finger trap jerking

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Friend slept at mine on a Friday after school and we were playing in my room making paper animals and we got our cocks stuck in a finger trap.

My friend slept over one night and we were watching youtube videos on how to make origami animals and stuff, we spent hours just making things out of paper, it was loads of fun, then we saw a video on how to make a finger trap.

A finger trap is one of those tubes where you stick your finger in each end and if you try pull your finger back out of it it won’t come out because the material tightens when you pull, that’s why it’s called a finger trap.

We ran out of paper so we used my sister’s hair ribbons instead because you only need thin strips of material to make it, we had loads of fun and took us ages to figure out how to get our fingers out of it but it was a great laugh.

Later that night when we were in bed, my friend was messing around with the finger trap and he jokingly put his cock in one end and his finger in the other end, he tried pulling his finger out and it tightened and pulled on his cock instead, when I finished laughing my ass off I helped him take it off.

But then we wondered what would happen if we both put our cocks in it, so we put our cocks in each end and very quickly regretted it, we were stuck together facing each other and our cocks were stuck together with the trap.

Normally you’d push the two side towards the middle and it loosens it up so you can get out of the trap, but as we struggled to get lose the trap tightened and pulled on our cocks, it felt like jerking off and our cocks reacted, we got erections which obviously made out cocks bigger and thicker and we were totally trapped in the finger trap.

When my friend tried to free himself from it, the trap pulled on my cock, when I tried to free myself from it, the trap pulled on his cock.

In the end we had no choice, we had to make our cocks shrink if we wanted to get free, so we took turns pulling on the trap, we were swinging our hips in sync with each other, basically we were jerking each other off but with no hands.

Eventually we both ejaculated, shooting each other’s spunk on to each other’s cocks, then once our cocks shrank we managed to break free.

We actually enjoyed it so much that we do it all the time now, we take the finger trap over to each other’s houses and use it make us both come.

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  • Reply fembutt

    I hope you licked all the delicious cum from his cock after, I’m genuinely jealous

  • Reply G

    Love to see that on video!!

  • Reply AP

    My cousin and I used to do this too.

  • Reply fembutt

    so fucking hot, I wish I knew someone to try this with