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Train to San Antonio

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Train trip across country where wife fucks two strangers.

My wife and I decided to take a train ride to San Antonio one fall around the time of our anniversary. We had taken a flight to San Antonio once before and had a wonderful romantic time staying at the Hilton on the river walk. My wife is a 44 year old petite brunette with short dark hair, and a face like an angel. I’m a 43 year old average guy also good looking.

The Amtrak train left St Louis at 4 in the afternoon on Thursday and the trip was a 25 hour ride. To save money we booked a pair of low end coach seats. The trip seamed quaint and fun, a sort of adventure. We sat next to each other holding hands and watching the country side pass by out the window. As the afternoon wore onto the evening though, the seats became uncomfortable and the sights outside went dark. We decided to go check out a nearby lounge car to get a drink and some snacks. We discovered the lounge car was active and nice. There was a small bar, as well as, a number of tables. We ordered a couple of cocktails at the bar and looked around. There was another couple in there 50’s, a table full of loud 20 year old men and women and a table with two young fit black guys talking. We took our drinks up a staircase to an observation deck that we wished that we had known about earlier when it was light. The lighting on the upper deck was softer and there were rows of comfortable chairs facing the windows. We talked, drank our drinks , and kissed as we sat and looked out into the darkness. Below us the large young group was loud and rowdy. I went down for another round of drinks and saw the older couple had left and the 20 something group had invited the two young black men over near them and they all appeared to be playing a drinking game. I went back up and sat next to my wife and we resumed kissing in the upper room alone. My wife was wearing a long comfortable brown skirt which I started to explore under with one hand while kissing her. She softly protested saying that someone might come up. I assured her that they were all unaware of us as I continued to work my hand up the inside of her leg. Soon I was lightly rubbing her pussy through her panties as I continued kissing her. I could feel that her pussy was wet soaking thru her panties so I pushed her panties aside and rubbed the area between her clit and her opening sliding the tips of two fingers just into her damp hole. Her hand found its way into my lap and she began to stoke my hard cock thru my pants. After moments of this she shifted and with both hands unzipped my zipper and fished out my dick. She leaned in and glanced around me at the stairs fora second, then dove head first into my lap taking my cock into her mouth. I could reach her pussy anymore so I rested my hand on the back of her head, leaned my head back, and started to thrust my hips forward in time with her mouth. My eyes were closed as I held her head still and fucked her sucking warm mouth as it bobbed in my lap. I did not last very long when the overwhelming urge to cum rush over me and I exploded into her delicious mouth. She mercilessly continued sucking and swallowing as I now gripped her shoulder and arched my back pumping a load of semen down her throat. Her abrupt stop and shocked intake of breath caused me to open my eyes. I saw that she was looking over my shoulder and I heard a male voice. ” Uh. Sorry just coming up to check out the view”. I turned and looked at the stair and saw that one of the two black guys was standing at the top step with a drink in hand and a sheepish grin in his face. ” I ll just head back down. You two go back to what you were doing” he said and he turned and disappeared before my shocked wife could react.

We scrambled as if it mattered and then sat laughing. My wife said we could wait till we didn’t hear anyone below before leaving. I looked her and said that I didn’t think anyone was leaving anytime soon. We sat there uncertain what to do for a moment. I grabbed her hand and said to her that we didn’t know anyone in the lounge so what difference does it make. I grabbed her hand and led her down the stairs. The two black guys were sitting next to the table of rowdy partiers talking privately and glancing at the stairs as we came down. The older couple had left. We reached the bottom and turned to leave when the guy who had come up intercepted us. ” I am sorry man” he said to me. “I should have know what was up with you taking this smoking hot thing up there alone.” He said looking right at my wife.” Let me buy you both drinks at least he said.” The guy was about 6 foot tall dark and definitely in good shape.

I looked at my wife blushing, doubtful that she would say yes. It was a surprise when she quickly said that she would love a drink. He smiled immediately and ordered us two more of what we had been drinking.

“My name is Marcus and that is Justin “he said loudly pointing at the other black guy. I introduced us “Nick and Lindsay.”

Both guys were in there late 20’s to early 30’s and in good shape. Justin was a little shorter at 5 ’10” or so and had wider shoulders and arms. Justin waved.

“The drunk white people we don’t really know, but they seem to know how to party.” He said laughing. He pulled us over their table next to the table the group was at.

Marcus then announced us to the rowdy group. ” This is Nick and Lindsay”. The group all chimed in at once rattling off hellos and names in a confusing jumble of talking. I failed to get everyone’s name but the loudest, Mike announced that we were now part of the drinking game. He shushed everyone at the table pointing at one girl who was still talking. Everyone laughed and a girl said “You pointed, Drink!” Everyone laughed again as she was told to consume for using the D word.

The rules were explained to us, the usual juvenile drinking game rules, and we joined in the conversations consuming when we violated the rules As the minutes passed into an hour I began to notice that both Marcus and Justin seemed to focus there conversation on us, and more specifically on Lindsay, over the group at the other table. The rules were still being enforced, but the conversation had split back into two separate ones at each table. Lindsay has a higher tolerance for alcohol than I and I was soon buzzing hard. The conversation at our table was more personal now as we shared that we were on a romantic trip. ” I’d say you are” laughed Marcus reminding us that he caught Lindsay sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Marcus and Justin shared that they were brothers and they were on there way home to Texas after a family reunion. At one point, I noticed Marcus looking at Lindsay for a long hard time while Justin was talking. Lindsay was listening and smiling when Marcus sighed, “Wow your wife is sexy he said without looking at me. I wish I could kiss her.” Lindsay didn’t look away from his eyes and didn’t appear upset which caused me to start to get turned on again despite my buzz. I think that Lindsay could kiss you if she wanted to I said smiling. Marcus didn’t waste a moment leaning in towards Lindsay. Lindsay leaned away from me back towards him with out hesitation closing her eyes and meeting his lips as he wrapped an arm around her. I watched fascinated as my beautiful wife passionately kissed a black stranger right next to me. The loud table next to us was oblivious. Justin was aware though and as they ended the kiss he exclaimed ” Damn Marcus, are always stealing all the hot gals”. We all chuckled and Lindsay said to him ” Your right its not real fair of me to just kiss Marcus”.

Justin picked up his chair and repositioned it behind her. Lindsay leaned back and kissed him for a long time over her shoulder. In this moment I had a naughty thought and slid my hand up under her skirt going right for her pussy. I had another surprise when my hand ran into the back of Marcus’s hand. I could feel he was pumping his two middle fingers in and out of my wife’s pussy. My gorgeous shy wife had one guys tongue in her mouth while another was finger fucking her willing wet hole. At the conclusion of the second kiss Marcus said to Lindsay as she started to breath in shallow rapid breaths. “Are you ready to suck a black dick like you did that white one”. She nodded and said without hesitation “Yes. Lets sneak back upstairs ” Marcus smiled and said, ” I got one better. We got a sleeper car.” Lindsay looked at me and closed her eyes a second. A slight moan escaped her mouth. Marcus was working that pussy under the table no doubt!

As she opened her eyes and looked at me pleadingly. I said to Marcus ” Go ahead and take her to your room. Justin and I will finish our drinks, ill grab our stuff and we will join you shortly.” They both stood and he took her by her hand and led her out of the lounge car. I watched intently as she submissively followed him pausing at the exit to look back at me and receive an unspoken confirmation from me. Satisfied she turned and left. I thought to myself that my gorgeous wife was minutes away from being on her knees sucking some young black strangers cock. My cock was raging hard. Justin’s exclamation jarred me back to the room “Your wife is awesome. You’re a lucky guy. ”

I agreed with him. He then decided to tell me how he would love to find out how tight her pussy was as we finished our drinks. Five minutes seemed like an eternity as I wondered what Marcus was doing to my bride. I drained my glass, but Justin seemed to be taking his time nursing his drink. I knew we had passed through a sleeper car to get to the lounge but Justin was my guide to which compartment we were going to. With out his help I’d have no idea were Lindsay was likely getting her pretty white face fucked. Finally after ten long minutes he lowered his empty glass and asked if I was ready. I nodded and followed him to the sleeper car. We stopped at a door and I could hear Lindsay whimpering on the other side like she does when she is holding out trying to not climax. “Oh my god.. Wait.. Oh Oh fuck” I could hear she was close to coming and I knew she was not sucking Marcus’s cock anymore! Justin started to turn the door then stopped. I looked at him like he was crazy. He said ” Go get your stuff, you guys can just crash here the rest of the trip”. He smiled and tapped on the door. It opened out towards me and he disappeared inside closing the door behind him before I could even get a glimpse inside. I ran as fast as I could buzzed to our seats and grabbed our two carry on bags. As I got back to the door I could hear Lindsay coming. “Oh fuck me. yessss Oh god. Oh god no. I’m coming. Oh don’t stop fucking me. ” I tried the door and it was locked. “You like that black cock in your pussy” Marcus’s voice came thru the door. A muffled mm hmm told me that Justin was out of his pant and had his black cock in her too using her pretty mouth.

I rapped on the door and heard a deep “one second”. My wife’s moans continued as did the sound of flesh slapping. After much more than a second, the door came open again and I got my first view of the room.

There was two unused bunk beds and a window opposite the door. The lights were on and the curtains were open. The open space of the room was entirely filled as Marcus’s bare ass was pumping away in my immediate view. His big handy were squeezing Lindsay’s waist as she was bent over between him and Justin, who was up against the window facing me. The back of Lindsay’s head was bobbing and blocking my view of Justin’s cock. Both men were entirely nude dark skinned and chiseled. Lindsay’s damp panties and bra were on the floor and her skirt was pulled up and held tight by Marcus’s grip at her waist. I could see her blouse was on her but pulled down below her tits. Marcus was slamming away at her and I could see his impact rocking her into Justin with each thrust. Everyone remained focused on what they were doing as I shut the door and climbed up onto the only place to go, the top bunk. The view from there was amazing. I could see Marcus pulling a large thick black cock out of my wife’s tight little pussy. Her pussy was gripping his cock tightly as did and I could see his dick was shiny from her pussy’s natural reaction to his expert fucking. The most mind blowing thing about the whole scene was the noise however. The sounds of her moans and his taunting of her as he fucked her, combined with the rhythmic slap of his bare black flesh against her ivory skin, and the liquid suction noise that her soaking wet pussy made every time he pumped his rod in and out of her was amazing. On the other end, Justin also had a nice sized package that was as big as mine. Lindsay was swallowing it timing it to each powerful thrust of Marcus’s penetrating black monster. Her eyes came open locking on Justin’s then mine. As if on cue Marcus started to increase his tempo as she took Justin’s cock out of her mouth jerking it. She did so to tell me about the amazing fucking she was getting I was sure.

“Oh my god he is starting to swell…Oh god Nick he is fucking me. Oh god he is swelling. Oh yes I’m gonna cum again Ohhhhh ” Her guttural noise was drowned out as he started to growl. He threw back his head as he continued “Oh yeah I’m cumming in your pussy. Fuck yeah. ” At that moment, I knew that he was releasing a million sperm, pumping her fertile white pussy full of his young virile seed. As confirmation on this thought I could see that her pussy was so full of cum that it was seeping out all around his cock as he thrust into her and gushing out on each withdrawal. I could imagine his balls must still be convulsing to pump out so much of the hot ropy substance. He pulled his big cock out of My wife with audible pop and a good sized glob of sperm splattered the floor as he backed away from her. Justin spun Lindsay around and Marcus and I traded places. Justin started taunting her immediately as he fucked her. ” You like black cock. Don’t You? She murmured yes into my cock as I thrust it into her mouth. “You want me to breed your tight white pussy too…” He asked fucking her rapidly. She pulled my dick out long enough to answered him ” Yes I want all three of you to cum in my pussy”, then went back to sucking. He fucked her even faster yelling “Take it yeah. “. His movements got jerky and she moaned loudly and sucked my dick hard enough to hurt a little as she climaxed with him. As he backed away I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her down onto the bottom bunk on her back. I could see she had cum rivulets running down both sides of the insides of her legs and her pussy was a swollen wet cum filled mess. Lindsay’ s clit was swollen and huge. Just as I was about to put my dick into her messy pussy it convulsed and another thick glob of sperm ran out. My rock hard cock slipped into her pussy which felt fantastic. I could feel she was silky and filled with cum from both of the studs that I had just watched mount her. I whispered into her ear.” I know you loved that black cock, but who does this pussy belong to ” ” You. ” She said gasping. It’s yours. ” I fucked her long slow and deep grinding the tip of my long thick shafts against her pelvic bone stimulating both he clit and the spot deep inside her. I started to swell thinking about watching her with two strangers and timed it right as we both had huge orgasms and I added my load to the cocktail of cum inside her.

We all crashed, her and I on a makeshift bed of cushions on the cum splattered floor and the two of them in there beds. When I awoke hours later I discovered that Lindsay was asleep in the bunk with Marcus. She said that she got uncomfortable on the floor and made a deal to share his bed. I was buzzed enough that I slept thru her being slow fucked to another mind blowing orgasm followed by her finishing Marcus by swallowing his load.

The weekend in San Antonio turned out to be the perfect traditional romantic weekend except for the added desire that I had for her fueled by the memory of watching her cut loose with such raw sexuality.

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