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14m Seduced by my older Bama Cousin

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When my older cousin took my innocence by acting like a mom.

I always loved to visit my hot bama cousins. I was 14 and two of them were close sisters: one of them was 4 years my elder and the other was 6. The elder sister was a total slut and she was always wearing tight shorts when I would visit. She had breasts that were perfectly round and even with their size were quite perky. She didn’t feel compelled to wear a bra when I visited and when I slept over they both typically wore a night T-shirt and only panties. The younger sister was more chubby and she was submissive to her older sister that would tease me by wrestling and pinning me, we were the same height, or by sitting on my lap all night while we were surfing the internet for porn and rocking her ass on my lap until my dick slid through her legs through my pajamas.

I was totally under her control and a few times she kissed me on the mouth. We would cuddle at the end of the night all three of us and touch each other under the covers on an air mattress and all the time when we got walked in on by our parents we would pretend like we weren’t feeling each other up.

Our cheeks would be flushed red and out of breath but it could otherwise be blamed on humidity and hot weather.

One of the days I went over and an older cousin of 25 years was staying with my slut cousins. The elder sister was on her way to a highschool cheerleader meet and only me and the young sister and the older cousin would be left in the house.

Before she left I walked to her room and looked through her door that had slats that you could lift to peek through and I started to breath heavy as I watched her completely undress for her uniform. I learned that she wore good panties I never saw her wear around me and that cheerleaders have another panty they wear over their cloth panties so I guess you can’t see their pussy sweat. She seemed to take forever to put her top on and stood looking at her mirror at her fantastic breasts completely topless. I assumed that true sluts must put their tops on last so they can study how to adjust their breasts right before they got on the field for maximum viewing pleasure. She told me one day recent that she was still a virgin but she sucked her friends off when we were watching porn one day. I think she heard me peeking through the slats and she kind of half-jerked her head at my sound and continued to cup her breasts staring at the mirror on her wall. She went to sit on her bed for a while that was almost facing me and she had one of her toothbrush she kept in her room for some reason.

I never brought my own toothbrush to their place and I was surprised to discover that the reason they always had a musty smell while I was brushing was because she was inserting it into her pussy. First she teased her pussy lips scratching them with the brush head, the same one I often put into my mouth, and then she inserted the handle deep within her pussy that didn’t even resist until her fingers too were within her pussy. She kind of moaned loudly and I looked behind me back at the hallway to hear if out family had stopped talking to hear her but they were nearly outside packing for the meet. When I looked back she laying back completely on her bed with her face lifted looking directly at me through her door. She had a kind of sexy tense look on her face as if I was hurting her by looking at her slut body and she had slid her top to squeeze her breast. Her mouth was open and she made short work of her slick tight pussy underneath her skirt and as she exhaled her tension she pried the toothbrush to open her pussy hole as she squirted a torrent of hot sticky juice over the side of her bed onto her carpet floor. This also solved a mystery for me why when I came over and there were patches of wet spots on her floor at night. When she would wrestle me she always seemed to press me to those smelly floor spots.

After watchig her cum I could see her breathing humid air from her mouth which was also a surprise because I thought the hentai we watched had made that part up. Her mouth was trembling and she looked venerable, as if she wanted me to come fuck her in that moment. I was really shocked and I thought that she should leave for her meet so backed away from her door. I heard i her slide her panties on fast and she opened her bedroom door with wide eyes. I don’t think she was thinking much but she pushed past me through the hallway to rejoin our family and leave for the important competition I wasn’t invited to.

I was really horny and instead of walking out to see them off I went and knocked on my visiting older cousins door to visit with her. I had talked about sex with her before and I felt like I should tell her all the things I had just learned about my dominant playmate I had just seen. I walked in and she was maybe kind of sleeping on her side facing away from me. I was hard as a rock with my dick shooting out from my basketball shorts. I felt as if I got under her covers I might be able to avoid her noticing I was erect. I really wanted to talk more than anything. I slid into the bed which was pretty wide and I was able to face her back so she could hear me when I spoke. Under the covers was really warm and I moved a little closer when my waist was basking in the heat of her ass. I didn’t press on her but I felt comfortable and I wanted to smell her hair and neck like I did when I slept over with my other cousins. She had come out to our family as lesbian, but she told me she was bisexual when I had started asking her about sex. She was more brown skinned then my immediate family on my mother’s side and it was an odd saving grace that she said she didn’t fuck men. Someone had told my family that she was unclean but she told me all she had was herpes from kissing slutty girlfriends. It was as I leaned my head almost to kiss her neck that I realized she was fingering herself and that the sheet was subtly moving over us from her movement. I think she was half-asleep and she was idly touching her pussy. I ducked my head under the sheet to see her finger but it was not a good angle. I could smell the musty humid thick air from her soaking pussy that was audible.

I kind of softly introduced myself to her and said , ”hi” as I did typically full of joy.
She said: hey oh its you, and she turned to face me.

I kind of wondered if she was expecting the older sister but I couldn’t think as she forced two of her already wet fingers into my mouth. It was like we were a cooking team when she smiled at how I was literally sucking her fingers when she asked how she tasted.

I told her she tasted like a fruity vinegar.
She said, yeah I haven’t been washing it often. She told me if I wanted to taste her like her girlfriends did, but I ignored her question because I was really absorbed by her power. I just stared at her face and she returned the stare and moved closer to my face and moved my legs apart until her waist was completely between them. She was really experienced as I think back about this time and she had probably taken a lot of virgin teens. It was like she knew I wanted to feel close instead of just like a dick chair for my other cousins to tease and edge. I was melting when she started to French kiss me and eventually I relaxed my tongue but I pulled away from her face. I was out of breath and I was kind of panicking and wondering if she was going to get pregnant from me for some reason. My hands felt useless and I looked to them and I couldn’t help but think of what I could do with them as she kind of slid her head to my chest and brought her hands under my shirt. She lifted my shirt from my head and turned around in my legs grazing my dick on her ass. It was constricted by my elastic basketball shorts somehow and it was flexing with blood filled tension on the side of her ass. She moved her giant ass all the way into my hip bone it was torture how she was pushing my dick all the way to the side. She had a half smile like she was glad I had a big dick. I could see her coy expression on her face as she slid under me. I started to kiss her on her face but she magnetically found my mouth and held me to her with one of her hands. She took my other hand slid it under her tight rock n roll concert shirt that she wore all the time. It had me fooled because I thought she was kind of flat chested and fat. As she forced my hand over her stomach that was bent into me, my mind was blown to discover that she had a tighter belly than the athletic cheerleader sister. She was moaning in my mouth and reflexively I moved my hand around to her back to test how small her waist really was. It was small and with our tongues fucking in our mouths she smiled while we where rhythmically sucking each other’s air. She grabbed my hand that had settled pressing on her curvy back and smoothly navigated it around her waist back up her belly to press the bottom of her breasts. It made sense now that she had the largest breasts of my cousins and she would wear tight men’s shirts so she her breasts wouldn’t show. She could pose submissively to my cousins and tempt them with her forwardness but as I was quick to find she revealed her dominant nature playfully. How often did they walk to her room and find warm steady embrace? They probably thought they were doing her a favor with their tight light skinned bodies probably up until the point she was pinning them with her head sized melon breasts. Her ass was also unnoticed in her basketball shorts she wore like me, but they were the thicker NBA kind. I moved my hand through her constricted breast meat to settle on her collar shortly before I used my entire arm to try to pry her shirt off. She stopped kissing me and kind of winced and then smiled as i kept trying to lift her short normally. I actually had started to rip the shirt by the collar and I was frustrated. She grabbed all of my hard dick in her hand and I relaxed realizing my virgin behavior.

With her hand tightly around the base around my balls and shaft she moved southward until her head was over my belly button. I hadn’t moved my hand much and as she moved down I found myself pulling her shirt over her head as I felt her melon breasts explode from her shirt onto my shorts. As I was out lifting the shirt over her head as slow as I could handle I couldn’t see but felt as she released my tortured dick and tore my shorts off. I barely had time to see her disappear my dick down her throat that she threw her head over intensely in a motion that was not fast but deliberate. She must have wanted to impress me because I could only whimper unprepared and as i shot enough pre-cum for an orgasm. I hadn’t even learned to masturbate as I went to a small private school. She must have known I had more as she started to audibly slobber my dick but not hardly raising her head from it pressed to my waist her wet mucus-ladden throat choking my shaft. I think she must have been breathing out of her ass hole cause she spent nearly a minute swallowing my dick like she was trying to eat pussy. My hands were in the air and I was spinning out of control and basically screaming and crying and whimpering.
I was starting to yell stop I hadn’t really cum but I also didn’t know what it really felt like. I think the way my other cousins had teased me had strengthened my virgin libido. She slid my dick from her mouth all at once gasping like she was surprised my dick couldn’t supply oxygen, she came up to kiss my neck and said: why no one is here. The younger of the sisters had also left for the meet, probably looking for dick. I don’t know why they thought the older cousin was only Les. But she only went out to meet women when she was staying with the sisters. She probably had individual relationships with the both of them. I got the feeling she might have been more selective about her male company but I was still kind of yelling and almost pushing her off of me. I was only a nerd and she easily overpowered me. She pressed her melon breasts into my mouth so hard that my mouth couldn’t fight and she pushed them through my teeth to smother me completely. There was so much tit in my mouth that I didn’t want to hurt her with the slightest movement of my teeth. Instinctively my tongue was detecting her giant quarter sized nipples in my mouth. I closed my eyes and I consciously moved my tongue to the back of my throat. I was struggling with my naked waist as she through the sheets off with one of her hands. She pressed more of her tit than I thought possible through my teeth leaning her body into my mouth until her nipple once again found my tongue that was arched back. I started screaming as my jaw caught a cramp and I shook my head and body as hard as I could. She was kneeling over my belly button and we were both completely naked and we had formed a ring of sweat on the sheet cover on the bed. I was sweating even more in fear. She moved her breast slightly from my mouth moaning deeply as she did. She moaned as deep as she yawned I would never forget. My hands stopped pushing her and went to my aching jaw. This was a big mistake but I was exhausted from yelling and not breathing and I did not know my dick was so venerable in that moment.
She kind of laughed and moaned as she sat back fast on my dick before I could start to fight her again. Her pussy must have squirted just as she did this and my lap was sticky and wet and our pubic hair was matted with sperm and sex juice as she started to grind me. Just like she had throated me she did not let my dick breathe. She was moaning quick as she rocked on me out of rhythm with her rocking, she was cunning hard with almost no time on me. I was in a lot of pain and I don’t think i noticed my first orgasm as I was shaking uncontrollably even helping her cum as she dominated me with the weight of her spread ass. My virgin dick didn’t soften as she took me straight to a second orgasm and I went to grasp her throat like I could throw her down. She could definitely tell her pussy was full of cum and she looked down at my waist cooing and moaning several times an ‘oh’ sound like she was sorry she took my kids.
I gripped her throat threw her to the side on the large bed. She easily slid from my dick and her eyes were closed and she was still out of breath and cooing. She looked like a slayed farm animal with spit down her neck and pussy flared open flexing and gurgling my cum. She looked like she wanted rest but my virgin dick was hard as steel and unspent. I didn’t even know what a post-orgasm felt like.

I dragged her waist to me kneeling on the bed. She kind of moaned a complaint. I didn’t know what I was doing but my dick was so long there was no chance for her pussy to slip away. She kind of woke from her stupor and kind of lazily smashed my face with her arm. I think my lip busted but I was deep into her. I pushed farther down her pussy then she had been able to ride me and we were gasping and she was yelling ‘no’ in a daze. I didn’t really fuck her fast for her pleasure. I pressed hard and slow until she was screaming loud every time I put it down. I felt like I was stabbing her like she wanted. To keep my self from cumming hard I stopped and held her waist in place because she was kind of shoving my chest but every other stroke I did she threw her pussy even faster then I could press it into her. When I held it at one point I was so tired she over powered me and put her legs behind my back and collapsed my kneeling stance on the bed and I slid into her deeply and collapsed in a heap into our sex mud on the bed. I came and I held her tight across her chest and kissed her deep on her neck and mouth. I was going to rest but she threw me on my back and straddled my face as she made me I eat her pumped and drenched pussy and she swallowed my dick again and picked my pubic hair clean of our cum.

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