Masturbate in bus station

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i put my hand inside his athletic pant and i grab a nice hairless hard cock and start with my hand up down to his cock

friday afternoong 7clock me maria 16years old tall brown blue eyes girl o i finish basketball friendy match with my school team after i do a bath i take a message of my mum to take bus because she had a emegensy in her hospitar and she wil late l was lucky because i have always money with me.I run but i lose bus for some seconds i cant believe the program say the next will be pass in a 45minutes ok i will sit i had my phone wiil pass time easy.Some minutes later come and sit next to me a boy around 9yearsold aske me if i kwow when will pass the bus i aswered around half hour thanks.It start doing cold i wear a jacket because i wear only a tshirt and a athletic white pant he ask me if he can go near me to be hot yes come he reminds me my little brother and he puts his head up to me i think if see us will pass us for family but suddenly boy put his left hand in my knee and start go to my thigh and start to fondle it better to stop why you are very beautifull girl and you are my first girl that fondle and go more up and now fondle me in frond of my vagina doing me to tell truth wet you can do the same with me come i have good cock near we were each other it was easy and the truth it was i have taste cocks of big boys lets see and small boys and i put my hand inside his athletic pant and i grab a nice hairless hard cock and start with my hand up down to his cock the same time he put his hand inside my pants and rub my pussy you have little hairy but nice pussy and start masturbate each other with our hands we try to moan silent to not hear us the little peoplet that pass fr,om there but i scream a little when he try to put finger of his right hand to my ass and in my pussy but then my pussy where exprode a lot of cum in his hand but he not cum wait i have paper with me take to clean thanks but i have something better and he start lick them like lolipop nice cum girl better than men for little boy you kwon many things we can meet again to tell you my secrets i am tom and i maria nice to meet you.Then i see bus here we are come sorry i will be waiting my sister and mother to take me ok we see again i cut a ticket and sit down then i was thinking we dont give adreses but then i see him talk with my teammate and friend emma and he smile me now i kwow where he stay and maybe he my.For readers we meet again and we do many things together that i will tell in other story.If other girl or boy had same experience leave comments and everyone like my story.

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  • Reply John ID:bttepa72hj

    I lost my erection trying to read this. Work on your English a little bit before you write another story.

  • Reply dark420nuts ID:7z89jpdqri

    Maria, how can we get ahold of you?

  • Reply jtbl12 ID:2qm0j70d2

    Maria contact me on my email [email protected]

  • Reply Linda ID:27m32exik

    Your Eglish is so bad, you should never write another story.

    • jtbl12 ID:2qm0j70d2

      Hi Linda her English is bad but it is a good story.

  • Reply Randall T ID:3zxjren720c

    Maria, you wanna talk somewhere more privately?

  • Reply Randy ID:3zxjren520k

    Hi Maria want to talk more?

  • Reply Taylor ID:2a7mrl1d9j

    You should give me your contact info so we could talk more

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    Want to talk more?

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