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Grandchildren’s Visit – 2

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Things heat up and turn gay as the three os wake up in the morning.

When I woke up in the morning, Jill was sucking my cock, licking up and down its shaft and I could feel her little tongue washing my balls. I turned my head and Ben was looking at me before straddling my chest, his hard little cock inches from my mouth. I opened up and he thrust his cock into it, his hips moving back and forth as if he was fucking me. I tongued his head as best I could and sucked him deep inside me. His head went back and he moaned a little as I sucked and licked him. Jill had moved up and now was sitting on my cock, bouncing up and down, fucking herself on my hard cock. What a feeling, the heat from her cunt surrounding my head while Ben’s slippery cock thrust in and out of me.
I had never sucked a cock before but just went with what I liked happen to me and it seemed to satisfy him. I felt his balls tighten and he spurted a little bit of come into my throat. There wasn’t enough to choke me or make me gag and it tasted quite good. He softened quickly and pulled out of my mouth, then leaning forward, his lips found mine, his tongue entering my mouth, searching and wanting some of his own come. I swirled my tongue against his and let him explore my mouth while Jill felt my cock explode inside her. It had been a long time since I last came and when I did, I spurted over and over and over again, filling her little cunt with hot, juicy come that spilled out around my cock. She sat on me for quite a while after I came and when she got off me, the come inside her came rushing out and down her legs.
Ben immediately pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed Jill onto her back before diving between her legs, pushing them up in the air so he could get at her cunt more easily. I watched his tongue lap up the come on her legs and then I saw it thrust inside her, licking and pulling the come out of her with his tongue. She held his head against her and closed her eyes until he was done. When he was, he came up with a big grin on his face and come around his mouth. I leaned over and quickly licked it off him and we settled down for a rest.
We talked for a while after and I found out that they regularly fucked and sucked with their parents. Jill even told me that Ben liked to be fucked and that I could fuck him if I wanted to. When I heard that, my cock immediately twitched and started to harden. They both looked at me and laughed while watching me get harder and harder.

I looked at Ben and asked him what position he liked and he said he wanted me to fuck him while facing him with his legs over my shoulders. We moved and soon I found my cock pressing against his little hole. Jill moved up and sat on his face while I started to enter his little body. Never having fucked an ass hole before, the feeling was quite unique and fulfilling. I pushed a little more and slid further up his canal until my balls were resting against the back of his thighs. Jill was moved her wet cunt back and forth on his face and I could see the wetness around his mouth as he tongued her.
I started slowly pulling out of him, only leaving my head inside him before pushing back up his canal fully. I did this several more times then held his legs apart further and started to thrust harder. I could hear myself slapping against his thighs every time I thrust into him and I sped up. The tightness of his canal and the hardness of my cock created friction and his hole got very wet and slippery. It felt so good to be inside someone again but this was even more special as Ben was very young and wanted to be fucked. He wasn’t forced into it and that made it even more special.
When I came, I spurted over and over again up into him and he groaned loudly when he felt my hot come deep inside him. Jill was groaning too as she came on Ben’s mouth. I stayed inside him as long as I could before popping out and seeing my come rushing out of his hole. Now it was Jill’s turn to lick and suck my come out of Ben and it didn’t take her long to get between his legs and start to suck on his hole. He held her against him until she was finished then we all, spent and happy, relaxed and planned our next session.

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    Now that’s the way you should treat tor grandchildren if they are looking for it. Good luck in the future with continuing success.