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Neighborhood Watching

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My mom was a bit of an Exhibitionist, but since I grew up with her. I guess I just felt like it was normal

My dad wasn’t into it, so he finally left. I mean, they fought about it a lot, and it didn’t make sense to me. I was too young to really understand it, I guess. He just gave her mixed signals, he liked the way she dressed, he even gave her lingerie for Christmas, her birthday, and anniversary, but then they’d go out, and he tried to make her hide it.

Her underwear, she sure had a lot of it. Really nice bras, and panties. Garter belts, and negligees she pretty much only wore to bed. That wasn’t a problem, but she’d unbutton her blouse, real low to show the tops of her bras, and say “I’m hot” when he told her to cover them up. What’s the point of having such nice underwear, if she’s not going to show it off?

A great body for her age, too. I mean, I’m not bi, nor even a little curious, but I guess I got a sneak peak at what I’d look like when I got older. Big 32 D cup bras, which looked even bigger on her, because otherwise she was pretty petite. 4’9″ tall, and even if I wanted to tell you her age, she was single for years. So, she kept getting older, but not any less sexy.

That’s how I knew what sexy was, until I started puberty, and I was a little early, too. Mom told me, when we had the talk about growing up. Why I started bleeding down there, and what to do about it. My body getting ready for sex, getting pregnant, and having babies, but I started in the chest. In 4th grade, though I had training bras to flatten out my swollen nipples, so they didn’t show through my tops.

I already knew what sex was, from the windows in the house. Mom had blinds, and curtains all around, but she left them open. Sometimes, she opened them up to get dressed, but in her night gown, and panties. Then, she took those off to put on clean underwear, in full view of the windows.

That attracted a lot of attention, but I was oblivious. I mean, I saw it playing in the back yard, because I had a swing set, with a slide, and a trampoline to play on. Oh yeah, and I’m an only child because dad left before mom had another one, and she never got remarried. She stayed single, and dated instead, so I didn’t have any brothers, or sisters to play with. Just neighborhood kids, but having my own playground in the yard sure helped.

She sent me outside to play when she had company over, or just locked the doors if I was still in school. So, I’d come home, and try the door, then go around back to play if I was locked out. The men closed the blinds, or made her do it, but I had a pretty good idea why. They were doing it, and the guys were shy about doing it in front of an open window. Edspecially if they showed up, and mom sent me out to go play in the back yard, where they could see me on the swingset when they closed the blinds.

Then, they left, and mom came around to the back door to let me in. Naked, or sometimes wearing a robe. Her hair messed up, and if the weather was nice, she’d go out to smoke on the back porch. She only smoked after sex, or before bed, but she kept cigarettes, and lighters in the kitchen drawer, in case she needed them. She wouldn’t smoke in the house, or even around me, but she couldn’t quit. She went to AA for drinking, so she didn’t even keep cooking wine in the house, and she couldn’t go out to bars to meet men.

I don’t know where she picked them up, honestly. Not at work, or around the neighborhood, because then she had to see them again, and after they’d fucked, it just got awkward. Guys don’t treat you the same after you fuck them. There was the world wide web, but it wasn’t full of dating aps, like it is today. I mean, she had a Myspace, so maybe she could use it for that, but they didn’t have pop-up ads telling you where to hook up with hot singles, and divorcees yet. Porn, of course. There was always porn, on the internet.

\\) (// SPIT ON MY FACE ?!?!?!?!? FINE
/ v \
\ | / JIZZ UP MY FACE ?!?!?!? A-OKAY

Even before they had graphics, they could use ASCII symbols to make dirty pictures, and post them on usenets. My mom just didn’t bother with all that, she didn’t have to. She didn’t need sex toys neither, she could get all dick she needed.

I found out about that, ASCII porn from one of my friends at school. Emma had a dad with a computer, and a printer. One of those old Dot Matrix ones, with the holes in the side, and the pages folded back and forth. So, you had to tear them off, and the strips on the side when it printed out, but she used to bring dirty pictures like that to school. Folded up in her work book, to giggle over in the girl’s room.

That’s where I found out about Vibrators, too. Emma got caught with one, and suspended from school, but she wasn’t playing with it. I wasn’t there, but I heard about it. She was showing off in the girl’s room, and somebody told on her. I don’t know why they didn’t tattle on her for bringing printouts of dirty pictures, and sex stories with her. I mean, they didn’t all have words like that one, I copied earlier.

Some of them didn’t have pictures either, but she printed out stories too. To read on lunch, and recess mostly. That’s when we had enough time for a full story, but I wasn’t as dirty minded as her. Again, I grew up with my single mom dating, walking around naked or in her underwear, with the blinds open, and that’s how I knew about sex. All about sex, until I was old enough to start getting interested in doing it myself.

I didn’t have a boy to play with, so I started finding stuff around the house that was small enough, and the right shape. To suck on, pretending it was dick, stick in my holes, and make fake orgasm noises. I had to fake it, because I couldn’t get off yet. I just knew that’s what you’re supposed to say, “Uh ooh, oh ah! Yes, yes, yes!”

Then I got A-cups when I was 10. In 5th grade, so mom could take me out shopping for some nice underwear. Real bras, and matching panties with lace, and ruffles around the edges. They didn’t have a whole lot in my sizes, 24A was junior misses, so my ribs were just about as big around as mom’s waist. Nothing crotchless, or with little holes in the bra-cups for my nipples, but mom had some like that.

I had to go to school, and hide them. So, I wore dress-code dresses, that came down below my knees. Far enough that they didn’t show when I sat down, and crossed my legs. So, nobody could see in between them, and the shear lacy triangle with my pubic hairs showing through them. I didn’t have a big bush, but a few. More than any girls I knew, but I got to model for them.

They were jealous, not so much that I had a body to show off, but such nice underwear when I went over to their house, or they came over to play Fashion Show. Especially Emma, because she turned out to be gay. Not a little bi curious, but 100% lesbian, which is probably why she kept showing other girls dirty pictures, and reading sex stories in the girl’s room. She was trying to see who else was interested, so they always involved 2 women going at it at some point.

There was a man in there, most of them were married women cheating, but there was always another woman to cheat with. Her husband sometimes got to watch, or join in, but of course her favorite stories were about bisexual women, sitting on each other’s faces, or 69ing. Licking pussy, and trying to get other girls interested. I wasn’t, I was interested in dicks, especially since I had all the naked lady I ever wanted to see at home.

It was just normal for me, because she was my mom. So what? Boobs, big deal. Oh, big boobs? Well, she’s got those too, and sexy underwear, and all kinds of stuff like that. Even before I could get naked, and I had a little sexy body to look at in the mirror. Her boyfriends, I don’t guess they were really boyfriends. I mean, nothing serious, most of them were just one night stands, who never called back after they got what they wanted.

Plenty of Dicks in the See, but I never got to see them, really. Just with their clothes on, because mom always sent me away before they got naked, then he made her shut the blinds, so I couldn’t look at his dick. “Not in front of the kids,” I guessed. I didn’t really get a chance to see a real one, until one rainy day I got home to find the door locked.

2 cars in the driveway, and the curtains drawn over the living room windows. “Huh!” So, I knew that she had to have a man over, and I went around back to wait under the slide. That was back up against the fence, sideways so the swings could still swing back and forth, but it was dry enough to sit down, and wait.

This time, the blinds were turned down from the inside. So, you could look up from the outside, and there was a little gap between the curtains. I could see the light shine down on the window from across the yard, but I didn’t get up to look, because it was too wet. Cold, and rainy with water running down off the roof, so I just pulled my hood down over my hair, and waited under the slide.

Then, I heard someone scramble over the fence behind me. It was Josh, not the boy next door, but in the house behind me. He climbed over the fence in a poncho, so he could run across the yard, and peek in the window under the dripping end of the roof. I thought that was a great idea, and made a mental note to ask for a Poncho. It was like a tent, with a hood over it, so he could stay pretty dry.

Watching mom get pounded, and whip his pecker out to jerk off under the poncho. I just had a regular rain coat on, with a hood, but I got up, and snuck through the rain in my duck boots. School dress, so it hung down below my knees, and I forgot what underwear I put on this morning, but I could feel them.

The soft ruffles between my legs when I walked, but I got so used to it, I could forget about them, at school. That was until I had a teenage boy with a hard-on in my back yard, and I didn’t want to scare him off, but I wanted to catch him in the act before he finished, and put it away.

“Hey,” he jumped, and backed up. Covering his crotch, under the flap of his poncho, but I could see his arms trying to tuck it back in. “It’s okay, I’m not going to tell on you, but you must be so horny, looking at my mom.”

“What are you doing back here?” In my own back yard? Waiting for my mom to get done fucking so she’d come out to smoke, and let me in out of the rain. He never really payed much attention to me, even though he was right over the fence. Because one he was a teenager, and I was mostly still a little girl, but also because he had my mom to look at, and jerk off to.

I giggled, and unzipped my rain-coat. “I’m hot, and horny too.” I grabbed the front of his poncho, but he already had his pants zipped up. So, it was soft, and shriveled when I touched his crotch, but it didn’t take long to rub him hard again. “It’s okay, you can touch me too.”

“Okay,” he went right for my bra, and squeezed the cups through my blouse. The front of my dress, but it was too hot to unhook the straps, and slip it down in the mud. “Uh,” I looked back at the slide. “It’s dry underneath the slide, so come on.” I just held my coat closed, and ran back through the rain, but he followed.

I took my rain coat off first, and it was chilly, but I was too hot to care. He grabbed my bra again, but this time, I pulled his hands down, and put them on my hips. He felt down to pull up my skirt, and then he got to the tops of my stockings.

“What are these?” He held up one side, and looked. Then, he pulled out the strap, holding up one of my thigh highs.

“It’s called a garter belt.”

“How old are you?”

“Eleven, how old are you?” It’s rude to ask, so I lied. I’d be 11 soon enough, but I didn’t wait.

“Thirteen, why?” He shook his head, “I just didn’t know school girls wore underwear like this.”

“Well, now you do. Haven’t you seen me getting dressed, peeking in the windows?”

“Well, I don’t look in your room, you live out front.”

“Oh,” I realized he was right. That’s why I had to keep my blinds down, and my curtains drawn, because anybody could see me getting dressed in the window from the street. I’m not an exhibitionist like mom. I mean I didn’t want just anyone that walked by to see me naked, or watching me sleep, unless I knew who. Sure, I thought about Josh, but not seriously.

He was a middle school boy, and sure I saw him over the fence, but not beating off or anything. He never came over to play on the swing set, but he didn’t climb down the ladder. He hung down from the swing set, and just went to peep in the window without ever looking back. I just never caught him at it before.

I guess he was smart enough to check the yard first. If it hadn’t been raining, I probably would have been jumping on the trampoline, or even watching mom get plowed through the gap in the curtains, if I noticed. “Let me.” I just pushed his hand off, and he let the strap snap over my thigh, but then I just pinched the clamp to let go of the stocking top. “Huh,” the other side too, but he had his hands free to feel around, and rub my butt.

It was awkward, because there wasn’t really room for both of us under the slide. There was just a little platform at the top of the ladder, and he was too tall to duck under with me. I could back up under the slide, I was short enough, but then he’d have to bend over with his back to the ladder, so we had to wait for the rain to stop.

I had to tell him, “Hold it up.” The poncho, so there was a little tent I could unbuckle his belt under. Unbutton his pants, and zip the fly down, to pull out his undies, and feel around inside.

“Huh!” He shrunk back, especially his balls when I felt down to the crotch. “Cold.”

“Sorry,” I licked my lips, and bent over to hold his boner straight out, and stick it in my mouth. He dropped the poncho over my back, and grabbed me by the bra under my arms again, but he blew it. He got one good squeeze, then his hands went limp. I couldn’t really pump it in and out, with my forehead hitting his tummy, but it spat on my tongue, and I tasted his jizz splashing inside my mouth.

It wasn’t the first time, I’d tasted it. I mean, the men usually threw out the rubbers or flushed them down the toilet, but I’d found them a few times. Under the front of the couch, beside her bed, or in the kitchen garbage once. It was gross at first, and usually cold, but I got used to the taste. This time it was fresh, and I had his dick head on my tongue, where I could rub it. “Oh God, huh!” He hunched, “Jesus!”

“Smuip!” It slipped out, soft, and dripping, so I swallowed, and wiped my mouth.

“Huh, that was great.” He pulled up his underwear, and started fixing his pants.

“Huh, well you’re not going to go yet, and leave me like this?”

“Like what?”

“Don’t be a tease, I’m super horny now, and feel how wet?” I pulled up the front of my dress, and stuck his hand in there. Held out the top of my panties so he could feel inside, and he even got one finger in the crease. Not all the way in the hole, but I could hump the top of his finger, and I got my first orgasm that way. “Uh, UHM!”

“SH!” He covered my mouth, and looked around, but it felt so good, I just closed my eyes, and felt my head fill up with pleasure. I had to breathe through my nose, but I guess I couldn’t get myself off yet. Finally, I stopped moaning so he could let go, and slide down the wet boards to sit down on my skirt.

“Huh!” He left, climbed up the ladder, and hopped over the fence, but I felt so good, I just curled up in the dirt until the guys left, and mom came out to smoke.

Not just 1 man, two. Josh had to tell me later, but when he got a chance to look, she was across the end of her bed sideways, with her legs up. Her butt all the way on the end of the bed, so one guy could fuck her, while the other one was on the end to get his dick sucked. She had a threesome, which is awesome, but it turns out that she had them off and on. Not all the time, but I had to get a lot older before she was willing to talk about her sex life.

I mean, openly, in graphic details, like how hard it was to find men that were secure enough to get naked with another man in the room. Get it up, and keep it up, without worrying about the other guy looking at his dick. Unless they were bisexuals, but again. This was back before you could really look for bisexual men, and couples on the internet. They had some, I’m sure, but not all the sites and aps to help you find them in your area.

Gangbang porn, though. Lots of gangbang porn, but those are professionals. Josh said I was his girlfriend after that, and I kind of believed him. We never really talked much, before I caught him peeping in on mom, and talked him into molesting me. Okay, I was young, and horny, but that doesn’t make it any more than that.

He molested me, and called me his girlfriend, but we never really went out on dates. I suppose I could pass for a really petite, and young looking teenager, but it still didn’t look good. It’s not like he was a man, but being a teenage boy, about all he wanted to talk about was sex. Where we could go to have sex, and how we could do it without rubbers.

I could get rubbers, no problem. It’s not like mom kept count of how many she used, so when she was getting low, she just bought more. The problem was that Josh was only 13, so they didn’t make them in his size. Any more than they make crotchless panties for 9 year olds, and mom had to take in the garter belt, so it would fit me.

To hold my stockings up, but he only had about 3 inches fully hard. So, he could push it in, but if he tried to fuck me, it just slipped out, and popped up between us. He didn’t really have a short fuse, for a middle school boy. He just got started, and his first handfulls of tits, so he got excited that first time, but I didn’t mind.

I stopped looking for used rubbers to drink cum out of, before I caught cold sores, or something worse. I just flushed them down the toilet, and complained to mom about them getting left around the house for me to step on.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She started telling them to get rid of them, before they left. I got another talk about Birth Control, and she showed me her scar. She shaved her pubes (Legs, underarms…) so there wasn’t anywhere for crabs to hide, but she told me about safe sex, and diseases next. Mostly to reassure me that she wasn’t going to get pregnant again, or the AIDS, I guess. She got her tubes tied, because she was pregnant, once. She had me, and she decided that she never wanted to go through that again.

So, that’s why I was an only child, but that got me thinking. I had to run around behind her back, since I was still too young to be sexually active. Also, teenage pregnancy was all the rage on the news, but a 10 year old with a baby? That wouldn’t look right, but then I realized how hard it was for mom to get any privacy with me around. She managed to get plenty of dick, mostly while I was at school, but still. If I had kids, then I’d have to worry about getting rid of them just so I could get laid, and that sounds like a real turnoff. Then I thought about all the disgusting biological stuff involved. Not the sex, I liked what little I got, but that was mostly blow jobs, and finger bangs for a while there.

I didn’t play with myself, any more. I couldn’t get off anyway, and I had a boyfriend, or so I thought. He didn’t pretend to care about me, he was mostly just proud of himself. I guess I was proud of myself too, but the only one I knew I could brag to was Emma. So, I told her about giving head, and trying to 69, but since he was so much taller, he had to finger me on his chest, while I sucked him off.

“Ew, gross.” It surprised me that she was grossed out at all, but I pointed out “You’re the one that keeps bringing dirty stories to read here.” In the girl’s room at school, but the private one, in the side building. They had to build one for more classrooms, so it only had a single toilet at the end of the hall, across from the boy’s room. That ment we could lock the door, and talk about whatever we wanted in there, without having to worry about other girls coming in, and hearing us.

Especially little girls, since we’re in 5th grade, there were kindergarteners, and other little girls there, too. “Huh,” she rolled her eyes, and shook her head. Still making a face, but that’s when she told me. “Yeah, girls.”

“Well, grownup women, with husbands.”

“Yeah, but I don’t like the men, with their penises.” She made a face again, and I thought she might puke. “I really just like the girl-girl action.”

“Oh, so you’re a lesbian.” I guessed, and she nodded. That was that, but she wasn’t like a bull-dagger, or anything. She was lonely, and horny, but she didn’t even know any bi-curious girls, because we’re in 5th grade. 10 year olds, so even if there were some bisexual girls, chances are they’re either in 6 grade, or just too young to get curious. She wasn’t going to try to make them, just read stories to see who might be interested, which was nobody yet.

Then, she finally found an older girl. A “Tomboy” with jeans, and a butch haircut in high school, to molest her. Just like me, only she wasn’t lucky enough to have 24 A boobs in 5th grade. So, she really was molested, even if she was gay, and willing enough. She was just happy to have a hairy puss to lick, and tits to play with, but she never really hit on me.

She just asked once. If I ever felt any bi-curiosity, and I said “No.” That was it, she invited me over to hang out with her girlfriend, but I didn’t want to. She was a real bull dagger, and a child molester, but I had my own, with a dick to play with. So, we just bragged about our sexploits when we got a chance, but she stopped bringing contraband bisexual cheating housewife stories to school, once she was starting to get pussy on her own.

So, then the weather cleared up enough for Josh to bring friends over, and show me off. He told them I was 12, but I went to a different school. A private school, for Christian girls, when nothing could be further from the truth. That’s when I found out I’m not really an exhibitionist, but he’s a voyeur, so I played along.

First, I got a schoolgirl uniform from a friend. Cathy, she was in middle school, but she went to the catholic school, and outgrew her old uniforms. So, we found one that would fit, when I was over there playing Fashion Show with the girls on sleep-over. I got to be the Underwear model, because I had the nicest underwear to model. Cathy’s little sister Ruth was a 6 grader at my school (The Christian Academy was grades 7-12, so they went to public school until then) so she tried on some of my things, and they didn’t quite fit.

She didn’t have enough to fill the A cups, so those were lose, but she did have 25″ ribs, and my bras had some extra hooks to grow into. She had to pull the panties up high so they didn’t hang down, and she wanted to borrow my garter belt, but that had only 1 button, and it was mine. My only garter belt, and I was the underwear model, so I didn’t take it off.

We didn’t get horny, or fool around, it was just Fashion Show. Basically Dressup, taken to the next level. I never really wanted to be a model. Which is good, because I wasn’t never going to be tall enough, but that’s a side effect of starting so early. I finished puberty in 7th grade, I still have boots that fit me from when I was 12, but they’re not like heels, or sexy at all. I kept the rain boots, and everything I wore that first time, even after they got too tight, just as momentos.

Their brothers jerked off in the hallway, and kept trying to come in the room with us. Finally, we had to grab a chair from the dining room, to stick under the door. So they wouldn’t keep interrupting to peep in on us in our underwear. Well, mostly me. It would have been kind of weird for them to look at Cathy, and Ruth like that, since they’re siblings.

Okay, it would have been incest, and they were a good Christian family. Not to say that there isn’t Christian incest, that just wouldn’t be a very good Christian family, but I wasn’t even their cousin. So, it was just an invasion of my privacy, but once it was safe enough, I went back to strutting my stuff. Practicing our model walks, and sexy poses in underwear.

I let Ruth borrow my underwear, with the promise that she’d wash it, before she gave it back. I got to borrow her sister’s old schoolgirl uniform, until Ruth grew into it. Handmedowns, she gave the bra back before she could fill up the A cups, but her ribs were too big for the bra strap, anyway. You can take in fabric, but you can’t make it any longer, and they weren’t that stretchy.

So then, I could get up on the slide, and say hi to Josh’s friends. To prove that he did, in fact have a girlfriend, but then they started egging me on, and Josh told them about my underwear. So, I put my foot up on the fence, and pulled back the skirt to show off my stockings. Being a real Christian Academy uniform, it was even more modest than what I could get away with in public school. Then the garter belt, and the side of my panties. Then, I bent over, and flipped up my skirt to flash my bottom, but that was it.

I jumped down the slide, and sat there, giggling madly into my hands until Josh started climbing over.

I got scared, that they were all going to jump the fence, grab me, and pull all my clothes off, but they didn’t even try. Just Josh caught up with me, on the back porch. He led me back down, and around to the corner, between the porch and the rose bushes. Under mom’s window, she knew that the way she acted would attract peepers, and she kinda got turned on by it, but the rose bushes had thorns.

“Natural Barbed Wire,” she called it, so they could look, but not touch. That’s why we had keyless deadbolts on the doors too, so she could lock them on the inside, but you couldn’t even pick them from the outside. The windows were bulletproof plastic instead of breakable glass, too.

She liked teasing them though, especially out the front windows. Where they couldn’t do anything in front of the whole street, but we had Holly bushes out there, and the leaves were just as thorny as the stems on the rose bushes. She’s not stupid, and safety is really very important to her. That’s why she warned me about how guys could get out of hand, and that went for teenage boys at least as much as full grown men.

Josh’s friends were happy just to climb up on the bottom board of the fence. Where they could look over, and watch him make out with me. He really knew how to push my buttons, so I ignored them, but somebody said “Catholic girls give the best hand-jobs.”

I did better than that, I pulled his pants down, and held his ass in both hands, sucking him off. Right in front of them, but it was also a bit of a test. You see, they were looking at me, giving oral sex in the back yard, and I wasn’t even a little hot in my panties. However, that means they were also looking at his dick. Even though I had it in my mouth, and his balls too.

I found out that if I opened wide, and pushed his balls up with my thumbs, I could get his whole package in my mouth at once. Also, I held a pencil between my lips, and marked it with my fingers, so I could measure with a ruler. I could get 4″ of dick in my mouth, without gagging. I had practiced deep throating too, for when he grew more than 4″, but he wasn’t there yet.

He loved it, though. Even my teeth under his ball bag, which pulled tight with his nuts in my mouth with his dick. I stuck my tongue between them, so I could rub his dick, and lick back and forth over the top of his balls, between my teeth. The side teeth, in the bottom of my mouth, and under my tongue, which made a lot of spit come out of the glands, too.

There’s a trick they don’t write about in the sex stories. I mean, I’ve been reading them since I was a little girl, let’s just say over 20 years, and I never read about anyone else squeezing their salivary glands with a boy’s balls.

“Oomfph!” He pulled back, so I opened wide, to let his balls roll out, one by one. Wet, and dripping down my chin with drool, but that let me really lick his dick head, hard and fast.

“Ahfuck, uh!” He grabbed my head, and gave me a couple of pumps, then he held it in. With my nose pressed hard on his pubes, and blew his nuts all over the back of my tongue. “Ngh ngh ngh!” I swallowed in between each spurt, and slipped my thumb up my wet chin to squeeze the bottom.

As soon as he finished cum-blasting my tonsils, I held him hard while he pulled out. Milking the last drops with my thumb, so he hunched when the sensitive tip rubbed the end of my tongue, then I let go so it would hang soft, and chubby. Glistening with my spit over his wet balls, until he pulled up his pants.

They cheered. His friends clapped, and hi-fived him when he climbed up the ladder to jump back over the fence. I was a little proud of myself too, but when I went back inside, I thought about them. The other boys, I didn’t even ask their names because I was too shy. Standing up right in front of them, like a stripper on stage, since the only boy I ever stripped for was Josh.

I was proud of him too. He kept it up, even with all those boys watching where they could see his dick, and ass. I didn’t even think the Bi word. Bisexual, or even bi-curious, because up until that point, that was just a girl thing. Probably because Emma always brought bisexual housewife stories to read, but from what little I heard, boys were gay, or straight. Maybe something ultra-gay, like a drag queen, or cross dresser, but it just hadn’t occurred to us. Any of us (That I had gotten the guts to talk about sex with) that boys could like sex with boys, and girls.

“Huh!” I ran right back in, and dug out my nail polish bottle. I had a bunch, but there was this one that had a rounded off cap. Like an eye dropper, only red plastic instead of black rubber, but just about the right size. I licked it enough to get it wet, pulling my panties down to the tops of my stockings. I didn’t want to unclip the garter belt, but that was far enough to bend over, and stick it right in.

“Uh!” I propped myself up with my elbow on my bed, and fucked myself, but I thought about all those boy’s faces. Looking up from the yard, and then peeking over the fence, so all I could see was their eyes. Watching me get felt up, in this modest Christian schoolgirl uniform. So, it was kinda like Cosplay, I guess? Grownups do it too, and mom had this one guy come over in a UPS uniform.

Okay, he did work at the UPS, but he was off work, and he wrapped up the gifts he got her to “Deliver” them. Lingerie, so she could invite him in, let him open up the box, and get out all the skimpy little things for her to model for him. Then fuck, of course. I guess working at UPS, he thought about doing that a lot. Until he met mom, and talked her into doing it for real, but that was about it.

She knew I liked dressing up for my friends, but she didn’t know about the boys. All those boys climbing over the fence, and standing around with their dicks out. Jacking off until they all started spurting, and shooting their wad all over me like hot rain. “UHN! NGHMMMMM!”

It broke over me, and I had to put my head down, to bite the comforter. My knees gave out, so I wound up pulling it off the bed with my teeth, but by then, I was having the most incredible orgasm so far. Thank goodness I dropped the nail polish bottle before I sat down, with it still stuck in me. That would have hurt, but when I could finally breathe again. I pulled the comforter out of my mouth, and rolled over, to wrap it around me.

On the floor, just feeling the warmth, and the waves of pleasure stop crashing, to slowly die down to nothing. And that’s how I managed to get myself off the first time. I’d had orgasms before, but nothing like this, and it was always Josh fingering me. I guess part of the problem was my fingers got tired, but they were also small, weak, and soft compared to his. I couldn’t get over the fact that I was getting fingerbanged by a girl, even though they were my fingers.

This time, I had something sexy enough to think about, instead of getting distracted by what my hands were doing. I didn’t know the word Bukkake yet, but getting covered with cum while Josh fucked me, bent over in a schoolgirl’s dress. “Whew! Hnhmihnehahuh!” I got up, and pulled my panties back up. “Wait till she hears what I did in her dress! Huh!”

I took it off, and went to get a shower, before the sweat, and sex juices started feeling gross, and smelling. Then, I washed all the clothes, since I made her promise to wash my underwear before she gave them back, but I kept it. It wasn’t for another year or 2 that she grew up enough to need it anyway, but by then I’d done a whole lot more, with Josh and his friends, in my Christian school uniform.

It turns out he wasn’t bisexual. Just a voyeur, but that ment he liked to watch me get felt up, and suck off his friends. If we’re married, he would have been my cuckhold, but he wasn’t even my boyfriend. Just fuck buddies, but he didn’t mind me getting gang bangs, as long as he got to watch.

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    Do a part 2 and do you have any kids now days of your own

    • Psiberzerker

      This is a complete fantasy. She doesn’t have any kids now, because I made her up.