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Small dick

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I am from India .I.am living in Jaipur .I am 19 years old student.once my parents went on Tour and I was alone in my house .I have a dog in my house..my mausi came to meet my family mausi means sister of my mom.I told her that they have gone out for one week.she said o k I will satay till they comes. I will prepare food also..in night I was sleeping in my room. Mahdi came to my room and said I want to sleep here .with you. I said o k.she slept with me. In the night I felt hand on my cock.she was playing with my cock it became erect my cock is 5 inch only..but it was erect and hard I kept quit and pretend to sleep.she took out my cock from underwear. And too out my underwear now she also removed her cloths and became nude .her breast are big and her nipple was erect..she put my hand on her breast .I felt soft and hot.I started pressing her breast she started moaning. And said rakesh please suck my nipple .I said mausi what are you doing she said.I am hungry for sex please do some thing I said you are sister of my mother this is wrong. She said you are boy and I am girl that’s all .mausi is married and have two kids ..she. Started stroking my cock.now I was also hot so I started pressing her boobs and suckin her nipples.after some time i she asked me to fuck .I climbed on her and put my cock in her vagina she guided it .it went inside in one go.she moaned and said guck fuck I stated fucking in full speed and soon I ejaculated .she said no keep on fucking but my cock now came out .she said do some thing I am not done .suddenly my fog came and started licking her vagina she said yes do this keep on doing this I like it .she taught I am licking .I said mausi it is rocky.my dog..she said I dont mind he is giving me pleasure
..rocky was licking and his cock was coming out from sheath..I asked mausi his cock is big do you want fuck by dog. She said do it I am hungry.. I said OK now you become his bitch and he will fuck you she quickly be came bitch and rocky was also hot he kicked her vagina and jumped on her he held her with his fore leg and started humping .his red coloured cock was hitting but not going I guide his cock and it went straight in her she screamed oh oh oh .yes yes it is good one .dog was fucking with full speed. And suddenly she screamed loudly and dogs not was inside her now dog stopped humping .she asked me to hold dog like this .he giving me pleasure.his cock is pulsating inside and rjaculating.his knot is becoming bigger .and stretching my hole ..dog remaid on her for 30 minutes then hr came out with a sound .her vagina was leaking now I saw the dog cock it was about 8 inches long..mausi now satisfied and relaxed .I asked her now are you satisfied .she said yes.dog satisfied me .you have a small cock .and discharge early learn from dog his cock is big and last longer.
She stayed for one week she used to have daily fuck by dog and from me also .

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  • Reply John ID:e5w0yxia3tf

    I disagree .. have a small “cock” due to prostae surgery ..it caused it to get smaller …now I haave a small ” Cock” …when I become “aroused” .. “horny” and begin to play with my “dick” it gets bigger ..now I mean …”Not” big … but hard around 3 to maybe 4 inches at best …but it does the job … Remember ..” it is the motion of the ocean … not the size of the ship” ..

  • Reply Ben ID:3zxiso7lk0i

    I’m aalsso stupidest man

  • Reply Joe ID:3zxiso7lk0i

    I’m stupid

  • Reply Joanna ID:6ews4r2bv4

    I love it. Add me on Facebook. JϾnn B-Bick

    • M4 ID:vuf0ihr9

      He should have fucked her mouth when dog was in her pussy

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:h48n1dxic

    Nice story. Don’t give up hope.I enjoyed it.

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    What size bra do you wear

  • Reply Joe ID:15qcebttv9j

    Dog bests five inch boy

  • Reply satabdi ID:tnxrihrd

    Pleased to read an Indian erotica based on bestiality but dissatisfied to get a small posting.