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Brutally Gangraped in Train

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Story of an chubby indian girl,who gets assaulted by a bunch of men’s, as the story continues she gets fucked for 3 continues days by different men

Hey guys, myself Shivani (not my real name tho ). So this is my first attempt so please do forgive the flaws and errors. I’m sure ur gonna enjoy this as much as I do.

So, let me introduce myself. I’m Shivani, a 19yr old Chubby girl with a perfect 32D boobs along with a big Ass and a slight curve.

So this happened a few years back. I was returning back to university from my home after vacation. My journey usually takes 3days and 12hours and I mostly travel by train. I wore a Blue shirt and short jeans as it was more comfortable while traveling. It was more crowded than usual, I couldn’t manage to find a seat, so I had to stand until someone leaves. I usually travelling by 2nd class compartment however this time, the tickets booked out sooner than expected.sl I had to find myself a seat in the third class compartment. The whole compartment was filled with men. I was crushed between two men as the crowd started to fill in.

A few hour or so, The man who stood behind me gently placed his hand holding my thighs. I felt uncomfortable and tried to push his hand away but he refused to give away. Anyway,I decided to ignore. He slowly moved his hand towards my pussy. I couldn’t resist the sensation. Now his other hand rested on my left boobs, touching and squeezing them. Soon he managed to unbutton my shirt. My left breast was hanging out. He then proceed toward my panties. Things got intense as i tried to breakfree. He whispered in my ears, “don’t try to resist, unless you want audience, keep quiet and let me fuck you like a whore you are”.

He slowly removed my panties, started rubbing his dick on my vagina, without any hesitation he shoved his whole 9inc fat cock into my ass. He started riding my shithole. He fucked my ass brutally, I felt like burning from inside, He was fucking me like animal tear my shithole.
I couldn’t keep quiet,I started crying in pain. I couldn’t even stand anymore. People noticed us, they started taking pics videos, they even cleared him some space to fuck me. He tore away my top and bra exposing my breasts. He came deep inside my ass after fucking me for straight 15minutes. I was completely exhausted and violated. He left me lying in the floor in a moving train, my legs spread wide apart, Fluids and cum leaking out of asshole, my whole body was shivering, but it was just the beginning.

Right after he left me there, an old perv man came. Right after he took off his pants, he started to piss onto my mouth. He made me drink his piss. It was a total chaos. I couldn’t help myself, they took turns for fucking me. They made me suck their dick while other carried out to fuck me. They never let me pass out. I could feel my holes getting stretched.

I was literally a cum bucket, even men’s came from other compartment just to fuck me. They fed me, to keep me alive and not to passout. I couldn’t even keep the count. 10? 20? Maybe 50, all I remember is getting fucked. Three days passed. One of them said, ” I guess u reached your destination, now go find something to cover yourself if you don’t want to get fucked again”. I managed to ran out of the train as soon as it stopped. I went straight to the inspector cabin and told them that I had been raped for past 3 days. And guess what, one of the inspector dragged me to the desk and made me bent over it. He said,” let me collect the evidence”. I was like ” aah shit, here we go again”

Pure fantasy, this is not a real story nor real characters

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  • Reply Asshole ID:1dgc0tb1wm5w

    Don’t mention “this is not a real story” it ruins the experience. And fucks up imagination!

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Great story

  • Reply Delhi grl ID:36tktilhd9d

    Not raped but before lockdown, I used to enjoy being groped by mwn in crowded Delhi bus n metro. I get a thrill when a soft dick suddenly becomes hard… But yea never been raped. Don’t ever want that!!

    • Shalini Singh ID:1be4xpwov1

      Me too

    • Cumdump ID:mreg13qc8yg

      I’m in the us but i use to wear skirts so men could play with my pussy. I started doing it at 13.

  • Reply Cunt hater ID:1fuv8zgjb0i

    Expand it

  • Reply M17 ID:7ezgpw9hrk

    Great plot expand it

  • Reply rapeurkit ID:61jw16s8l

    i like it. u should make more and expand from this.

  • Reply Abhishek Art ID:176qgz49c

    Many elements are missing in the story. This is like a person is filing FIR. Build up in more sensitive manner.

  • Reply Anon ID:cq1wbbem4

    I’ve read better