My first time as a lesbian

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My first time trying dick after feeling a guy

My names flower not rlly but im bisexual but i used to be lesbian and i remember a guy asking me did i wanna come.over and play video games his roomates weren’t here and i agreed after telling my friends the location for safety i got dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt with no shirt under cuz i expected to play for some hours then leave.

This guy i had seen around campus before corona and he was about 6’3 light skin and a short curly fro similar to kehlanis in honey and he was cool he helped me with a alotta shit and i had a tiny crush that i thought passed.

But when he opened the door i couldn’t stop staring at his print in his sweat shorts it was long and had thickness too his ofc he hugged me and i felt it against my pelvis and stomach.

We played rainbow and cod and build a house in Minecraft and talked until we started play fighting and he had me pinned but i flipping and ended up against his hardon and i got wet and my hands were pressed on his hands slightly under his shirt and his shorts were low along with his boxers where a little pubic hair showed and my hand was there.

I was too embarrassed to look at him so i laid my head in his neck and he probably felt my heart and his hand rubbed my butt which made me blush even more and he said that he knows im lesbian but he wants to try it out with me and alotta other stuff and i nodded and im always the one to dominate but i kid you not when he grabbed my neck and kissed me i submitted.

No guy has ever made me feel this way and i got bold so i gripped him while we kiss palming and he flipped us and attacked my neck leaving hickeys and he found my sweet spot making me moan and whimper and he was grinding that monster into me.

He pulled away and stood infront of the bed and told me to get on my knees and i did and i never wanted to something down my throat other than his dick so.i gripped the hem and pulled them down and he kicked then off and i teased like those girls do in the straight porn

I licked him over the boxers and finally pulled them down and his dick smacked me in my lips and im not good in measurements but he had to be around 8 or 9 inches he smacked me with his and my panties were ruined then he smacked me and i git even wet i didn’t eipven know i liked being smacked till now.

He mumbled how i was a dirty slut and he was gonan use me and i wanted him.to so i opened my mouth and was tearing his while he fucked my throat hpwith a sexy look on his face.

After 20 minutes or so he came.in my mouth and sucked after drop out of him it was bitter and sweet like the red starburst and he wanted me to sit on his face so i did and he gave better head than I’ve ever had by the time my clothes were all off and his pinched my nipples tweaking them and my legs shook and i squirted i was so embarrassed but he wipes his face and kissed me laying he down his dick was rubbing through my slit pre cum and all and he pushed the tip in and it hurted so much

But he comforted me and he sat his full length in me and when the pain was now pleasure he smacked me and railed me and im pretty sure the neighborhood was worried until i screamed dont stop like 20 times we went until sunrise and this man has no chill my throat hurts and my legs hurt and i just got done telling my friend’s after we showered and now.i have a date Wednesday so wish me well

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    i wish you well, i kind of wish i was him. last years in a club near a gay village a tomboy(i always liked tomboy straigh grls) came behind me and caressedmy back whit both hands while pretending that she was tryng to pass behind me, i wen to see her and she was whit another lesbian tomboy and we talked, danced and kissedand well

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    Or u can add me on insta

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    Yo if u wanna add me on Kik and talk it’s burntmustard

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    I wish you the best and enjoy. Next time that you ride his face ask him if you can piss in his mouth.
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      Bro im not into that pee n poop shit…fuck off