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Lesbian turned straight

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Ava was a teen lesbian. After a gangrape and some abuse she realizes that she is just a whore meant for men’s pleasure.

Ava was a very open lesbian. She had a girlfriend. She was very hot, all the men wanted her. She had perfect round tits and a nice round ass. She knew the men stared at her. She liked to tease them by kissing her girlfriend in front of them and looking at them.

Ava was standing alone at her locker when a tall muscular boy came up to her. “Hey baby, you sure you’re a lesbian? I might be able to change your mind” she laughed at him “No, I’m sure” and walked away. She walked over to her girlfriend and the boy followed her. She started talking to her girlfriend, Leah. “Hey! My parents are going on a trip this weekend. You can come over Saturday night if you want.” Leah denied her. “I’m so sorry! I have a soccer tournament pretty far away, I have to stay at a hotel. Could I come over tonight instead?” The boy overheard all of this and figured out Ava’s address.

The next day was a Saturday. The tall boy called 5 of his friends. They all piled in a car and drove over to Ava’s house at 2pm. They peeked in the window. Ava was alone in a long shirt and some underwear with headphones on. She was folding laundry. The boys didn’t even have to jimmy the lock. She had left the door unlocked. They stormed in. They grabbed her and carried her into the bedroom. She screamed, they took a sock and shoved it in her mouth. They saw some rope by her bed that must’ve been used last night with her girlfriend. They tied her to the bedframe in a starfish position.

The tall muscular boy took a switchblade out of his pocket and held it to her face. “If you try anything I’ll fucking kill you” He took out her gag, unzipped his pants, sat on her and shoved his cock in her mouth. He grabbed her hair and violently pushed her head up and down on his cock. He came in her mouth. “Swallow it all bitch” after he came, she felt a warm salty liquid go down her throat. She cried as he pissed in her mouth and made her swallow it. He put the sock back in her mouth. They untied her. They ordered her to get in doggy style. She obeyed them. The tall boy was arguing with all the other boys about how he should be the first to cum in her pussy. He won the argument. He walked over to her and pulled off her panties and shirt. She had no bra on and her tits were hanging under her. She felt the tall boy position his dick right on her slit. He shoved his dick into her tight virgin pussy. Her hymen broke and she started bleeding. She was crying. Another boy took out his cock and fucked her mouth to shut her up. They came at the same time. She felt the cum in her pussy and she swallowed the cum in her mouth. She didn’t mind the taste.

This went on for a while. Each boy came in her pussy twice and they each came in her mouth at least once. She started enjoying the rape and the abuse. She was secretly hoping that they would decide to rape her asshole too. The tall boy left the room and came back with some clothespins that she was using earlier. He told her to lay down and spread her legs on the bed. He pinned her pussy shut with a large pin and added a few smaller pins for good measure. He added some pins on her nipples just for fun. She layed there trying not to cry. The pins were keeping all the cum in her pussy. “You’re parents aren’t coming home right?” She nodded. “We’ll stay here for tonight. Don’t you dare take off those pins until we tell you to.”

That night the boys got on the phone with some more of their friends. They sent pictures of Ava getting fucked and told them to share it everywhere. The pictures reached her girlfriend who was furious. She called Ava and told her that their relationship was over. Ava cried all night and the boys had to slap her and spank her until her ass was bruised and her face was red just to get her to shut up.

The next morning the boys took the pins off her body. She was so sore but she wasn’t allowed a break. One of the boys licked her pussy to relive some of the pain but he wouldn’t let her cum. Again, she was forced to fuck and suck. She started moaning loudly everytime they came in her and she found herself begging for their cum and begging to be used. They laughed at her, calling her a whore, a cumdump, a cocksucker, a bitch and a set of holes for men to use. “It’s your duty as a woman to please men” “It’s all you’re good for” they kept telling her these things and she started to believe them. After fucking her a ton, they left her there with loads of cum in her pussy. She put the clothespins back on and added a few more all over her body. Punishing herself for being a lesbian and hoping that they impregnated her.

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    I’m a little jealous of your name. If I had thought of that, I could have avoided having to tell people I’m not actually a teenager. (Not to mention someone claiming this is “Fake.”)
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be enough to fend off offers to chat. Still, great idea.

    • Neha