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Home alone part 1

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This is a story of a girl, Who explores her bestialities during lockdown, not knowing someone is keeping an eye on her.

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ Alice Yawned a bit and said,” Oh Yes Mamma…. Sure Mamma…..Yeah I know that very well…..You’ve already told it 30 times today….Yea I said I know……don’t….don’t worry… Yeah…Take care you too guys….GOOD NIGHT”. She finished all in one breath and cut the call. She hanged her head in her arms, bent over the balcony railing. She started staring at the beautiful Evening Sky. It was a calm mixture of two different beautiful skies mating through a little dusk. One was dark and bluish-purple which was dominating the other orange & pink parts on the horizon. The Sun was slowly covering itself by the comforter of a soft and greyish row of far hills. She was feeling Calm and Relax after a long time, as She had been quite busy in her studies for so long, that she had almost forgot her love for nature. She untied her pony to let her hairs feel the wind and began recalling the initial days of her childhood when her parents bought this house and she first visited this balcony of Mounty. How happy she was by seeing this view, she was not curious to even check the rest. Her parents offered her Ice cream and chocolates and then finally she left here. With a cute smile, she looked at a group of Doves flying towards the Sun, which got merged in the dusk within a few moments. The Sun was almost gone down by this time. Her eyes got down with it towards the empty road in front of her two-story house. There was Silence all around since noon except two or three cars, heading towards their natives. Neighbour houses were at a far distance and there was no movement at all. There was no sign of life in that bushy area around her house as well.
All because of the sudden announcement of lockdown in the state.
It was the famous summer monsoon time of Arizona. The atmosphere was humid, thus Alice was wearing a Crop top and shorts for comfort. The wind here was a bit pleasant on the terrace and she got bored being alone at home, thus she came here to get some fresh air. It was getting darker slowly. Alice yawned once again, rubbed her eyes, straighten her back, and turned to go down the stairs. It was the first time in her sixteen years of life, that she was missing her parents so badly. Her parents were worried a lot and had called several times to check her. She had no idea how long it would take to meet her parents as they were out of town and they had to stay there due to the lockdown. Both were doctors and had gone for monthly check-ups of some of their regular clients. Usually, they had managed to return by the evening, but today they had no choice. All happened so fast that she couldn’t go to some relative’s or friend’s place, neither call someone here to stay along with her but She was brave enough to handle this situation. “Those clients must be quiet Rich as they call my parents every month and pay well for the normal Check-ups, also one has offered his luxurious Guesthouse to them for staying,” She thought coming down the stairs and entered the TV Room.
She was lovable and the only child of her parents. She was also very concerned about them but because of so many calls and the same suggestions, she’d get irritated now. Switching on the Air Conditioner, she threw her top aside and muttered “As they don’t know I’m a grownup now, I can face every problem. Will utilize my being alone time as well, Troubles make us stronger”. Saying this, she jumped on the sofa and began searching the TV remote in the chaos on the center table, which was her leftover of Ice cream, Chips, and few cans of cold drink. Her other hand was settling her stretched sports bra as it was not capable to cover her breasts and hide her pointy small nipples. Even her jeans short was felt a bit tighter on her thighs. She freed up its button while settling on the sofa. Finally, she found the remote and also picked up the last can from the table. She set a cushion behind her back and switched on the TV, settling her legs on the table. It was the same news channel as her father left watching. She started sipping the can and turning the channels. There was the same news of the pandemic everywhere and the music channels were loud enough to break her peace thing. After few tries, she reached the Geographic channel and stayed there for a bit longer. She checked her mobile, it was eight o clock. She muttered again, “Here I would find my peace of mind”. It was her favorite segment since childhood getting on air ‘The African Wild’.
She bottomed up the can and lied down sideways on the sofa, keeping a cushion down her neck. The host of the show was traveling across the jungle while describing a lot about the wild beings. Alice was slowly getting lost in his sayings and his captures of the wilds as it was the only thing she used to dream of. She wanted to become a traveler or a researcher or a wildlife photographer or anything which could connect her to the Wild beings. She used to fantasize herself being a part of wildlife like Mowgli, Alice, or Tarzan. She’d been telling her friends about it till her late thirteen, on which her friends used to make her Fun till now. But Lucy, Gina, and Mitchell all three were fond of her cuteness. They were very protective of her as many boys in the school wanted to take advantage of her innocence.
Within few minutes, she was all lost in the show. She was making notes in her mind of this adventurous journey. Suddenly camera captured few lion cubs playing in the trees. The host stopped there to take a few shots of them. Alice looked at them with an innocent smile and hugged a cushion in that happiness. Lost Alice muttered,” I wish I could be a part of this adventure as well”.
Leaving those cubs playing, Host continued walking deeper into the woods. He said, peeking in the camera from left, “its quite risky time to shot the lions as they used to mate during this summer monsoon time with their partners”.
Alice’s eyes got a bit wider on it. She knew what mating is but she hadn’t given a thought in concern of wild beings yet. She’d got mesmerized by the playfulness of the Lion cubs and now with this fresh thought of watching animal mating. She began to think ‘Yeah! Wilds would also have sex for enjoyment and also for expanding their family.’ Being excited, she hugged the cushion tighter, when the host almost shouted, “Hey Viewers! Look at the lovebirds under the trees”
Alice got up a bit to look closely at the screen but unable. She could see it when the Camera got zoomed more onto them. It showed male lion leaning half seated over the lioness. Alice got surprised by the sight, she was witnessing. She found the couple in the trees, tied to each other lying on the grass under the Evening sun. The lion was licking & biting on her neck and the back. He was continuously stroking hard enough to shake the whole body of the lioness. Focusing on the pair and maintaining a safe distance, the Host started moving silently around them to take a better shot.
Alice was getting aroused slowly, as she had never imagined this kind of view in her life. She focused on the screen and found the Host stopped just a few yards behind them. Alice felt as if she was the Host for those moments. Her breaths getting heavier with the intensity of romance in front of her eyes. She was getting excited slowly by the pumped-up muscles of the Lion, his strength, and his dominance over the female. The lioness was enjoying being loved by the King and taking him into her. He was licking her face with his long tongue and his magnificent beard had covered her glance. Alice innocently thought ‘what if I could replace her? How protective partner He is for her. How passionately he is loving her’. She closed her eyes and a vision flashed of her being down under him. She was fully naked lying on that ground. Her breasts were pressed against the soft grass and she was being licked all around her face with a long and wide tongue. She could feel the hard strokes in her pussy. She was being loved under the grand shadow of that giant lover. Her cheeks and her neck could feel the warm and wet licking. There was a thunder of excitement that was being filled in her body. Her Nipples were getting harder under the bra and pinching the soft cushion. She opened her eyes and tried to look at the mating point on the screen. Things were blurred in that area but still, she could see some pink piece of flesh when that lion finished up. She tried to measure it but unable. She’d gone eager to shape her visions perfectly. Out of curiosity, she picked her phone and began to search for a better view.
After few warnings, she reached a website where she saw the real dick of a Lion. She looked at its shape with wide-opened eyes. It looked like a good size of 6-7 inches as she assumed but its shape and texture on the head were the real excitement for her. By watching it a recent memory flashed in her eyes. A few days ago, she watched a wild being in her backyard garden area. At the first glance, it looked like a wolf. It was uncommon in that area of town to watch wild beings though it was connected to the forest. Alice realized soon that he was a wild dog, as it had different features in comparison to a normal domestic or street dog. He was resting in the bushes along with the garden and was continuously licking down his belly part. She thought that dog is injured as some flesh was hanging down there. She rushed towards him for help but her mom watched her and stopped mid-way. Her mom ordered her to get inside and hushed that dog. It was strange behavior of her mom, she’d got upset of but today she got to know that it was not an injury. She started staring at the screen again when she heard the host “These Lions can mate around a hundred times a day in this season.” Her mouth got opened in Awe. She couldn’t believe what she just listened. The excitement had reached its peak and her breaths were getting heavier with the pleasure. She lied down, squeezing her thighs tight as she felt her juice flowing and sliding down inside her quim. She was surprised that it was the first time for a wild being. She started pressing the cushion over her breasts with one hand as they were trying to tear the bra apart.
Her eyes were not able to visualize more as she hadn’t watched enough yet. She half-opened her eyes as they were getting overloaded with a pink lust. She scrolled her phone for some more visual experiences. She left her breasts and typed few keywords like Lion love or Lion mating but couldn’t find anything satisfying except two three videos where the lion and lioness were almost in the same position and nothing was clear. Meanwhile, she ignorantly clicked on a pop-up. It was an animated video of a girl sucking at a Giant creature. She tilted her phone to get the expended view. It was a dark forest night moon. The creature had the head and claws of a lion and a body of a demon. His fur on the head was shaped like a crown, which was shining up by the rays of moonlight on him. He was seated on a crown of rocks, while the girl was in tribal attire and kneel with her lips all around the giant dick of that creature. She couldn’t fit in her mouth so she was licking it head to the base slowly with her tongue. She had held it tightly on the base with both her hands and was flickering her tongue, maintaining eye contact with her king. He was caressing her hair with his claws. Alice got amazed by it. It was a bit similar to her vision. She noticed his dick with wide-open eyes. It had become way too harder and thicker now. It was shining up and the texture of its veins had swollen all around the shaft. She was getting aroused again, as she felt her nipples getting harder. She rolled onto her back now, pulling her bra till her neck. Her pointy nipples were shining in front of her eyes. They were dried up and palpitating for some moisture on them. Alice tried to lick them but her tongue was unable to reach them. She looked at the table and picked the leftover Ice cream pack. She poured all the melted cream on her breasts and rubbed all over with one hand.
She resumed the video and saw that girl getting down under him, uplifting her hips towards his face. That giant ripped off that tribal attire with a snap of his claws. All the seeds of her tribal necklace scattered around them. Her naked body was shining up in the blue moonlight. As he came over her, his giant shadow covered her fully. That wild creature held her slim waist and inserted his demonic large and pointed tongue deep into the girl’s pussy and started licking it inside out. Alice felt as she was living her dream in place of that girl. Alice was pinching her nipples and squeezing her pussy again under her thighs. Her pussy was producing unlimited warm juice, which was flowing out, wetting her panties and could be seen clearly through her jean shorts.
She saw that girl bowing down her upper torso on the ground and her big tits got pressed up against the cold dewy grass. Alice also felt a cold wave touching her nipples and creating a new sensation in her whole body. Alice couldn’t control her cream-soaked hand from going into her shorts with an erotic hiss off her lips. After a deep licking that demon pulled his tongue back. A stream of cum spilled out from her pussy. That Giant put his dick head on that small juice dripping hole, which was dogged up deeper by his tongue. It couldn’t go inside but that girl had spread her legs to take it happily. Alice had got short of breath imagining the upcoming events as that head of the dick was looking larger than her fist as she assumed. “How will she take it? It will destroy her definitely” She whispered. Really when it pierced that small hole with a hard Pop sound, the whole body of that girl got curved with a loud moan. Those stretched-up pussy lips had gripped that giant dick tightly. Alice herself inserted her cream-soaked up the middle finger in her tight wet pussy as well, deeper than ever. Her finger got stuck in. She could feel her warmth burning her finger. Alice moaned with pleasure mixed pain.
She stared at the screen, as it was way more troublesome for that girl as the resting shaft of the dick was still swinging outside her pussy. When that girl looked back with teary eyes to her lover, that demon came over the girl face to face and licked her tears off her cheeks. It helped his thick shaft slashing that small pussy deeper and deeper. She was looking so lovable, as she moaned with pleasure and pain. He inserted his giant tongue into her mouth, stretching her lips more. Alice could see it bulged out on her neck, as the tongue was reaching deeper into that girl’s throat. That girl closed her eyes out of pleasure and he stopped in midway and started stroking his swollen dick into her. Alice had got restless and she started stroking herself, joining two fingers across, in the same motion. That wild was continuously inserting his dick deeper and deeper with every stroke. Alice couldn’t hold for more and she also rolled herself and by uplifting her hips got in the same position to get fucked in the same way. She had never felt so wild before. Her fingers were reaching to the new depth with every stroke. Her juice was dripping down on the sofa. Her juicy fingers were reaching deeper to their limit but soon she realized her fingers were not enough today, she wanted to break all the boundaries today. She searched for something else in the entire room. The room was full of luxurious things her parents provided her, but luxury could not be the source of that pleasure. Finally, her eyes got stuck on the TV Remote and she watched it like never before. It was round-shaped from one side also had the texture of the buttons on it. She didn’t give a second thought and lifted it in the hand, she was fucking herself with. It was nothing in comparison to that Giant dick but it could offer her much more pleasure than her fingers. She poured it with her juice through her fingers and showed it the way. As that cold surface rubbed her clit, her sensations had gone to the seventh sky. It was tickling her a lot, but she accelerated the rubbing and pushing it inward.
She gazed at that struggle of pleasures in the woods. That giant dick had penetrated more than half of its full length in that small pussy and lots of fluids were flowing out of it. His strokes had gone faster and longer. He was almost taking all the dick out and again pushing in deeper with each stroke. His shaft got the mark of thick cream of her pussy. It was identifying the part that pussy had taken in. The whole room was filled with the sounds of moans, roars, and thumping sounds. “Maybe in the afterlife,” Alice whispered in a trembling voice. She was about to reach her orgasm. She saw that girl had bowed down again now and the demon had mounted his furry chest on her back holding her upper body. Her breasts were gripped tightly under those strong arms of her lover. Alice wanted to feel it herself. She had gone so wild that she pressed a cushion under her knees and tore it apart. All the furs scattered over the cushion. She bent her left elbow to bow down and her breasts got dipped in those scattered soft furs.
She closed her eyes and dreamt that demon bent over behind her. He was licking her back and her neck. She was moaning louder by the pleasure. She could feel the pleasure of being penetrated by a hard and thick rod, as the rounded head of the remote was slowly piercing her pussy. She felt the soft moonlight touching her back and her spine got filled with a cold sensation. She felt her juice floating out of her pussy adding another pleasing sound of ‘Phachh.. Phachh..’ in the whole atmosphere. She shouted, “yeaaaaaaaahhhh! Take me…. Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh… Aaaaaaarrrrrghhhh… take it outtttt …. Yyyyyessssss…. Take me my lovvvver…….Ummmmmm…. Aaaaaaahhhhh…” With her orgasm flowing out, she pushed the remote deeper. It slid almost half of its size piercing her juicy layers. Her waist got arched due to that immense pain and her eyes got wide open. She wanted to pull the remote out, but she decided to leave it stuck there for a bit.
She shifted her focus towards the screen that they had changed the position. They were facing each other. That giant had lifted her onto his chest while keeping his dick deep in her swollen red pussy. His dick was reaching almost the full length in except two or three inches. Those inner pussy lips were stretching in & out gripping around the shaft. The sounds of those roars and moans were getting louder. That girl was almost shouting now. There was unlimited fluid, which was flooding out of their mating point and was dripping down on the ground. His large juice-soaked-up balls were whipping on her hips. He was madly licking her bumpy nipples. There were so many marks of biting and nailing that had emerged on her body but she was moaning hard in her lover’s caged arms. Keeping her eyes on the screen, Alice slowly reached for the remote. Her fingers gripped around the remote’s taper part and started stroking herself slowly to avoid the pain. She got her other hand underneath and reached to her swollen pussy and started rubbing her clit again.
She saw that demon had slammed that girl onto his throne now, keeping her safe under his strong arms. He came over her, holding her head under his claws like a pillow. He started stroking again with full intensity now, resting her legs on his strong shoulders. She, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulled him and He started licking and biting her juicy neck. Her breasts were feeling his beard swiping onto them. That hard and massive cock was completely fit in that hole now, Strokes were getting harder, so the moans of that girl. Alice was getting aroused again by watching their final encounter. Her nipples got swollen with pleasure by the soft tickling of the fur. By the in-out motion, a thick edge of the remote was rubbing her clit, her dried-up pussy flowing again with a fresh new juice deep inside. She stopped the stroking and turned onto her back now. She kept that torn cushion below her thighs to uplift her hips. She wanted to watch all the remote action in front of her eyes. She was amazed to watch at her pussy. That round remote had flowered that innocent pussy. Her thighs were fully soaked up in the fluids, which had flown out from the sides of that remote.
By her upturn, the remote was about to fall out but She held it pressing her hand on it, and pushed it in with all her strength. The passage had become enough smooth and wet, thus remote crossed all the tight grips around it and reached deep into her pussy. She could feel it touching her inner depth. A louder moan emerged and echoed in the atmosphere. In that unbearable pain, she was reaching a different level of satisfaction. She removed her hand and remote peeked out about two inches of it. She pushed it in and it again bounced back. She started stroking it in out again. This time it was much more pleasant and satisfying than before. Her moans were getting louder than ever, as she was reaching her next orgasm so soon. She was feeling a different kind of freedom today, never like before. With another hand, she was pulling and pinching her hard nipples. Slowly her strokes were getting longer and faster. Her hips were bouncing up down on that soft cushion. TV was going on and off and channels were tuning on that in-out motion. Her pussy lips were getting squeezed & squashed gripping around the remote surface.
She wanted to prolong those moments but she looked at the screen and she couldn’t hold herself. She saw that giant cock completely sank in that ocean of pussy. That giant had dipped his tongue deeper into that girl’s mouth. And both were glued up with each other. There was no movement at all. Just they were heavily breathing, sticking in each other. Alice shouted again, ” Yeaaaaaahhhh.. I am readyyyyyyyy…yhhhhhhh….. Com…. Commmm on.. nanaaaaaahhhh. I am cuming again”. She stopped stroking as she felt warm lava blowing out of her cervix. She also sank that remote into her freshly opened up pussy and watched it going completely in before closing her eyes. She covered her pussy by pressing both her hands onto that hole. She was breathing heavily and her nipples were pulsing hard with it. She felt that warm juice pressing her walls with immense pressure. She tried holding it as long as possible. She heard a roar and a much louder moan. They’d surely reached the climax. She half-opened her eyes and turn her head to look at the screen. She watched that demon king pulled his giant dick out of that pussy, leaving a long spurt of cum through her belly and breast to her open mouth. He got down and swapped his tongue, licking every single drop out of her pussy. Alice looked at the semen-filled up mouth of that girl, which she happily swallowed. Alice couldn’t hold for more and she uplifted her legs up. As she uncovered her pussy, that remote outflowed with the heavy pressure behind it and wiped ahead in that flood of pussy juice. Some of the juice spread on her belly and dripped down to her breasts and through her neck it reached in her mouth as well. She absorbed all of it on her tongue with a moan. A satisfying smile was on her face. She had decided to anyhow find that wild love for real soon.
She closed her eyes and laid down spreading her legs down into that wet mess up on the sofa. She was trying to catch her breath, while slowly waving her breasts and also rubbing her swollen pussy. The video was also ended up, as there was silence spread all around her. She kept resting for few more minutes in the same way when suddenly her phone rang and broke that silence. It’s been almost an hour since she talked to her parents. She slowly opened her eyes and found scary darkness around her. At first glance, it looked like she was in the same jungle. She was surprised to see a ray of moonlight dropping on her naked waist. She tried watching its source while picking up her phone. As she put it on her ears, a loud & creepy laugh made her whole body getting shivered. Alice became stone alike and couldn’t say anything. She just heard that creepy voice again, “Welcome Alice! What are you doing in my darkness?”
To be continued……

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    im so fucking wet and horny now

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    EXCELLENT storytelling!
    Even if someone isn’t into the subject matter, that’s some great writing.

    • Abhishek Art ID:2vnjdjn42

      Didn’t get you completely . Please explain. I am a first timer into this kind of storytelling. Your suggestions are welcome