Son fucked me in my sleep

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I’m a happily married 42 year old with three kids. My oldest son is 15 and has occasional nightmares. Last night he had another nightmare and woke me up, asking if he could just sleep in the room with me. I hesitated but told him yeah and I fell back to sleep. I was having a dream that my husband was touching me it felt nice but I woke up and realized it was my son cuddled up next to me. Rubbing my thighs and breasts etc. I just layer there pretending to sleep thinking he would stop, but he didn’t he got more brave. He put his fingers in my panties from behind and started to touch my pussy. I didn’t say anything and was getting a little wet thinking my son is fondling me. That’s when I felt his cock. It wasn’t big like my husbands but it was a good size and hard as a rock. He managed to slide my panties over and his head was right against my pussy. I didn’t say anything still thinking there is no way he would. Then he pushed the head in I was I. Utter shock as he put some of his cock inside of me. As he lightly pumped trying not to wake me I felt him cum and shot inside of me then he got up and went to his room. I layer there I. Shock and covered in his cum. I didn’t say anything to him this morning, I just asked if he slept better he said yes and went to school.

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  • Reply Richard ID:5sowhxud3

    I’m sorry to say, as I wasn’t there and can’t for a fact that it didn’t happen, you said your son busted his nut but then later described it as “covered in cum” and that doesn’t seem believable. I’ve busted many buts in many chicks but never once were they ever “covered in cum” or described that way. Also, you said your son was fondling the shit out of you and pulled your panties to the side and put the head of his cock against your pussy but you were thinking there was no way he was going to put it in? What did you think he was going to do? Seems like a fake story.

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  • Reply Eric ID:1ei7dpytem7b

    Whatever, No Mother would allow that to really happen. True Story my ass.

    • Wanda ID:y8hyzb0d

      Dear, you really, really underestimate incestful families / mothers so much.

    • Richard ID:5sowhxud3

      @Wanda maybe @Eric does underestimate incestful families if he thinks that this type of thing never happens, which it certainly does…sometimes. However, this story isn’t one of them. The lady is in no way describing an “incestful” family. She said she pretended to be asleep and didn’t stop her son when he decided to fuck. She was supposedly just amazed and shocked that it happened. That’s all. I’m calling bullshit, but it could have happened and I’m sure it has happened, but not this time, dear.

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      I fell pregnant by my husbands 13 year old brother. I had a miscarriage and was on hormonal therapy and other meds that made me drowzy and sleepy. Husband was abroad for few weeks. Young brother in law lived with us after mom in law fell ill. Seems young brother in law use to fuck me while i was sound asleep after tsking my meds.
      Woke up one evening while he was still pumping. But was too drowzy to move.

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