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Mercury – 067 (Out of the Pan into the Fire)

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Gregory slobbers on cock and balls until he causes Mark to cum, and he swallows and sucks the residue and returns to Mark’s lips, a cock flavored kiss


“Good Morning My Queen. Are You feeling better today,” asks TG3 at the Queen’s morning brief?

“Yes, sweet T, and you are looking lovely today,” answers the Queen.

“Whatever, My Queen. You make me want to kiss You all over. Anyway, today is the graduation of the Cadets, two hours from now. They get three days leave afterwards, and then I wanted to know if You had special plans for the AhṚddhi, or should I just assign them to the fleet to complete their two weeks on the job training portion along with the military officer graduates,” asks TG3?

“Yes, assign them for the OJT, but after that assign Carree and Sienna separate quarters outside the Eidolon’s hanger, and then assign Leigh and Rhine quarters together outside the Prowler’s hanger. They will be posted on those ships and part of the rapid deployment Phantom 4th Corps,” orders the Queen.

“Yes, My Charming Queen. Next, the Prime Minister has scheduled a meeting with You this afternoon at 3pm. The Foreign Secretary is attending with her,” informs TG3.

“What is the meeting about?”

“She would not tell me My Queen.”

The Queen attends the graduation ceremony at the Stellar Force Cadet Training School. At 3pm, the Queen is in Her Drawing Room, and Her visitors enter as an android announces:

“My Queen, Prime Minister Kassia Ruslon and Foreign Secretary Gregory Mercer.”

“My Queen, thank You for seeing us,” says Kassia.

“Your Majesty, I too appreciate Your meeting with us,” says Mr. Mercer.

“Have a seat. What is your concern today,” asks the Queen?

“Your Majesty, our Asian branch of the SIS found some information puzzling from the PSIA regarding their investigation of an agent disappearance, whom they presume is dead. The agent was returning from an assignment in Jilin, China, and he went missing in Pyongyang, Korea. I know this part is not a concern of the Crown.

The PSIA told our branch chief that the agent had acquired information on an ore called mercurial only found on Mercury. The ore is used in the fabrication of alloys for spacecraft exclusively by the Mercurians. The PSIA claimed they had intelligence that You had acquired this ore and were using it in spacecraft fabrication in Your castle shipyards,” says Mr. Mercer.

[The Public Security Intelligence Agency is a ministry that fronts as the public face for the secret Kempei Tai, which the Japan-Korea Federacy denies exists].

“I am not sure I understand where you are going with this Mr. Mercer,” says the Queen.

“Your Majesty, are You using mercurial ore in ship fabrication,” asks Mr. Mercer?

“Again Mr. Mercer, if I have, where are you going with this,” asks the Queen?

“Your Majesty, there are no trade agreements with Mercury. So, the only way to get this ore would be to steal it,” says Mr. Mercer.

“Are you accusing Me of theft Mr. Mercer?”

“Your Majesty, how else would You acquire this ore?”

“Mr. Mercer, PM Ruslon is a woman, but you are a man. I assume under your trousers there are a set of balls, but that is just an assumption. So, I am going to ask you for the last time, are you calling Me a thief?”

Mr. Mercer’s pride is ruffled as the Queen insinuates, he has no balls, and he waxes brave and says:

“Your Majesty, I have tried to ask it as politely as I can, but yes, if You have this ore, I would call You a thief.”

“Does Chief Crane like you? Because the SIS has sent you in here knowing only half the story, or you were too lazy to ask for the rest, choosing rather to presumptuously act on information for the intended purpose of making your false accusation. You know what? It Has worked, because I believe you have just fired yourself.”

The Queen stands, and Her guests stand. Mr. Mercer says:

“Your Majesty, would you please explain what You mean?”

“Guards, escort Mr. Mercer out, and make sure he is stuffed in a shuttle back to the FCDO. Mr. Mercer, you can go ahead a begin packing your personal effects, because after I explain this to PM Ruslon, I know you will be dismissed.”

“Wait Your Majesty…WAIT…” pleads Mr. Mercer as the guards take him by the arms and forcibly remove him!

“Kassia, what is the meaning of this shit? Why is that dumbass the minister over our intelligence community?”

“My Queen, I was just facilitating what I thought was a legitimate concern for Your government and for You. Is there an explanation for possessing this ore?”

“Yes, and for Mr. Mercer to be this ill-informed or unaware of what the SIS is doing is inexcusable. That he has advised you falsely, also requires you dismiss him. Mr. Mercer accused the Crown directly, ballsy, but stupid.

The SIS is aware of clandestine operations to collect intelligence on Mercurian society. Part of that operation involved black market trade of goods. In payment for trade, we have received WDSM, Ststrium, and other ores, including mercurial. We did not steal it, the Mercurians traded it to us.

We did not even know what it was, but when we tested it, we found it better than the synthetic alloy we were using. Spy craft involves many things that are done is secret, hell Kassia, it’s in the fucking name, Secret Intelligence Service. That dumbass knows nothing about keeping secrets, he has no intelligence, and he should not be in the service of overseeing any of it,” explains the Queen.

“I am so sorry for this My Queen. Of course, I will replace Mr. Mercer, and I will find out why Thomas Crane set him up like this, if he even did,” says Kassia, and she leaves.

“Mira, what do we know about Mr. Mercer,” asks the Queen and Mira forms in the room?

“He is a left over from PM Thomas Kinard’s cabinet. Kassia kept him on. It is not too farfetched to say he shared some of Mr. Kinard’s dislike of You. Maybe this was his attempt to find something to accuse You of and then try and bring legal action against You. He’s also a peter puffer. He lives with his partner Mark Twigg. Why baby? Are You thinking of terminating him in a more permanent fashion,” asks Mira?

“Yes, but I want to look him in the eye when I do it. I don’t want to give him a heart attack, I want to snack on his balls since he had the gall to show them,” answers the Queen.

PM Ruslon returned and dismissed Foreign Secretary Gregory Mercer. Mr. Mercer left and went home where his boyfriend consoled him. The Queen was using mirror divination and Her, Mira, and Mr. Torres were watching in the Chichimeca Labyrinth center room.

“That fucking thieving ass bitch Queen had me fired,” says Mr. Mercer.

“Maybe you should go public, expose Her,” says Mark Twigg, Mr. Mercer’s boyfriend as Mark sits on the bed beside him and rubs his back.

“Is this labyrinth new Mr. Torres,” asks the Queen?

“Yes, but I have dedicated it. You asked me for one to use for a fire sacrifice, and right over there is the conflagration chamber. I am confused as to why I needed to bring a frying pan,” answers Mr. Torres.

“Later creepy, let’s watch the show,” says the Queen.

“I should go public and expose that bitch, and I could explain why I was fired. Yet, that may violate my classified information nondisclosure agreement, but that would make my reason for being fired classified, which seems ridiculous. I think I will tell them why I was fired, then the bitch can explain Her theft to the press,” says Mr. Mercer.

“Uh-oh, he just fucked up,” says Mira, looking at the Queen who has steam rising from the top of Her head (figuratively).

“I know what will cheer you up buddy,” says Mark.

Mark Twigg stands and undresses, and he pulls Gregory Mercer up and undresses him and they kiss and rub each other’s limp junk. Mark sets Gregory on the edge of the bed. The Queen says:

“Well, I guess we can let him enjoy his last rump ranger ride.”

Mark kneels between Gregory’s legs and begins to suck his 6” dick. Gregory gets hard quick, and Mark rubs lube on Gregory’s dick, and then straddles Gregory’s lap facing him and they kiss, very romantically. Gregory guides his dick into Mark’s ass, and Mark starts moving himself up and down, and moaning with pleasure.

After a few minutes, Mark rolls Gregory, so that Gregory is fucking Mark missionary. Gregory starts rubbing Mark’s 7.5” cock as he pounds his ass. Gregory cums, and pushes in and falls on Mark and they kiss. Gregory moves down kissing Mark’s chest and stomach, and he gets to his cock and starts sucking. Gregory slobbers on cock and balls until he causes Mark to cum, and he swallows and sucks the residue and returns to Mark’s lips, a cock flavored kiss.

The Queen remote teleport transport links Gregory and Mark into the labyrinth chamber, and they are still laying on top of each other on the floor and they are naked. They stand abruptly and look around and see the Queen standing naked, and Mira and Mr. Torres are off to the side, and they are attired but barefoot. Gregory says:

“You do have magical powers. The PSIA supplied information to that effect to the SIS Asian branch as well. The PSIA believed their agent was abducted by inexplicable means relating to the psychic abilities similar to the Mercurians.”

“You are certainly a jabber mouth. I will take that as proof you would run your mouth about anything. How in the hell did someone as garrulous as you become the head of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs? Unfortunately for you, I know how to deal with loose lips,” says the Queen.

The Queen uses telekinesis and forces Mark to his hands and knees, and Gregory standing with his legs spread and hands in the air. Gregory screams:


“Mira, bring Me the scalpel and standby with the frying pan,” orders the Queen.

The Queen takes the scalpel, and She kneels in front of Gregory. She begins to cut into his scrotum as he screams and blood drips. Mark is crying and begging Her to stop too. The Queen peels the scrotum up and She squeezes his testes down and She says:

“They are not brass Mr. Mercer, if you were wondering. I was curious to find out myself.”


The Queen cuts and removes Mr. Mercer’s testes and drops them in the frying pan as Mira holds it. The Queen places Her hand under the pan, and She uses pyrokinesis, and She cooks his balls. She turns them with a fork, as Gregory agonizes over the pain begging Her not to kill him. By the time his balls are cooked to a point the Queen feels they are prepared, Gregory has embraced the initial pain. The Queen says:

“Well Mr. Mercer, it looks like My cocky mountain oyster dish is prepared.”


The Queen starts to stick the fork into one of Mr. Mercer’s fried balls, and it is tough. She finally gets it stuck and She holds it up and blows on it and says:

“I am blowing to cool it off, so don’t get excited.”

The Queen takes a bite, and it is tough, and She tears and chews diligently to grind up the morsel in her mouth. She remarks:

“Could use some salt and its rubbery and taste gamey. I don’t think your gonads are as good as you imagined.”

The Queen spends the next 20 minutes eating Gregory’s nuts. When She is finished, She walks over to Gregory and pats his face and says:

“When I shit those out tomorrow, I will think about you.”

The Queen looks over at Mr. Torres, and he brings a metal spiked dildo and harness over. Mira attaches it around the Queen. The Queen moves behind Mark, and She forces the spiked dildo into his ass as he screams from the pain. Blood starts to run, and the Queen starts going back and forth fucking his ass. After about five minutes he is bleeding profusely and in terrible pain screeching.

The Queen stands and Mira removes the harness. The Queen has blood on Her hands and midsection. She says:

“This has been fun boys, and it’s time for you to advance to your happily ever after together. Mr. Mercer, I know Kassia fired you earlier today, but I am going to fire you from this world now.”

The Queen uses telekinesis and forces them together, and they have accepted the inevitable and are comforting each other crying in anguish and despair. The Queen pushes them into the conflagration chamber, and Mr. Torres shuts the door and flips the switch, and they begin to burn up at over 2,000 degrees. They scream briefly, and the Queen asks:

“Will that destroy the IIId chips too, and are you jamming them?”

“Yes baby,” answers Mira as she cleans the Queen.

“No trophies this time Mr. Torres,” remarks the Queen.

“My Queen, so vicious, I will collect the ashes and embed them in the Indian artwork in here,” says Mr. Torres.

“Okay, I need a drink to wash this taste out of My mouth,” and the Queen and Mira teleport back to Her chambers.

The Queen has a drink of wine, and She attires, and Her and Mira teleport to Mr. Mercer’s home. The Queen apports all clothing, toiletries, furniture, pictures, and all personal effects, even the food in the fridge and cupboards, into the sun. If it wasn’t nailed down it was apported into the sun. Mira was compressed heavy, and she flooded the place with her nanodes sterilized it. The Queen and Mira returned to the castle.

The evening of the next day PM Kassia Ruslon contacts the Queen by vid/comm:

“My Queen, the police came to see me. When Gregory Mercer’s maid showed up today, she found everything in the house gone and Mr. Mercer and his partner were gone too. They questioned me about what happened with his dismissal yesterday,” informs Kassia.

“What did you say about Me,” asks the Queen?

“Only that following an audience with You concerning classified information, that I dismissed Mr. Mercer due to unsatisfactory service. They pressed me to know the reason, but I maintained it was classified. I believe they are going to attempt to interview You,” says Kassia.

“Can you come and see Me now,” asks the Queen?

“Yes, My Queen, I will have a transport bring me,” answers Kassia and they end their conversation.

“Mira, didn’t you recently smuggle in some more subjects for Mr. Torres. Were any of them more death row inmates,” asks the Queen?

“Yes baby, one man was an inmate,” answers Mira.

The Queen teleports to Mr. Torres’s den, and asks him if the inmate is still alive, and Mr. Torres says yes. The Queen wants to use him, and Mr. Torres and Mira prepare him in the Grimorium Verum Labyrinth. Mira strings the 40 something white male up with his hands and feet spread in the center of the room. His is naked and cussing and threatening to kill them all.

Mira tells the Queen Kassia has arrived, and the Queen remote views and teleports her into the Grimorium Verum Labyrinth’s center room with them. The Queen apports her clothing, and both the Queen and Kassia are naked too. Kassia asks with concern:

“What are You doing My Queen? Who is this man?”

“Kassia, I am tired of you being so cowardly. You let the Secretary of State for Defense push you around and you pestered Me to include UGK military officers in My fleet. You let Mr. Mercer push you around into setting up that meeting so he could accuse Me of theft. It is time you got some balls of your own,” says the Queen.

“My Queen, did You kill Mr. Mercer,” asks Kassia?

“Kassia, I literally ate his balls, and his pussy cries reminded Me that he was at least braver than you when it came to showing his balls to Me. Mira, string Me up,” orders the Queen.

Mira stings the Queen up with Her hands and legs spread. The inmate had been making lewd remarks the whole time looking at the naked Queen and Kassia as they talked. The Queen says:

“Mr. Torres, give Kassia the whip.”

Mr. Torres hands Kassia a leather flogging whip, and the Queen says:

“Beat Me bitch!”

“No, My Queen, I cannot do this,” says Kassia.

“If you do not make Me scream, I am going to turn that foul mouthed murderer loose on you,” says the Queen.

After some more prodding, Kassia begins to whip the Queen’s back. The Queen taunts Kassia calling her a sissy cunt, and weak hearted bitch, and Kassia beat the Queen harder until She screams, and welts were forming. The Queen tells Kassia to come to the front of Her, and She says:

“Slap Me!”

“My Queen, why are You doing this,” asks Kassia?


“Slap Me Kassia or I am going to let him slap you.”

Kassia slaps the Queen, and She makes her do it again, and harder. The Queen forces Kassia to hit Her with her fist, and the Queen’s nose bleeds. The Queen tells Mira to let Her down, and Mr. Torres brings a harness over with a 10” dildo on it. Mira puts it on Kassia, and the Queen gets on all fours as a mat forms for Her to kneel on. Mira lubes the dildo, and the Queen makes Kassia fuck Her in the ass.

“Hot damn you bitches are wild. When am I going to get to beat the shit out of you and fuck you,” asks the inmate?

The Queen stands after about 10 minutes of Kassia fucking Her ass. The Queen has Mira remove her bindings on the inmate, and the Queen uses telekinesis to force him on all fours. She makes Kassia fuck him in the ass too.

“AHRR, AHRR, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU BITCH,” exclaims the inmate as Kassia fucks his ass.

The Queen walks up and pulls Kassia back, so the dildo comes out. She makes Kassia grab around his cock and balls together at their base. The Queen hands Kassia the Cursed Muramasas Kodachi and says:

“Cut his junk off, be careful, this Kodachi is sharp.”

“No, My Queen, I cannot do this,” exclaims Kassia!

“You better, because after the fucking you just gave his asshole with that 10” dildo, if I release him, he is going to beat the shit out of you…”


Queen Dianne (INTRO) 24 yrs. old, 34-26-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Long, (CUP) 34DD Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Light Brown Full Triangular Trimmed, (BODY) Light Complexion Fit Soft & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Joey Lynn, (COMMENTS) Small Facial Features, Very Pretty Face, Sexy Legs, Dainty Feet and Toes, No Tattoos or Piercings

Minisculians (General) (AKA) Teenies, Fairies, (General) All of the teeny females have slim waists and exaggerated hourglass figures, with ample thighs for their size, and the cutest legs, feet, and toes. They are all 4 inches or less tall. Whatever length their head hair is on their 16.5 birthday cycle (33rd year) remains their length, and the females do not grow hair anywhere else except their pubic area, and it also stops at that age. If they cut it, it will not grow back, which is why their pubic hair is so neatly trimmed and stays that way. They have ornate bows, barrettes, clasps, ties, and pins to hold their hair.

TG3 (Jingleheimer) (TYPE) See Minisculians (General), (INTRO) 33 yrs. old, Biologic Immortal, White Fairy, 4 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Shoulder Length, (CUP) DD Natural – Pale Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Full Triangular Hair Trimmed, (BODY) Exaggerated Hourglass Figure, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) N/A, (COMMENTS) TG3 is so cute with her exaggerated hourglass figure and double D boobs, ample luscious thighs, and she is so seductive too. TG3 likes to use the catchphrases, Anyway, Whatever, and bazillion gazillion.

Carree Curtis (AKA) Sise-C, (INTRO) 28 yrs. old, 32-24-32, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 4 in, (HAIR) Blonde Long, (CUP) 32C Natural – Pale Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) Brown Full Triangular Hairy Shaved Below, (BODY) Rocking Tight Body Tan Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Carter Cruise, (COMMENTS) She is a hottie with a fucking rocking tight body, and her legs, feet, and toes are to die for. If you suck agitate her clit when she orgasms she oozes pure sweet ejaculant, not a squirter

Sienna Autumn Dupré (INTRO) 20 yrs. old, 36-25-35, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 5 in, (HAIR) Strawberry Blonde Long Soft Curls, (CUP) 36DD Natural – Bright Red Nipples, (PUBIC) Brown Full Triangular Trimmed Shaved Below, (BODY) Hourglass Curvy Soft White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) No Equivalent, Still Looking, (COMMENTS) Sienna is so cute it hurts. She has the prettiest strawberry blond hair that is a little curly and hangs down past her shoulders. She has soft white skin. What makes Sienna’s breasts look so good is her white skin, strawberry blonde hair, and her bright red nipples and areola. Sienna’s breasts just jump out at you in beauty. Sienna has ample hips and nice thighs with lovely creases, attractive calves, and pretty feet and toes. Sienna is a curvy perfection naked with her strawberry blonde hair, big tits, red nipples, and brown hairy pussy against her white skin tone.

Leigh Waneta (INTRO) 36 yrs. old, 32-27-41, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 3 in, (HAIR) Black Long, (CUP) 32G Natural – Big and Supple with Large Round Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) Shaved, (BODY) Curvy Figure and Soft White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Lesbian, (PORN PERSONA) Angela White, (COMMENTS) She is attractive and loves nothing more than face fucking smooth snatch and ass until she washes the stank off. That could be hours after she gets started, and she will rub her big titties in the kitties and lick her own nipples clean. With Rhine Somme, they are the busty curvy cut cunt lickers, and chemically shave each other’s pussy and ass frequently

Rhine Somme (INTRO) 35 yrs. old, 36-24-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 6 in, (HAIR) Blonde Long, (CUP) 36DD Natural – Big and Firm with Large Round Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) Shaved, (BODY) Curvy Figure and Tan Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Lesbian, (PORN PERSONA) Memphis Monroe, (COMMENTS) She is attractive and loves nothing more than face fucking smooth snatch and ass until she washes the stank off. That could be hours after she gets started, and she will rub her big titties in the kitties and lick her own nipples clean. With Leigh Waneta, they are the busty curvy cut cunt lickers, and chemically shave each other’s pussy and ass frequently

Kassia Ruslon (AKA) MP/PM Kassia Ruslon, (INTRO) 39 yrs. old, 34-27-35, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Brunette Medium Length, (CUP) 34DD Natural Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Hair Full Triangular Trimmed, (BODY) Light Complexion Fit Soft & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Christy Canyon, (COMMENTS) Very Attractive Hot Milf, Soft White Skin, Busty Breasts, Ample Thighs, Nice Calves, and Sexy Feet and Toes

Mialyn Mira Echo W.I.E.I. Ten (INTRO) Mid-20’s yrs. old Biologic Immortal, 36-24-36, Cyborg Alien, 6 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Black Short, (CUP) 36D Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Beautiful Black Full Hairy Pussy Pristinely Manicured, (BODY) Athletic Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual Optional Hermaphrodite, (PERSONA) Can Mimic Anyone, (COMMENTS) Perfect Features, Dynamic, Mira’s jet-black head hair never extends below where it would naturally grow on a head; therefore, it is always short on the sides so that her forehead, neck, and ears are always exposed, because she is flawless

Abrant Torres (AKA) Thaumaturgist Abrant Torres, (INTRO) Middle Aged, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 11 in, (HAIR) Black Short, (PUBIC) Trimmed, (PENIS) Avg. Thickness 7 in Length Circumcised, (BODY) Average, (ORIENTATION) Pansexual, (COMMENTS) Mr. Torres looks like a creepy Warlock in his den wearing a black robe and walking around barefoot. He is not ugly, just creepy. He is an occultist who works for the Vatican. The Queen actually likes Mr. Torres, and She has taken him into Her confidence as an adviser. He would be at home in a dungeon filled with frogs and newts, as he boiled something in a cast iron pot.

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