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Forced to fuck my sister after coming out as gay

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I told everyone I was gay on my 14th birthday and dad went mental and forced me and my sister to have sex because he refused to accept I was gay.

On my 14th birthday, right after I blew out the candles on my cake, I announced to my family that I was gay and I walked over to my boyfriend James and I kissed him in front of everyone, that’s when it all kicked off and my dad, Frank, forced me to do something horrible.

“Gay?..” said my dad, looking puzzled, he watched me walk over and kiss James, he got angry, very angry and ordered everyone to leave the house immediately.

Once everyone had left, there was only me, my dad, my mum and my two sisters in the house, “Did you know about this?” asked dad, looking angrily at mum.

She didn’t know, the only people who knew were my eldest sister Claire and my boyfriend James, “I had no idea.” She replied.

“Did any of you?” dad asked, looking at my sisters.

Claire nodded, “I did, dad. Can’t you just be happy for him.” She said.

My dad was clearly struggling to accept it, “Just what do you mean you’re gay?” he asked.

“I’m gay, dad. I like boys. James is my boyfriend.” I replied.

Dad picked up my birthday cake and threw it all the kitchen wall, then he stormed over to me and grabbed me hard on the sides of my arms, “Do you know how much fucking embarrassment you’ve caused me today. Doing that in front of all our friends. What are they going to think of us now.” He shouted.

“There’s nothing wrong with being gay, dad.” I replied.

“I’m not having a fucking homo for a son…” he yelled, then he struck me so hard I fell to the floor, “…no son of mine is going to be a faggot.” He shouted.

“Leave him alone, Frank!.” Shouted mum, defending me from him.

“You shut the fuck up.” said dad, he paced around the kitchen growling like a wild animal and banging his fists on the table and cupboards, then he picked up a kitchen knife and stormed over to my sister, pushing chairs out of his way as he walked towards her, he grabbed her arm then grabbed mine, hoisting me up off the floor and he dragged us out of the kitchen, mum tried to stop him but he back handed her, hitting her really hard, “Get the fuck off me.” Dad yelled,

He then dragged us both up the stairs and in to his bedroom, “Dad you’re hurting me.” Claire cried, he pushed us both down on the bed and he slammed the door shut, he pointed to Claire, “Take off your clothes.” he demanded.

Claire and I looked at one another, “No, dad.” Said Claire, “Dad, you need to calm down, it’s not a big deal.” I said.

He leaned over and practically touch his face to ours, “Take – off – your – clothes. Now!” he growled, spitting from his angry mouth, “Both of you!” he demanded.

We were both scared shitless of dad at this point, he was incredibly angry, we’d never seen him this angry before, his face was bright red and veins were throbbing on his forehead, with our hands shaking violently with fright, we proceeded to get undressed until we were just in our underwear, sitting side-by-side on the bed.

“Right…” said dad, he pointed to me and then to Claire, “…Fuck her.” He said.

“What?” I asked, there was no way I was going to do that.

“Fuck your sister.” He repeated, “Now!” he yelled.

Claire jumped out and bolted for the bedroom door, but dad grabbed her and threw her back on to the bed.

“Dad, stop, for fuck sake.” I shouted.

He pulled out the kitchen knife from his pocket and put the tip of the blade to my balls, then he grabbed my face and lifted my head up to look him in the eyes, “If you’re faggot cock isn’t inside your sisters cunt by the time I count to 10, I’m going to cut your fucking balls off. Now fuck her!” he shouted and he pushed me down on to my back.

Claire was crying and we were both so scared, I shook my head whispered to her that I’m not going to do it.

“1…” said dad, as he started counting, “…2…3…” he added.

“I’m not going to do it, dad.” I said.

“…4…5…” he counted.

“I won’t do it!” I said firmly.

He put the blade close to my legs, “…6…7…” he counted.

Claire sat up quickly, “Just do it. It’s okay.”, she said, still crying as she pulled off her knickers and yanked down my boxer shorts and started to rub my cock, “…8…9…” dad continued to count, she pulled me down on top of her with her legs wide open, she held my semi-hard cock and forced it in to her pussy, “There, it’s in.” she announced to dad, “It’s in, dad. Don’t hurt him. Please.” She added.

Being on top of my sister was horrible, having my cock in her pussy was even worse, not just because she was my sister but because I was gay, and I couldn’t stop my cock from getting hard inside her, I felt like my body betrayed me, why couldn’t my dad just be happy for me, I started to cry along with Claire.

“Good. Now we’re getting somewhere. Now, fuck her.” Said dad, we didn’t move or do anything, “Come on. Now!” he demanded.

“Just do it. It’s okay..” said Claire, she held my face in her hands and wiped a tear off my cheek with her thumb, “…think of James.” She said.

It went against everything I believed in, it was wrong on so many levels, but dad would never let us go and he genuinely sounded like he’d hurt me if I didn’t, I began to push and I slowly fucked her, I closed my eyes and thought about James imagining it was his tight ass hole I was fucking and not my sisters pussy.

“I bet your sisters tight little cunt feels good doesn’t it, son.” Said dad, he was laughing at us while mum frantically banged on the bedroom door trying to get in.

Dad continued to force us to have sex until I finally came inside her, after I ejaculated he pushed me off of her and he looked at my cock as come dribbled out of the tip, “That’s it, son. Good boy. Now, do you still feel like a faggot?” he said.

“If by faggot you mean gay, then yes, I’m proud to be a faggot, dad.” I replied, I didn’t care what he did, I wasn’t going to be scared of him anymore, “I’m gay!” I shouted.

Then, just as dad was about to punch me, Claire booted him right in the stomach and he fell off the bed, then the bedroom door crashed open and mom and three cops ran inside, the cops detained my dad and mum, Claire and I burst in to tears while holding each other.

Dad eventually got sent to prison and we moved away so he couldn’t find us, we never saw him again and personally I hope he’s dead and hope he got ass raped every single day in prison.

I’m gay and I will always be gay, I’m not ashamed of who I am.

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  • Reply hunter

    in these times im like im glad lgbtq have a month but then again theres lots of descrimination and bad stuff that comes with it … but im proud you say youre gay but idk if its the greatest saying it infront of everyone, say it to your family first then the friends

    • Just this once

      Use a spell checker next time please.

  • Reply Lilcumslut


  • Reply DickLicker

    Did you pop her cherry, wish I had a sister

  • Reply melly

    I’m so sorry that you went through that

  • Reply Anonymous

    yes be proud

  • Reply Sheesh

    You’re so strong. I’m sorry this happened to you. Glad that asshole is far away from you and your sister. Thanks for sharing.