down. I suggest using Element instead.

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    hey guys!! i’ll be making a private story soon where i post some naught content😳💕 stay tuned :)) also i am trying my best to reply to everyone i just have a lot of messages

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      We are tuned yea, DW…

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      I can’t wait to read it I bet it’s hot

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      Oh yes very tuned! Can’t find your snap though 🙁

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      Can’t wait for another story..!! Your sc won’t be found though

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    Would you make a priv on your snap and post the things you do with your dog?

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    maddog_fiend add me on sc for trade and sex chat possible meetup

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    This made me hard lmao. Do you trade on snap?

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