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Meeting my family chapter 2

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The second chapter takes off right where we left the first, with my new sister, her daughter and I all sharing a bed.

My cock lined up with the small hole, the tip rubbing up and down the little pussy slit.
“Mommy?” Little Rosie looked up at her mother, nervousness clear in the sound of her voice.
“It’s okay sweetie,” Mina comforted her daughter. “All girls go through this, I promise, I’m with you.”
The mother and daughter lay on the bed before me. Mina lay back on the pillows with Rosie on top of her mother, facing me.
Both lay with their legs spread wide, giving me the most beautiful view of their cores with little Rosie’s virgin pussy above her mothers.
The sight made me rock hard and aching to fill both holes with my cum.
I lined the tip of my cock up with the opening to Rosie’s hole as Mina spread her lips with her fingers.
Slowly, but firmly I pushed the tip in, obscenely splitting her open.
Little Rosie gasped.
“You okay?” Mina asked her as I paused pushing.
Rosie didn’t speak, just nodded and smiled, biting her lip.
I continued to push in a bit more, then pulled back and pushed in again, slowly fucking the tip of my cock in and out her pussy.
Each time I pushed, my cock slipped a little bit further into her hole, slowly and rhythmically widening it up.
After about ten minutes, Rosie’s pussy was soaking wet and I could fit about a third of my cock up her hole feeling myself brushing against a bit of last resistance
I looked to Mina who nodded and gripped her daughter tightly, holding her still.
“Hold on Rosie!!” she exclaimed and before Rosie knew what to expect, I plunged myself forward hard, breaking through the last resistance and burying my cock to the hilt inside her cunt!
Rosie screamed through gritted teeth with tears in her eyes and dug her fingers into the arms of her mother holding her.
I felt her insides wrapped around my cock, gripping it like a vice and realized from the feeling on my tip that I must have entered her prepubescent womb!
We stayed like that for a while, not moving as Rosie calmed down and grew accustomed to the feeling of a large piece of meat splitting her apart.
Once her breathing had slowed, Mina brushed Rosie’s hair out of her face and gently began to caress her face and neck, then moved her hands down to softly knead Rosie’s flat chest and pinch her nipples.
This helped as Rosie soon began moaning softly, so Mina brushed her hands over her daughter’s stomach, down to play her fingers over Rosie’s little clit.
Rosie began to gyrate her hips and Mina nodded to me so I started slowly pulling my hard cock back out of Rosie’s little hole.
Just a little bit at first before pushing back in. I slowly pulled out a bit again and pushed back again, and again, each time pulling out a bit further and a little bit quicker.
It took some time but eventually I was rocking my hips backwards and forwards in a rhythm that was picking up speed, all the while the little girl moaned and moved her hips up to meet my thrusts as her mother played with her clit and nipples, pinching and massaging them with her fingers.
Every now and then we’d stop as Rosie would suddenly orgasm, gasping and convulsing between her mother and I.
The look on her face each time she’d cum was so sweet, a little confused and scrunched up but she’d always smile after and I would get back to fucking my cock in and out her little pussy.
It was a good thing I’d had a couple orgasms already with Mina beforehand, otherwise there was no way I would’ve lasted as long as I had. But I could now feel another orgasm building and smiled at Mina and Rosie.
“Where?” I started to ask but Mina cut across me.
“Inside!” she said, breathlessly. “Cum inside her!”
“You sure?” I asked, looking Mina in the eyes.
“Yes, inside, get her pregnant!” she all but screamed at me.
The idea got me so hot that I didn’t hesitate anymore and began to plough my cock into Rosie’s pussy hard.
“Pregnant?” Rosie asked her mother, her voice shaking do to my rough fucking.
“Yes honey!” Mina answered, wrapping her arms around her daughter and holding her as still as possible as I continued to pound her pussy. “Your uncle here is going to give you a baby! Right here in you little belly!”
The talk was too much for me as the idea of this little belly growing round with my child pushed me over the edge and I came!
I drove myself deep and buried my cock to the hilt in little Rosie’s hole until I felt it enter her womb and shot off load after load of hot semen inside, hopefully fertilizing her ovaries.
Mina held her daughter still as I filled her, smiling up at me with a wicked smile.
Once spent, I slowly pulled my cock out her hole and leaned back.
There was too much cum for her little pussy to hold and it began to leak out her hole and down her thighs.
Quickly, I had Rosie cover her pussy with her hand and stand up. Mina looked at me a bit confused as she watched her daughter stand unsteadily holding her hand over her pussy.
Her confusion disappeared once she realized what I intended. Leaning back, Mina open her mouth as I had Rosie’s squat over her mothers face and let our combined cum fall out onto her mother’s face.
Mina licked her pussy and quickly dipped her hands into her own pussy and ferociously fingered herself to an orgasm as her daughter facefucked her.
I stood up, walked over to Rosie and grabbing hold of her head, guided her little mouth to my cock, having her clean it with her tongue….
I think I will stop there, suffice to say that Mina, Rosie and I now have a very amazing life, both in and out of the bedroom.
Our daily sexcapades are epic sessions that would probably leave pornstars feeling like amateurs.
Mina has her own practice which is good for Rosie did end up pregnant, so she can help her daughter through the pregnancy.
I use to say I have no father but now I am grateful to him, for he left me such an amazing life and gave me such an amazing sister.
I can’t wait to see how our family will grow!

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    Has to be one of the hottest erotic fantasy stories I’ve ever read.

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