9 days with my Uncle Day 5

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My uncle went and fixed a drink, he told me was just going to have a small bit even tho he wasnt suppose to mix it with his pain meds. He took his pain pill with his drink, he said it was only a one time thing. He laid in bed in his towel on his stomach.

He handed me the ointment and I put some on his back, his strong muscular back. I started to shake and didnt know if I could do this. But I lowered my hands and started to massage the ointment into his lower back and shoulders.

I had on my nightshirt, no panty and I could feel my pussy getting wet as I massaged him. He told me I was doing a good job and my hands felt so nice on his back. If he would turn over I would make them feel good on his dick to, but I wasnt going to say that out loud.

He thanked me for being so nice to him and I said he was so nice to me to. He told me he was getting sleepy, the meds came on fast and suddenly he was knocked out. I kept rubbing his back but it was obvious he was passed out. So I did some things.

He was on his stomach so I couldnt get to his dick, he was in just a towel so I lowered the back a bit, exposing his ass. Just a bit of it, I wasnt going to just remove the towel. I went down and kissed his naked butt. I wanted him to turn over but I wasnt strong enough to do that and I might wake him up.

I had my online class soon, so I had to go do that, if not he would get mad at me and ask me why I missed it. Around 10 am I went to go check on him, I couldnt focus on my class anyway, I kept thinking about him.

I slowly opened his door, and..

He was laying on his side, the towel had mostly slipped off and there was that glorious dick exposed.. I closed the door and left, I knew I wanted that dick but I was so scared. So I did something really stupid.

I never drank before, but I needed some liquid courage. I searched online for rum recipes, he had some soda so I mixed it. I had 2 glasses of the rum and soda and I was ready to be crazy.

I went back in his room, he was on his side, his dick was hanging near the edge of the bed, I just walked over, I took a pic of his dick before I sat on the floor and sucked it into my mouth. I had no fear at this point, what rum can do to you. I licked and sucked and his dick grew and got hard and I loved how it felt in my mouth.

I went down and found his balls, I gave them a good licking to. It was weird because he wasnt hairy, I think he shaved his dick or something, but it was good to suck a hairless dick. I heard him moan a few times, I wasnt scared like I had been before.

I went deep on his dick, gagging myself. I wished he was awake so he could fuck my throat. I kept my licking and sucking and I got so wet I had to finger myself. It didnt take long, I knew I was going to cum soon, so I started to really suck on my uncles dick, it made me so horny sucking him as I fingered myself.

I was getting close to cumming when it happened, his dick just exploded in my mouth, I felt streams of cum shooting in my mouth over and over, I just kept on sucking and then I started to cum, it was amazing.

I sat there after I came, my mouth full of my uncles cum, his dick still in my mouth. I slid my mouth off his dick and I grabbed my phone off the floor and took a selfie, I had my mouth closed but I could see some cum had leaked out my mouth.

I turned my phone to video to record myself and I opened my mouth and showed the cum to the video before I closed my eyes and swallowed it. It was nasty, but I loved it to.

He was still passed out, he had cum and never moved an inch. His dick went soft but I went back to sucking on it, he didnt get hard again unfortunately. I grabbed a cloth and washed off his dick and balls, I slid the towel back over his the best I could and grabbed a blanket to cover him.

I had just gave my first blowjob and swallowed my first cum, I was sad my uncle was in pain with his back but I was happy I got to take care of him and his dick. I wondered if he would realize what happened when he woke up. I guess only time will tell.

Part 6 soon my lovelies

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