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Pipe Fitting

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I heard about it from my boyfriend, so he took me there. #GloryHole #Anonymous

He went up to the counter with a $20.00 bill already out, and asked for the key to the Men’s room. It came attached to a wrench. So then, I went up, and payed for “The other key.”

Nervous, but horny. $20.00 was a lot, just to use the restroom. She looked me over, and picked up the phone.

“First time?”

“Uh huh?” She pulled out a sheet of paper, and slid it over. I glanced at it, it started with [I ________ waive the right to sue for sexual harassment, abuse, or any injury that may happen at my own risk.] “Uh, this is supposed to be anonymous?”

“Yeah, well you don’t know him.” She held the phone up, “And he don’t know you. Got any ID?”

“Yeah,” I got out my driver’s license, skimmed over the rest, and signed it.

Checked [x] I am at least 16 years of age, and legally able to consent to sex.

“Can’t be too careful huh?”

“Gimme a minute, and wait for me to bang on the pipe.” She handed over another key, this one just had a card with [Ladies] on it. “I have to let the water out.”

“Oh,” I looked at the now hiring sign, taped up on the window, but if she can do it, why not me?

“Down the hall, all the way back.” She pointed, but I tried the door marked [Ladies] instead of the one that had a sign, warning about the alarm.

“Huh!” Inside, it was quiet, and dark. I wasn’t sure whether to turn on the light, or not, but before the door closed, I saw the stalls, and decided to take off my clothes in the dark.

He liked the fact that you never knew who you’re going to get, what she looked like, how big her breast were, though most likely shaved. He shaved too, to avoid the risk of catching anything, but then I heard squeaks, and the clang of metal, tapping a pipe.

So, I turned the light on, and followed the sound to the handicap stall, in the corner. More squeaks, and I locked the door, breathing in the disinfectant, and shaking in anticipation, but finally, there was a clank, and light around the big lump of metal, with the handle to flush.

Then, the head of a wrench poked out, sideways. “Uh, I have to, what?”

She told me, “There’s a cuff at the bottom of the pipe, at the back of the toilet. This is the right size.” I took it, a big wrench just like the one she rented to my boyfriend, except for the key-ring through the hole in 1 end.

“Uh,” the C shaped end fit it, perfectly. Of course. I tried turning it, but I had to hold onto the bar on the wall, and really pull it to loosen up. “Just leave it,” the light went off, on the other side. “I’ll fix it after you’ve left.”

“Huh, okay.” Then, I heard the door close, in the other room. Some back room, I guessed. Unscrewing the big nut enough to take the pipe off, but it was heavy with the big head, and the flush handle on 1 end.

“Should I turn off the light?” I asked myself.

“If you like.” I jumped at a voice, through the hole. “Cum a little closer.” His hand reached out, and I took it. Turned it over, and felt his nails. The backs of them, somebody gave him a real good manicure, because there was no edge to scratch me. Let alone anything to get under there.

“Uh, you got any gloves?”

“Yeah, but let me feel your tits first, huh? I have to get hard to put a rubber on.”

“Huh, let me see it soft first.” He pulled his arm in, and I stuck my hand through. Then, I felt something hairy brush my knuckles, something warm to grip when I turned my hand over, and finally pulled gently so it didn’t hit the hole around the pipe.

I know, it’s called a glory hole, and I wondered how many people came here to use it. How much money they made 20 bucks at a time, and how dirty this cock was from so many women.

“Huh,” it was a turn on. Okay, here was a $20.00 man-whore. “Hhuhuh!” Getting harder, and larger in my hand with every stroke. I had to straddle the toilet, but he wanted to feel my tits? “Hhuh I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Yeah, she said you’re a first timer, how do you like it?”

I pushed him back, as soon as he was stiff enough that I had to hold it down, so it didn’t hit the rough hole, cut in the tiles.

“Here, feel my tits.” He had put a glove on, “Huh! You like them?”

“Yeah, I like tits. What kinda guy doesn’t?”

“Well, a gay guy for one.”

“Even most gay guys probably like a nice pair of tits.”

“Huh, yeah.”

“You’ve got a nice pair of perky little B cups?” He gave it a squeeze, then felt over, to cup the other one.

“Huh, yeah.”

He pulled his hand back, and while we’re doing that, he must have torn the rubber open, or already had it out, because now it was wrapped in latex, so I could put it in my mouth.

“Oomn! SNH!” As much as I wanted to, not despite not knowing where it’s been, but imagining that. He could be full of diseases I haven’t even heard of, the dirty man whore. Cheap ass $20.00 restroom glory hole man whore. I bet he sucked dick, too, and got sucked by fag, and even buttfucked.

I imagined a big fat gnarly biker butt, backed up against the tiles to get his shit packed. Even though, it couldn’t be these tiles, they had a strict policy, about that. So nobody gets catfished, sneaks in with his girlfriend, so she can pass the grope test, then switch out to suck his dick, when he can’t see the difference, and he has no idea he’s actually getting sucked off by a man. Raped my a man mouth.

“Puh huh?”

Somebody came in, and shut off the lights.

“Somebody’s in here?”

“Sh.” That’s all she said, then I heard her bumping around out there. The stall door close, and the latch. Did I remember to lock it? Yeah, I remember how hard it was to hold the door in one hand, turn the little knob, and line it up, so it actually locked. Even though I could pick that lock with a thumb nail, I’ve done it before.

‘that it?’ he whispered through the door.

‘huh, no. i want what i payed for.’ Under the sounds of the wrench clanking, and the nut turning, and the base of the pipe, to the toilet. ‘huh, you’re not going anywhere.’ I got brave, took a deep breath, “You’re not going anywhere until you fuck me.”

“No, hahah. You ready?”

“Sptooh!” I rubbed it in real quick, and felt the whole to find it already leaking.

“Hn, yeah.” I felt the wall, the edge of the hole, and even the corner of a tile chipped off that I’d seen earlier, but I had to turn around. Straddle the toilet again, and switch hands.

“Shlerp, shlup.” Quiet, wet sucking noises, from the stall next to me.

“Huh!” I let my breath out, and relaxed. “Uh,” squirmned around once I got the head in, so I could let go, and back up to the cold tile. “No, hold still huh. Let me get used to that big fat cock inside me. Ngh! Such a big dick, uh. But I can take it, just hold still, and let me do the fucking. Uh, huh, yeah. You like that?”

“Yeah, nice tight hot young pussy.”

“Yeah, but it’s not a nice dick, you’ve got a dirty cock, don’t you?”

“Uh, huh!”

“Fucking who knows up the ass, and sucking truckers.”

Really slapping the tiles, practically spanking myself with them, “Buttfucking biker, huh! HUH! Fuck.”

“Uh! Sorry.”

“What’s wrong, dickless? Don’t you like the gay talk?”

“No, I usually last longer’nat, but you know you’ve got a dirty fucking mouth?”

“Oh, huh.”

“I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to call somebody else. Unless you want your money back?”

“No, oh no.” 2 dicks for the price of one sounds like a much better deal.

“Kuh! CAWKH! You mind? I’m tryna suck a dick in here.”

“Oh, sorry. Huh.” A little light came in, under the door. So, at least I could find my dress, and pull it on. Go out, and smoked a cigarette, while what’s her name got another call-boy.

“Uh, Phil?” I shook my head, but she was gone. “What are you doing here?”

“I uh. Just started, working here.” He looked embarrassed. “You?”

I just threw the key on the counter, and unzipped my purse. “Yeah, canigetapacka.”

He just pulled down a pack, “You still smoking these?”

I nodded, blushing, and biting my lip, but we only went out on a real date, once. Friends before that, but one of those guys that hangs around, waiting for a shot to make it more than friends, or at least friends with benefits? Well, it didn’t go past the first date, and I remember him awkwardly trying to kiss me. The problem was he’s too passive agressive, and that sure didn’t seem to change much the the past. ? “Gosh, I haven’t seen you in?”

I shook my head, and just tried to walk, not run for the door. I didn’t look back, until it closed, but he picked up the phone, and started dialing, for me.

I lit up, and smoked while my current boyfriend came out. “So, how’d it go?”

“Not well. Dickless in there blew his wad early, so he’s going to have to call for a replacement dick to fill in. You?”

“Pretty much the same as usual.” The girl, from behind the counter came out, straightening her underwear through her pants, and pulling the apron on over her head.

She looked back, saw us together, and even showed a little jealousy, when I hugged him, possessively. Sorry sweetheart, this one’s mine. You can fuck him, but you can’t keep him.

“Oh, looks like they’re hiring.”

He laughed, “Like you’d let me work here.”

“It depends, how would you feel.” I checked through his jeans, “If I started working here?” It didn’t spring right back up, but I bet I could get it hard again. He grinned, nodding, so I sent him back to the restroom before they got the pipes fixed.

“Uh, you can cancel that call. I’ve got all the dick I need all ready.” It might take a while to suck him hard again, but I’ll enjoy every minute of it.

One way or another, we’ll get our money’s worth.


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      It depends on the fetishes. Fantasy elements like Furry hybrid species, and Futanari are particularly difficult for me to write here, because of Worldbuilding.

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      Can you write a loving story between a boy and a girl as adults who chooses one another. Also can you have elements like virginity, my gaping pussy fetish, fisting, and maybe more. It can be anything you want and it doesn’t have to be like world building.

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      I’ll see what I can do…

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