My happy spring at my uncels farm

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I was fifteen that spring and was visiting my aunt and uncle in the country. There were many animals on the farm with sheep, cows and horses. But also a farm dog Felix. It was usually tied in a long rope in the courtyard and mostly barked all day. Every time I approached Felix, it was clear that he was happy, waving his tail and licking me. I really felt sorry for Felix who had to stand like that all day, so I asked my uncle if I could go for a walk with it.
Uncle said that Felix would probably be happy to go for a walk and came with a dog leash and put on him.
It was a nice spring day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing in the forest and we ran around in the forest and played. But I had to follow nature and wanted to pee. I lifted my skirt, did not wear panties, and peed. Felix became very interested and was and smelled my pee and lifted his hind leg and peed. But then he started smelling me between the legs, licking and puffing in me. He more and more eagerly, pushed me hard and finally got me down on all fours.
Felix was strong, and even though I knew he was kind, I was afraid he would bite me. I did as he wanted, and he licked me with his rough tongue in the ass and pussy. I noticed that it felt good and let him do it. But then he came up on my back and held me tightly around my hips with his front paws. Then I felt his soft penis look like a wild for my hole. He came up several times like this without finding his way straight, but then suddenly I felt his cock penetrate my pussy. He went completely wild and fucked me harder and harder while his cock grew bigger and bigger inside me. He sent several cascades of hot cum in me and I had one orgasm after another.
But then he lifted one leg over my back and we stood with our buttocks against each other. I wanted to get up then, but then I felt that we were stuck in each other. I was scared when I felt that I could not get anywhere, but just had to lie still and feel that he sent one ray of semen after another into me. I was completely exhausted by it, but at the same time it was incredibly delicious.
After at least a quarter of an hour I heard a plop and Felix came loose from me. Cum flowed out of my pussy and Felix was immediately licking me there. His big red cock hung out and semen dripped from it. I licked and sucked him and felt the taste of my own pussy from his cock. Felix calmed down and lay down and licked himself and me and I lay down next to him. We lay like this for a long time and cuddled with each other before we went home to the farm. When we got there, I put Felix in the rope in the courtyard and went to take a shower. It dripped semen off me so it was really necessary.
That spring there were several forest trips with Felix

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