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Me and my hot cousin

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Story is when I was 12 years old I fucked my 20 year old cousin and it was very amazing

I am 12 and my cousin is 20

This story is about when my family had a gathering together and we were going on a trip and we booked a van and we had to adjust and I was young but was very horny

Before coming to the trip I forgot how my cousin looks as it had been around 6-7 years since I saw her and I was gonna see her after a long time

I watch pornos and stuff and jerked off regularly

So the day arrived and I saw her I was shocked to see her, she was very very beautiful, with big boobs slim waist and a round ass

The perfect girl for anyone so I acted very childishly, so she can take care of me as she was an elder person amongst everyone

There were 2 more cousins of mine both of them were very small around 6-8-year-olds

She started taking care of me by taking me places making sure I had a good time and then we were coming back from the bus and it was an empty bus no one was there except for me and my cousin she was asleep as she was very tired, I glanced her boobs it was so big as she was wearing a tight t-shirt so I kept my hand on her boobs and acted asleep on her shoulder, she didn’t even move as she was in her deep sleep

I started pressing it slowly and I git a hard-on I so wanted to fuck her that moment itself and I started to slowly rub her hands on my pant and it was so good I came on my pants and I slept when I woke up I saw the bus got crowded and there was this man who had his dick near my cousin’s shoulder to grope her

I thought my cousin would create a scene and feel uncomfortable but she started rubbing his pants I was acting asleep with my eye partially open and my cousin lowered her t-shirt so he can see her cleavage and he suddenly put his hands inside her t-shirt she was slowly moaning and our destination came she adjusted and took me and got down from the bus, that is when I realized she is a sexy slut and it got dark and I told my parents I wanted to sleep in my cousin’s room

They agreed and told my cousin to take care

After 40 mins my cousin dozed off she was wearing a short skirt and a loose t-shirt and her cleavage was very much visible and she wasn’t wearing a bra that time I put my hands inside her t-shirt and started pressing it I got a hard-on and she turned towards the opposite direction her ass was towards me

I thought its a golden opportunity and lifted her skirt slowly and I was so horny to see her white milky ass so fucking soft I started to rub my dick against it

And I also tried to put it inside the ass opening and suddenly I slipped and fell on my cousin so hard that she woke up and saw me molesting her

I was ashamed and caught and I acted asleep she started to laugh and turned me and kissed me I grabbed her boobs and started pressing it she helped me by getting naked I told my sister “I want to have sex, I never had sex in my life” she was shocked and told me she lost her virginity to her class teacher when she was 11, I was shocked

She told me to fuck her and I obeyed her orders

She got undressed and she told me to lick her pussy, I licked her bare little hairy pussy and she was rolling her eyes up, it tasted funny and I started to put my fingers inside I am a 12 year old and my hands are kinda small so my almost all fingers went side her and I started to finger her vigorously
She said stop and told me to put my dick inside her I adjusted and it went in so smooth it was a different feeling for my dick and I was fucking it continuously and I came inside her pussy and I was exhausted and I laid down low energy and my cousin she started to suck my dick and sat on me like a cowgirl she is very big compared to my body and she was jumping on my dick and she peed on me and she kissed me and told me I was a very good boy, I told her to sit and turn and I started to humped her ass and I lit my dick inside her asshole and anal fucked her and I came

That day we fucked till 4:30 AM in different style and positions
The next day she was going by I took her to an abandoned room and I started to press her boobs and started sucking her boobs and she gave me a blowjob and when I came she ran away and told me I have work’ll come back

After 2 hours I spotted her and I took her to that room again made her bend and put my dick in her vagina and fucked her till I came and she told me she was fucking the cook

Part 2 Later….

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