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Amy Tale/s – House Party (Next Day)

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Clair leaned over to kiss on my breasts, and her triple D’s were brushing against my face.

I forgot about Clair, and when I came to my senses after Anthony’s big black cock gave me an orgasm, I saw Clair cowgirling the other black guy, but she was staring at me. Clair said, Amy…Amy, that looked fucking amazing as hell, was it? I felt like I was trying to hear someone after leaving a loud concert, and I was dazed and breathing heavy, and I just nodded my head, yes.

We moved, and Janet took my hand and we stood, and she kissed me slow and deliberately, and then she led me to the master bathroom and sat me on the toilet. All the guest rooms had condoms and lube on the nightstands, but as I sat on the toilet, Janet knelt in front of me, and she said, you are full of Anthony’s cum, I remembered you don’t like condoms. I peed, and Janet wiped my pussy with toilet paper, and she pulled me up at sat me on a stool in the bathroom. When she finished using the toilet, she grabbed a hairbrush and put my hair in a ponytail, and then hers.

Janet reached for a douche, and she led me into the shower and washed me and herself, and then she douched me. The only thing I did was move as she moved me. She dried me off, led me to the bed, pulled the blankets back, and she laid me down and pulled some of the blankets on us and we kissed again. Janet rested her leg across me and played with my hair, and she rubbed the hairy part of my pussy with her other hand like she was petting her pussycat. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up with a deer in the head lights look, as Clair laid beside me playing with my hair. Clair was dressed in shorts and a shirt, and she had her head propped in her hand and she said, good morning. I was still naked, and I sat up and my boobs jostled around. Clair said, did you sleep well?

I said, yes, what time is it? Clair said, 9am. I asked, where is Janet? Clair cut her eyes, and said, Janet is in the kitchen, and Clair asked me, are you alright? I stuttered, yes…yes, I am just trying to wake up. Clair said, you are acting different, not as free spirited as usual, is it because of Janet? I was denying, no…I don’t know, Janet is messing with my head. Clair asked, are you in love with Janet? I wanted the grilling to stop, no, not in love, I don’t know, she makes me feel weird. Clair baited me, weird like what, like you are getting molested weird? I ended her interrogation, no, just let me get dressed. I put some shorts, a t-shirt, and my flip flops on. Clair kept bugging me, but I said, I am hungry, and I went downstairs.

I got to the kitchen and Janet walked over to me and kissed me softly on the lips, and said, morning love, did you sleep well? I said, yes. Janet led me to a chair at the table and she brought me a plate of food and something to drink. I kept watching Janet, it was like Clair wasn’t even there, and I snapped out of it, and asked, where’s everybody else? Janet said, the boys are in the basement playing games. I replied, basement? Clair said, you are not going to believe this basement. I finished eating and we went to the basement. The area was as big as the house above, but it was like a huge rec hall. A bar, games, pool table, foosball table, darts, and area with half-moon leather couches and matching chairs; and a huge TV, retractable projector screen above the TV, it was like a theater. I could go on about this basement. Ken, Greg, Max, and Anthony were playing a video game together on the TV.

Ken saw me and said, good morning Amy? Do you want to stay another night? I did not answer, and Clair said, Janet and Max invited us to stay another night. I said, okay, but I want to relax for a minute, and not around this noise (maybe I had a hangover from the drinking I did last night). Janet led us back upstairs, and I followed her upstairs to her bedroom, and I brushed my teeth while she retrieved a case from the cabinet. We returned downstairs to the living room and I sat on the couch, and Clair was sitting in another chair. I was leaning back, and chilling, and Clair was babbling about the house.

Janet set the case on the coffee table in front of me, and she sat on the couch too, and she reached down and moved my feet up onto the couch leaving my flip flops on the floor. I laid back on a pillow against the arm and she opened a nail polish kit. No one has painted my toenails since my ex-husband, and I used to love all the attention he would give my toes, cutting and filing them, making sure the cuticles were removed and everything. I watched for a minute, and it appeared to be Janet’s intent to do my toes right. She put the sponge toe separators in my toes, and I closed my eyes and laid back on the pillow.

Janet removed the old polish, and she had some type of lotion she put on my cuticles, and a tool to trim that down. She did cut a few toenails, but mostly filed. She was real gentle, maybe even more than my ex-husband. I was so at peace and relaxed as she cared for my feet so intimately, I could have gone back to sleep. Eventually she began to paint them, and while they dried, she massaged my feet and rubbed them with lotion. I was in heaven. Then she started painting again. I opened my eyes to see, and she was clear coating them. My toenails looked good; she had some high-priced polish. It was more of a burgundy color than red, but in the red family. I closed my eyes and she finished clear coating, and then she went back to rubbing my feet. When they dried, she removed the sponges, and continued to rub my feet with more lotion, this time between my toes. She continued to rub my feet and I just laid there with my eyes closed.

Clair had remained mostly silent, she did inquire about some of Janet’s nail products, but for the most part it was quiet. The guys came up from the basement and went out the back door, and soon I heard engines starting up. Janet was still rubbing my feet and legs and I opened my eyes and said, what are they doing? Janet said, looks like they are taking the four wheelers for a ride, and soon the noise faded as they rode off into the woods. Janet rolled me and straddled my ass and began to massage my back under my shirt. She removed my shirt, and she told Clair to hand her a bottle of lotion over there under the table. Janet massaged me and rubbed me with lotion. She was spoiling the hell out of me. Clair was making small talk with Janet, but Janet was mostly focused on me. Clair was starting to feel left out.

Janet rolled me over and removed my shorts and panties, and she pulled me down and placed the pillow back under my head. Janet told Clair to sit at my head. Janet began massaging and rubbing lotion on the front of my legs, and she told Clair to hold out her hands, and she put some lotion in Clair’s hand and said, rub that on Amy’s breasts. They were both rubbing me now, and I closed my eyes again. It was a big couch, plenty of room and their attention to me felt so good. Janet had moved down my body rubbing and was at my feet and she began to kiss them softly. Janet removed her clothes, and she went back to kissing my feet and toes and I closed my eyes again. I felt Clair get up and I glanced, and she got undressed too. We were all naked.

My legs were together, and Janet began kissing and rubbing up my body. Clair leaned over to kiss on my breasts, and her triple D’s were brushing against my face. Janet spread my legs and kissed my inner thighs, and on my soft pussy hair, and on my pussy. Janet started licking my pussy and I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was staring at me intently, and as we locked eyes, I started licking and rubbing Clair’s breasts. I sort of felt bad for all the attention I was getting from Janet, and I wanted to give Clair some attention. Janet and I stayed in a fixed gaze the whole time. Clair moved on top of me and started kissing around my pussy hair as Janet kept eating me. Where is Janet? I could not see her face. Janet caused me and Clair to roll to our sides and locked our legs under the other’s arms pulling our pussies open wide. Me and Clair were eating each other’s pussy. Janet moved to my head and we kissed and ate Clair’s pussy together, mostly kissing each other.

Me and Janet kissing each other and eating Clair’s pussy together, was really turning me on. I was so aroused, that I got off as Clair felt my excitement and increased the oral pleasure she was giving me. Janet switched positions with me, and Janet and Clair were locked up on their sides together. Janet said to Clair, make me get off like that too. Then Janet and I went back to eating Clair’s pussy and kissing each other but our positions were reversed. I would say, less than 10 minutes, and Janet exploded into an orgasm too. Janet rolled Clair to her back and with Janet’s ass on Clair’s breasts, she pulled Clair’s ass up and started eating Clair’s pussy with purpose. Clair’s ass was in such a position, that I licked Clair’s asshole. Janet watched me eat Clair’s ass. We had never done this to each other, and this was the first time she saw me eat an asshole. Clair got off.

We came down from our sexual high, and Janet said, do you want to get in the jacuzzi? We walked naked out the back door and the jacuzzi was to the side. She uncovered it, turned it on, and it warmed right up, and we got in. There was some kissing and breast rubbing and some three-way kissing; and after about 30 minutes we got out. Janet had towels in a cabinet out there. We went upstairs and rinsed in the shower, and we came back down and messed around in the basement looking again. The guys returned and we grilled some more and ate, and eventually changed and swam in the pool.

There was more sex that night, but just me and Janet together in the master bedroom where we eventually fell asleep again. I found out the next day that Clair ended up in a gangbang with Ken, Greg, Max, and Anthony, and she was talking about Anthony’s 10” big black cock. She said Ken, Greg, and Max did a lot of dick sucking and ass fucking, and taking turns fucking her. Clair said she got double fucked by Anthony and Greg, with Greg in her ass. We left about lunch time Sunday and things went back to what is normal for me.

I did not hear from Janet until Thursday of the next week. Janet came by my work and wanted to do something that weekend, but I told her I had plans (I was getting too close to her). Janet said, okay, and she sort of left. This tale is publicly erotic and worth telling, so check out Amy Tale/s – Janet is Shopping Again.

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