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Loneliness leads to a Mother’s love

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A rare condition I have has left me lonely with only my mom to care for me.

I have a sleeping disorder called sexsomnia. It basically makes me dry hump whoever I’m sleeping next to while I’m sleeping. Similar to sleep walking and yes, it’s real.

Having this has made it difficult to have a relationship with anyone. I know I have it and when my partners don’t tell me about when I do it I’m embarrassed because I don’t know what they’re thinking and when they do tell me, I’m even more embarrassed.

It ruined my marriage. I was getting so embarrassed and increasingly rough while I did it, that my ex wife couldn’t sleep. It lead to me sleeping on the couch permanently and eventually distancing us from each other, and finally divorced.

The first time I was made aware of my sleep issues was when I was 10. I was sleeping in the same bed as an older cousin, a female cousin, and we were on a family trip. We were sharing a bed as there were 13 of us in a 4 bedroom cabin. She was 3 years older than me and the morning after she made a big deal about it in front of the entire family saying I tried to rape her. Of course I have zero recollection of doing any such things. Over the years I have woken up a couple times while doing so but do not remember much of it the following morning.

This was also the first time my mother was made aware of my sleep condition as well. My Dad left my Mom when I was 8 and it was just the two of us now. Mom was single and lonely, something I didn’t know then but certainly understand now.

Along with my sexsomnia, I also have on occasion, night terrors. They’re few and far between but it was enough of a reason for my Mom to invite me to sleep in her bed when I was 12. I was hesitant about the idea at first, being 12 I was starting to explore the wonders of masturbation and sleeping in the same bed as my Mom would make that difficult. Plus it’s not very cool either.

After a night terror that made me fall out of bed one night I eventually gave in and started sleeping in my Mother’s bed in her room. In the beginning I slept horribly but as I got used to her bed and her room I started sleeping much better and the night terrors were even fewer and further between. It was comforting to sleep next to someone, even if it was my Mom.

My Mom was a slender woman. She was a gymnast in high school and had a petite body. She was short and by the time I hit 13 I was already taller than her. I’m not going to lie, my Mom was attractive. My earliest sexual memories were of her. I used to listen to my parents having sex outside their bedroom door all the time. I’ve even caught her in the living room with guys she’d bring home from the bar and masturbated while watching from behind the railing on the stairs. So yeah, I was turned on by my mom. Maybe that’s normal for a boy maybe it’s not, I don’t care. In all my fantasies, I never in a million years imagined that anything would ever happen.

I was still sleeping in the same bed with her at 14. It wasn’t cool I know but I slept so well that I refused to go back to my bed and she never mentioned anything about it either.

As I said I never remember waking up during my sexsomnia moments until later. Certainly never while it happens. I have an exceptional photographic memory, but when I wake up during these moments I’m still asleep basically so I don’t remember it at the moment. It usually comes to me a day or two later.

One morning I kept having these flashes in my head of my Mom masturbating while holding my erection. Nothing more. It was just a quick memory flash and I couldn’t figure out why. I chalked it up to just a fantasy or a dream I had. Over the next few weeks I had a couple more flashes just like the first but slightly different. It was starting to drive me nuts. Why was I so vividly fantasizing about Mom masturbating and just holding my dick. That’s not a very imaginative fantasy. Of course I have no one to bounce ideas off of since I’d have to not only tell a friend I sleep in the same bed as my 43 year old mom and I’m having fantasies about her as well.

It was all revealed to me just after my 15th birthday. Now a sophomore in high school, I told my mom I was going to go back to my bed. She seemed upset initially but tried to cover it up. I spent a week of sleepless nights in my bed before finally breaking and crawling into Mom’s bed one night while she slept. I just needed some sleep and I was so used to her bed and her warm body next to me that it was the only way I could sleep. The next day I had another quick memory flash. This one was again, her masturbating while holding my erect cock.

After a few more sleepless nights in my bed I finally decided to sit down with my mom and talk to her about what was on my mind.

I was so embarrassed to tell her what was going on in my head. It took my 45 minutes to finally spit it out. She knew I had something important to talk about and when I finally did get around to spitting it out, she started to get flustered.

What happened next answered everything but confused me even more at the same time…

She confessed how lonely she was and how she had been so involved in all my extra curricular activities and watching me grow into a young man that she gave up on dating and devoted her life to me now. It was flattering of course, but it made me feel so bad. I could see how much it hurt her to be so lonely.

She then confessed that when I have one of my sexsomnia moments, my dry humping wakes her up and it’s enough to turn her on. She loses herself in the moment of a warm male body next to her trying to get in her pants and forgets for a few minutes that it’s her son. She told me she’d let me dry hump her for the 30 to 45 seconds that I do, and then she would reach one hand into her pants begin playing with herself. She confessed that she’d been doing this almost every time I dry hump her. It was only recently that her other hand began reaching into my pants and holding my cock while she pleasured herself. Of course my cock is always rock solid when I do this so it only makes sense to take advantage of that from her point of view.

I was completely floored by her confessions. Both of us were unbelievably embarrassed. We both sat there silently reflecting on everything that was said and done.

“I’m sorry you’re so lonely Mom.” I finally said after a solid 15 minutes of silence.

“It’s not your fault baby!” She responded assertively. Her voice cracked, there were tears in her eyes and she got up out of her chair and sat next to me on the couch. “I’m your mother and since your dad left us, I’m all you have and you’re all I have. I love you more than anything in the universe and would do anything for you.” She added

“Thanks.” I responded with my head down. I was still too embarrassed to make eye contact with her. “I love you too Mom. I’d do anything for you too.” I continued.

She stood up, reached out her hand and pulled me up. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek.

“I’m sorry I did what I did, and know that I love you.” She said with her tears now dripping down her cheeks.

“I know mom. I love you too and it’s Ok.” I told her going back in for another hug.

This time I wrapped my arms around her as well and held her as tight as I could. I could smell her scent and it was incredible and now I was getting turned on. So I left go as quickly as I grabbed her in case I started getting too turned on and told her I was going to go to bed.

That night I laid in bed again unable to sleep. I hated my bed so much and admittedly I missed mom. That hug turned me on so much and I couldn’t stop thinking of her. I heard her turn on the shower and then my brain really started to race. I opened my bedroom door and knew I might catch a glimpse of her naked. We had two cats and their litter box was in the bathroom, so whenever one of us was in the bathroom for an extended amount of time we’d have to leave the door cracked open in case the cats had to use their box.

Sure enough the door was cracked open but as my eye reached the crack she was already in the shower. I went back to my room, locked the door and took out my dick. I closed my eyes and stroked my cock to completion, never thinking of anything other than those memory flashes of her holding my cock.

Mom and I were especially close over the next few weeks, lots of hugs and telling each other we loved each other. We watched a couple movies on the couch together and had dinner every night. I just wanted her to feel less lonely but at the same time it felt like we were dating without the physical side. It was nice but it didn’t fix my inability to sleep in my bed.

This went on for a month. She seemed so happy around the house and was dressing differently. Suddenly she wasn’t wearing her mom pajamas around the house and started walking about the house in a tight tank top and panties. She was wearing tight short skirts to work with black nylons and high heels. Much different than her jeans and shirts she normally wore.

We were sitting down for dinner together on a Friday night and I had made dinner for her for a change. We were talking about what movie we were going to watch and she told me how good dinner was, even though it wasn’t. I’m a terrible cook. She went upstairs to change into something more comfortable for the movie. I picked out a movie and put it in. She came back downstairs wearing a white tank top and a black lace thong. I couldn’t believe what I saw but I pretended I saw nothing. We put a blanket on the two of us and started to watch the movie. Nothing happened thru the first 45 minutes of the movie.

“You know, you’ve been really sweet lately. You don’t have to spend your weekends with your mom though.” She interrupted the movie. “You should be out with your friends having fun” she added.

“I like hanging out with you. Don’t you want to hang out anymore?” I asked

“Of course I do.” She said. Her hand went to my thigh under the blanket. “You’re a sweet boy.” She said and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

We went back to the movie but she left her hand on my thigh. I could no longer focus on the movie, my dick was getting harder by the second and I was getting uncomfortable and fidgety. She noticed. Of course she noticed.

She said nothing as her hand slowly went further north up my thigh. Her small hand got to my cock. She left it on my thigh just next to my cock for a few seconds. It was just gently brushed against her hand.

“Uh..” I mumbled uncomfortably

“You Ok?” She asked

“Mmmhmm” I said.

She kept her hand there for another minute or so. My cock bobbed a few times in my pants and brushed against her hand again. She left her hand there I think while she gave this more thought.

“In for a penny, in for a pound I guess.” She finally said as she put her hand on my dick.

“What?” I said as my toes curled a bit

“It’s not like I’ve never held your cock before. Take it out.” She said

I pushed the blanket down on the floor and unbuttoned my jeans as fast as I could. Before I could do it myself, she reached her hand in and pulled it out.

“Oh shit!” I let out as her cold hand wrapped around my warm dick.

My head went back on the back of the couch and she lightly started stroking it. When I looked back down she had her other hand in her panties and she was playing with herself.

Her hand was only getting ahold of my tip so I pushed my pants to my knees allowing her easier access.

“This is the first time I’ve seen this in the light. I felt how big it was but seeing it is pretty impressive.” She said with a chuckle

“I can actually get the top in my mouth and suck it.” I confessed. “I can’t believe I just told my mom that.” I continued quite embarrassed

“Can you believe your mom is stroking your cock when you told her that?” She asked

“No.” I said laughing

“Then don’t worry about it. Just go with it.” She said as she got up on her knees and leaned in.

Her lips wrapped around my cock and it sent a shockwave of pleasure throughout my entire body. Wow! It felt amazing!

“What kind of stuff do you fantasize about with me?” She looked up at me and asked

My brain was so clouded right then I couldn’t think straight.

“Fucking you.” Is all I could think to say

“C’mon, what do you really think about? The time for being shy is long gone, your mom just had your dick in her mouth.” She explained

“I don’t know, I can’t think right now.” I admitted

“Well if you didn’t already figure it out, your moms a freak. If we’re going to do this we’re going to have some fun.” Take your clothes off!” She said as she sat up and removed her shirt.

I pushed my jeans to my ankles and kicked them off. Pulling my shirt over my head and throwing towards my jeans and boxers. She stood up and pushed her panties to the floor and kicked them aside as well. I sat there staring at her bush. Mom had a thick patch of hair covering her pussy and I didn’t think it’d turn me on seeing so much shaved snatch in porn but her big hairy bush was amazing.

“Get on the floor! I wanna see you suck your dick!” She said with an assertive tone.

I was reluctant and embarrassed for sure but as she said, in for a penny, in for a pound. I got on the floor and rolled back on my neck. I used the couch to brace myself and started pulling my cock toward my mouth. The day I found out I could suck my own cock was the best day of my life. It wasn’t easy but I could do it. I don’t have many good qualities as a person but a 10.5” cock is one. My lips wrapped around the tip of my dick and Mom pressed up against my back holding me in place and getting a better view all at once.

“Wow, you’ve got my gymnast flexibility that’s for sure!” She said a bit amazed.

With my legs back by my head and my cock in my face I couldn’t see much. I suddenly felt something weird on my asshole. I flopped out of position and looked at mom.

“What the fuck was that?” I yelled

“In for a penny, in for a pound. Just go with it.” She said again

I slowly rolled back into position and shortly after felt her finger circling my asshole again. Then she pushed a bit and went knuckle deep. As weird as it was, it was in-fucking-believable! So good that I felt the first drops of pre cum trickle out. I was no stranger to cumming in my mouth. At 15, my libido was growing everyday and sucking my own dick was the best way of masturbation. I was sucking my own cock twice a day sometimes. Cumming in my mouth was nothing new. I really liked it!

“Are you gonna cum?” She asked

“Close” I mumbled with my cock in my mouth.

“Do it! I wanna see it!” She demanded

It was so weird to hear my mom for one, telling me to cum in my mouth while her finger was knuckle deep in my ass and two, this demanding, assertive tone. She was so quiet and petite. She was 5’3” and barely 100 pounds. I’ve never seen or heard her be this way and I liked it.

Soon a fresh batch of hot cum shot in my mouth. I started swallowing it as fast as I could but some trickled down my chin as I couldn’t keep up.

As soon as I laid back down on my back she climbed up my body and sat on my face. Her hairy bush was dripping wet! Over the past month I had imagined us having sex a million times and I assumed that if it actually happened it would be more of a sensual love making kind of thing but this was the complete opposite.

As I started to lick her dripping pussy, she reached back and played with my cock. I was getting soft and I didn’t want to.

“Keep it hard! I’m not done with it!” She ordered

“I’m trying.” I explained

She spun around, kept her bush on my face but started 69ing me. Within a few minutes my cock was again rock hard! When it was she got off my face and straddled me. She had to push my cock inside her tiny pussy. When she sat down on my cock finally she yelled really loud.

“Goddamnit that’s big!” She screamed

She started riding me slowly at first to let her slit stretch a bit and get used to my size. Once she was ready she started riding vigorously. I couldn’t believe how crazy she was! I knew I wasn’t going to cum again or at least any time soon since I just came.

She started screaming about how she was going to cum. Her body curled up and she screamed into my chest. When she was done she caught her breath and started riding again. In the end she came 4 times before she had enough. She fell along side of me and we laid naked on the living room floor. She was sweaty and gasping for air.

“Oh my God! You’re 15, where did you learn to fuck like that?!” She asked

“I didn’t do anything.” I said with a small laugh. “You did all the work.” I added

“Yeah but I just rode you for a half hour and you’re not even close to cumming again!” She told me

“It’s hard to cum a second time.” I told her. I could probably go all night in that position.” I continued

“Ugh, when we started I thought this would be a one time thing that we keep a weird family secret, but I want more.. uh, if that’s ok with you.” She asked

“I love you mom, that was kind of weird but I liked it. I’d like to be with you again.” I told her

“Good! I love you too. She said. “Should we go to bed?”

“Can I sleep in your bed tonight?” I asked

“Of course. Anytime you want sweetheart.” She said kissing me…

I never thought something like sexsomnia, which I’m still embarrassed about and has left me alone most of my life did lead to something pretty good. Unfortunately my loneliness has consumed me as an adult. If any woman wants to chat and you’re over 18. Maybe that would be cool.

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