*Real* Fun times in an abandoned hospital

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Recollection of when I was exploring some local places while on a road trip. Enjoy!

Well let’s start here, when I was younger in my teens my doctor told me I couldn’t get pregnant because of a condition I had. I was very sad at that time but fast forward now I don’t think not being able to pregnant is that bad. Oh and I am a brunette with brown eyes. A white latino mix. My measurements are 33-26-38.

So I like to travel around a lot which I can do thanks to being a business women. I was visiting a rural village in the states. I have this habit of during urban exploring and looking for sexual encounters. I read up on a local abandoned hospital near the motel I was supposed to stay in that night. It was said to be a must see for urban explorers. I was excited the entire day.

I left my motel at around midnight and made my way to the hospital. The vibe was extremely eerie. Kind of looked like something out of a silent hill game. I cracked open my flashlight and began snooping around the hospitals. Everything was mostly gone as expected. There were a few broken shards and empty metal bed frames.

I was on the second floor when I heard something roll in the room next to the one I was in. As you could expect I was scared as all hell. My heart was pounding. I know I should have probably ran away and not try to be courageous and check it out like all those people in horror movies but I just wanted to.

I peered into the room next to mine and to my surprise I found a man. He was pretty old with some greyed hair. He was urinating on the wall. I called out to him once but he didn’t here me I called out to him again and he whipped around. I slowly came into the room. I was very nervous but I managed a weak hi. He looked at me at me a little confused.

“uhm hello do you live here by any chance?”

“yeah what’s it to you”

He didn’t put his dick away and left it swinging in plain view.

“Nothing I was just here to look around.”

“Unless you got anything else to say it’s best you get going”

I was about to walk away before I kind of thought of something. Before I could reconsider what I was about to say I blurted out blowjob. Kinda stupid I know but eh whatever. He looked at me like I was weird and asked what. I took a deep breath.

“I was wondering if I could give you a blowjob sir.”

He thought about it than just nodded. It was my first time doing it with a random homeless man but I didn’t give a fuck at that time. I can’t get pregnant and I don’t really care about stds that much so what’s it to me. I placed my bag on the ground and slipped off my hoodie exposing my sports bra. I got on my knees and got close to the mans crotch. Wasn’t exactly a pleasant smell but dick was dick. I got up close to his cock and licked the head. It was salty from his piss but I kept going. I lifted his cock up with my hand and serviced his shaft with my tongue. He began moaning soon after I started working on his cock. His moans cheered me on I started licking faster and once I had gotten his cock erect I popped it into my mouth and started deep throating it. I bobbed my head faster and faster on his hard thick rod until it started twitching. I stopped deep throating it and began to suck on the head. His came spurted into my waiting mouth. I didn’t stop sucking until I could get every last drop into my mouth. I pulled off and gargled the cum in my mouth before spitting out onto my tits. I looked up at him smiling.

“How was it?”
“Fucking fantastic.”

I took a second to think before asking if he wanted to do something even more fun. I decided to show it with my actions instead. I walked over to the metal bed Fram and lined onto it. I pulled down my biker shorts and showed him pussy.

“Would you be interested in going for round two?”

Without a word he started rubbing his cu dripping cock on my pussy. He swiftly then pushed it in. I moaned out loud echoing in the room at the feeling of his cock filling up my insides. It was incredible. He began to go to town on my pussy and ruthlessly pounded my pussy. But lucky for him I like it rough. He grabbed me by my hips and continuously rammed his dick into me. Without a warning he came and filled my pussy up with baby batter. I got to say getting filled up and not having to be worried about getting pregnant is a pretty good feeling. I collapsed down on the frame covered in sweat as he pulled out and sat down. I pulled up my biker shorts trapping his cum in my shorts. I there my hoodie back on and awkwardly said goodbye to him. I went back to the motel and took a shower. And slept pretty well that night.

This was a really fun experience for me, getting raw dogged by a homeless man and getting cum was pretty damn exciting. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed hearing about my recollection of getting railed in the middle of the night at an abandoned hospital.

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  • Reply Cindy

    My friend and I lost our virginity checking out a old building. We were down in the basement
    Breaking things we found.
    Then 2 guys came in yelling what are you little cunts doing. We said we didn’t think we were hurting anybody’s stuff.

    They grabbed us took us upstairs and said they were going to call police. My friend beg them not to we do anything.
    Well they told us to kiss each other. It was nice, we said can we go now and they said not yet . That we had to get naked and lick each others pussy. My friend convinced me saying at least it only with each other.

    We were licking each other and the guys said let’s see how wet you are. They played with our pussies and before we knew it they had their cocks out trying to fuck us we both kept saying no . I was the first to lose my virginity my friend lost hers right after.
    They both came in us about same time.

    We got dressed and the guys said never come back unless you want more.
    After a few days I don’t know why but I went back I ended up getting fucked by both.
    I shouldn’t have gone back because I became pregnant at 14