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Hanna, Mormon Elijah Young’s 4th Wife

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A story of Hanna,a 35 year old virgin woman married for the first time,into a Mormon household as Elijah Youngs 4th wife .

I was 35 years old and had never been bedded the day I became Elijah Youngs fourth wife. Returning from the Temple I wanted to die that evening when his other three wives welcomed me into the family as there sister, then bathed me ,dried me, combed my hair, dressed me in the thin white nightdress I was to wear to meet my new husband for the first time in the bedroom I was going to loose my virginity in . She led me to the bed and told me to kneel by the side of it and pray to God to make me a good wife and produce Elijah many children, something that none of them had ever seemed to be able to do.
I grew up in a Mormon community in Arizona, we were a very close knit group mainly because we practised Polygamy, something the main stream Church of Later Day Saints had denounced in 1890, but it had not renounced the doctarin,so men have been allowed to marry more than one wife “for eternity” in the Mormon Temple.
I was the same age as Elijah’s first wife,Clara, who he had married to him for fifteen years , and who was ten years older than his second wife Ivy, and fourteen years older than his third wife Rosalyn, but for them to have seen me naked and touched me in parts of my body that no-one had ever touched before made me want to die from embarrassment, yet somehow had made some part deep in my tummy give me the feeling I would get laying in bed when I could not sleep.
I never knew my Mother, people told me she had passed bringing me into the world but my Father refused to talk about it, and my life from a very young age was built around my home and my Father who worked for my new husband’s Father .
My Father developed a lung disease, and spent more time at home in bed sick ,than working , we lived off the charitable contributions of the other members of the community,and we lived in a house owned by the Young’s , but even then it was a bit of a surprise when just two days after my Fathers funeral two of the Church Elders visited me ,”suggesting” I except the proposal of Mr. Elijah Young to become his fourth wife, which is why less than two weeks after my Fathers death I now knelt before my new husband’s bed , praying in silence that I could produce the children he wanted,and I secretly said a prayer selfishly for God to help me that night,for I knew not was going to happen to me.
There was a knock on the door, and Carla helped me up, ” our husband is here “she said softly smiling at me, “come meet your new husband he wants something you have got she said and giggled”.
She led me to the the center of the room , my other two sisters stood one each side of me, and Carla opened the door letting my new husband into his bedroom. Elijah entered the room, he was wearing a robe, and as Carla closed the door both of my sisters standing next to me removed there nightdresses and stood naked next to me.
Clara came and stood behind me. ” Good evening Hanna ” Elijah said ,”welcome to your new home , I hope you will be as happy here as my other wives”. I tried to say” I was sure I would be ” but I could feel Clara sliding the sleeves of my nightgown down over my shoulders and down my arms and as the top of my nightdress began to expose my breasts I went to raise my hands and my sister each side of me took hold of my wrists and held them tight as my breasts came into view.
I closed my eyes and I could feel my face burning although my body was shaking, my sister wives let go of my wrists and took hold of my forearms allowing my nightdress to fall to the floor, I was standing naked in front of my new husband and my three sister wives and they were holding me tight so the thought that went through my head of running away disappeared .
Elijah said “open your eyes Hanna, you have no need to have them closed your a very beautiful woman,I think your going to make me very happy ,and I am glad of that”. ” Now I need you to know one thing , are you chased, has any man ever been inside you ,please tell me the truth?
“No Sir” I said ” no one has ever done anything like that I swear”. ” Then you really are a virgin Hanna” he said laughing,” that’s wonderful, Clara come here and show Hanna what a lucky girl she is in having me for a husband”
Clara went and stood in front of Elijah, she undid the tie around his waste,went behind him and he put his hands behind his back and she slid the robe off his arms , leaving him standing there naked.
Hanna had seen a penis’s before, often the horses and donkeys in the town streets would get the scent of a mare and there penis would grow, she had seen her Fathers penis,towards the end of his life when he was unable to wash or bathe so she did it for him, but his penis was small and flaccid what she could see standing a few feet in front of her made her feel funny and almost dizzy.
Elijah’s penis was huge, hanging there between his legs it reminded Hanna of an arm, just without the hand. Calara came back and knelt in front of Elijah, she took his penis in her hand and put it in her mouth,slowly moving her head up and down, Hanna watched amazed as her husbands penis began to grow, it grew harder and harder just like the horses penis, and Clara had to move her knees backwards as it began to stick straight out like a pole and not hang down.
” Ivy, Roselyn “said Elijah throatidly ,” help Hanna to the bed , I will soon be ready for her if your wicked sister keeps sucking my cock like this”, and he laughed. The two women took Hanna to the bed, and they laid her on her back, telling her to move a little so she was centered in the middle . Ivy opened the bedside dressing table draw and held up a chain with metal handcuffs attached to one end, she shook them a little and Elijah said ” just wrists I think” as he pushed Claras head away from his cock .
Hanna felt the cuffs going around her wrist and her arms being pulled up behind her head and locked onto the metal headboard, she was scared, why were they doing this to her, ‘she tried to ask Ivy but Ivy put her fingers on Hannas lips and whispered ” sssshhhhhh, just lay still,it will be alright ” Hanna watched as Elijah came and stood by the bed, he pointed at Hannas cunt, “you two” he said to Ivy and Roselyn open it up let me see”. Ivy and Roselyn climbed onto the big bed, they each took hold of one of Hanna’s cunt lips gently between their finger and thumb and pulled her pink pearl open for Elijah to see.
Hanna was breathing heavily, she wanted to cry, he looked at Clara and nodded, she climbed onto the bed laid flat on her tummy and placed her mouth over Hannas cunt. Hanna cried out, ” no, no, no, ,this is not right this is forbidden,you must not do this ” she wailed. ” SSHHH Hanna” said Elijah, “you will thank Clara in a while, this is the only lube your going to get before I make you a real woman, “and Hanna,” he said taking hold of her ankle and pulling her leg open , “never ever say no to me ,do you understand” and he squeezed her ankle hard making her cry out.
Elijah slapped Clara’s bottom playfully, , ” get up please my dear ” he said,” you don’t need to make her climax , I said just get her wet enough for my cock head to get started , is she tight ” ? Clara got off the bed, she stood in front of Elijah, her lips shone with Hannas cunt juice and as she lent towards her husband ,she said ” kiss me , taste her cunt juice on my lips, she tastes like honey and peach juice, and Elijah” she whispered as he kissed her , ” God she is tight and can I have whats left of her when you finished ‘please. ..”
Pulling away from Clara he said to his other two wives ” I have changed my mind, chain and cuff her ankles please ,but don’t chain them to the bed, hold the chains, and listen to me when I ask you to do something with those legs do you understand “? They both giggled and said” yes”, “oh dear” said Ivy laughing and looking at Hanna, “looks as if your in for a hard time tonight”, I hope you don’t wake up the whole town” and she laughed out loud as she handed a chain to Rosalyn and started to put the cuff around Hanna’s ankle.

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