Raping my Mother and More

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How going from Raping my Mother to becoming her lover.

I suppose I should start back when I first discovered my mother’s sexiness. I was 12 and the pleasure of masturbation had been discovered. I enjoyed playing with my cock as much as I could. I was at school in the gym getting ready for class when a couple of friends came up and pushed into my hand the panties of one of the hottest girls in school. Her name was Tammy, and she was the fantasy of every boy there. One said quick take a sniff and pass it on before coach comes out. So, I did just that. The scent was so sweet; my gym shorts were sporting a tent. I passed then over to Jim who was next to me, he did the same. When everyone had smelled them, they tucked them into a locker. I couldn’t get the scent out of my nose. I spent the entire day wanting to enjoy it again. But that was a pipe dream for they had made the rounds by now and were lost. After school as I walked home, I would cut across an ally behind these 2 streets. The usual dogs would bark at me, and then I came upon what would change my life forever. Just ahead was this house with all the clothes fresh from being washed hanging on the clothesline. Mostly women’s clothes. The panties stood out to me. All women wore panties, and they should have the same scent. I raced home threw my books on my bed then down the hall to my parents’ room into the bathroom I went. I open the clothes hamper. There just under some shorts were my mother’s panties balled up. I pulled them up slowly, my finger feeling the soft silk material. I opened them up to the crotch holding then apart I placed the panty next to my nose I inhaled deeply. The scent was even stronger than Tammy’s panties. I was now hooked on the scent of pussy. My shorts got tight from the hard on in my underwear. I unzip and started to play with my cock, as I inhaled again and again the womanly scent. I felt the cum building I dropped the panties and stood over the toilet and let loose allowing my cum to strike the water below. It felt so good with the added pleasure of smelling the panties. This was the beginning of lusting for my mother. I would now masturbate with her panties, bras, stockings anything that smelled of her body. I found panties with cum stains in them from my father banging her, or the ones with blood stains from her period. I didn’t care if her body had rubbed on them. With time I started to wonder about her breasts and her pussy and how they looked naked. I was able sneak some peeks down her blouse or up her dress. But I wanted to see it all. I would leave my own cum stains on her clothes to see if she would say anything but never a word. By the time I was 16 I had fucked a couple of girls, but I wanted something more, I wanted my mother’s pussy. Everything that I planned about fucking her just couldn’t work. She didn’t drink; she was very religious, faithful to my father completely. How was I going to get her in bed? She started having migraine headaches that would cause her to lay down and sleep for hours. Her doctor gave her some pain pills that would knock her out. She found that if she was upset, she would get a migraine. So, for months I agonized about how to get inside those panties hiding that pussy I wanted so badly. I found that with the headaches the cum stained panties all but disappeared as well as the blood stains ones. Then my father provided the vehicle to my plans. He had been invited to go fishing with his buddies for 4 days. My mother asked him to go for 2 days only. He said no he wanted to get out for some fresh air and enjoy himself some. Well that morning he packed up and drove off, my mother got her headache real fast shortly thereafter. She took 2 pills and went to lay down. This was around 10 am, I knew that she would be taking another set around 2 pm, so I went in around 2 pm and offered them to her; she just took them and thanked me for being considerate. That’s when it hit. I can move clocks forward in about in hour to 6pm. Then give 2 more pills. At 3pm I went and changed the clocks in her room, her wristwatch on her nightstand. Plus, the Grandfather clock in the living room so that it would strike 6 when I awaken her. But it would be only 4pm, and then give her two more pills at 6pm. She took the pills just like I wanted. I went in at 5pm and she was out. I picked up her hand and nothing. I unbutton her top and placing my hand on her bra covering her left breast nothing at all.
I pulled back the cover from her legs and placed my hand on her bare leg still nothing. So, I moved my hand higher until I was under the hem of her skirt. No response at all. So, I got bold and went to her top and opened it completely. There they were her tits just behind the bra. I reached behind her back and unhook the bra. That took some doing but got it done. I lifted the bra out of my way exposing her beautiful nipples to my view. I touched then both. Rubbing the nipples with my fingers, groping the white meat which was so soft. I lowered my head and took her right nipple into my mouth I sucked it for all I was worth. It got hard in my mouth, the nipple getting a nice bright red as I sucked on it. I then moved over to the other one doing the same routine. These were the tits that had breast fed me, now for my enjoyment once again. I reached down and unbutton the skirt then lowered the zipper. Her panties were a nice pale pink. I started to pull down the skirt it wasn’t moving with her weight on it. So, I lifted her legs up and pulled on the material moving the shirt down to her thighs then her legs and finally off her legs. She was now laying there in her cute sexy pink panties. I could make out the dark patch just under the material. I rolled them down exposing the hair slowly. It was matted down from the panty but as I pulled it down I combed it up with my fingers allowing them to glide through the hair which was so soft, having that lovely brown color just like her hair on her head. The strains were long and full all over her pussy. I took the panties off her and brought them up to my nose and inhaled deeply. The scent was stronger than ever for these had just come off her pussy. I got up and took my clothes off. I walked around to the other side of the bed and lay down next to her. I allow my hands to explore her every curve of her body. My cock was rock hard. I reached down and pulled her legs apart. I slowly ran my fingers over her hair opening them and finding the lips of her pussy, I moved my fingers up and down the moisture started almost immediately I could feel her juices starting to lube her pussy. I wanted to fuck her now. I separated her legs wide then climbed up on her. I held my cock as I lowered myself onto her body. I felt the wetness on my cock as it encountered her cunt. I rubbed it up and down a few times then found the hole the hole that I came out of. I pushed down and in I went into her pussy. The warmth was all so good. I started a slow rhythmic motion pumping her pussy. It wasn’t long before I was giving her full strokes with my cock. I lowered my head and sucked on each nipple. I didn’t want to cum to fast, but this was more then I could stand. The cum was building up in my balls and it was more then I could take I shot my load deep into her pussy. The feeling was wonderful here I was fucking my mother the pussy whose scent I loved. As the last few drops sent into her, I laid down on her so that my mouth was next to a nipple. I enjoyed the moment; my cock was going soft I slipped out of her. I pulled myself off her to one side. It was at that instance she turned onto her stomach. Her ass sticking up just took my breath away what a lovely ass she had. I reached out and rubbed her cheeks. So very smooth. I let my finger go between her crack and I found her rosebud. I fingered it some and pushed in one finger into it. I knew I had to fuck it too. I climbed behind her my cock was hard from rubbing her cheeks, so I opened her cheeks wide and investigated her rosebud. I rubbed my cock in her pussy with her juice and my cum she was really wet. I wet the head of my cock and placed it on the rosebud. Using my hand as a guide I pushed in and at first it just won’t go so I pushed harder and it began to open and slowly go in into her ass. I then lay on top of her and I worked my hips to penetrate her ass deeper. It was so tight. I pumped her slow and steady and as her ass gave way, I increased the action until I felt cum once again building in my balls and just like that I exploded in her Ass. I thought her pussy felt good her ass was better. I reached around and grabbed the tits and squeezed them hard and pulled on the nipples as I tried to bury my cock more into her ass with cum shooting into her. I used my head to move her hair and I started to bite her neck and sucked it also leaving marks on her. Once the passion had died down, I pulled myself up, and sure enough I was covered in her shit all over my cock. Her ass cheeks were smeared completely. I got off her went back to my bathroom and took a shower to get clean. Once I was dry, I went back to clean her. I used her hand towel from the bathroom and wiped her clean. My cum was still leaking from her cunt I left it there just like that. I pulled the panties back up, re-hooked the bra. Closed the top and left the skirt off, then covered her up again. She didn’t open her yes until the next morning. She said she felt so very relaxed with all that sleep. She did ask about the skirt I told her I slipped off so she could sleep better. She said thanks then went to put on the coffee. When she came back by, she said was going to take a shower. It was 2 minutes later when I heard her calling me to her room; there she stood naked with her shower cap on exposing all the bites on her neck. Plus, the panties in her hand with me cum stains. She started to scream at me about how she was my mother and how could I take advantage of her. When her stomach did its thing and she ran into the bathroom slamming the door closed. I heard the seat go up and then the sound of her bowels letting loose. I could hear her moaning loud in pain either from me fucking her ass or the pills she took or both. When the toilet flushed, she came out still mad, she went right back to yelling. I figured what the hell. I slapped her across the face and pushed her down on the bed. I pinned her down and told her yes, I fucked you and sucked on your tits and then fucked your ass too. She tried to push me off, but I had her. I reached down then pulled the zipper down to my shorts and let out my cock. Her face went to an ash color. She begged not to please this is incest this is against god’s law. My cock was now fully erect, and I pulled her legs apart with my one free hand, and then guided my cock back to her awaiting pussy. It was dry but got wet as I rubbed on it. She started to cry as my manhood went in into her pussy. My balls were slapping her ass as I pumped her. I called her by her name instead of Mom. I said come on Maria you know you need this cock; you aren’t getting any from dad. She stopped and said how do you know that? Cause I smell your panties and they do not have any stains in them from you being fucked. She went numb. I lowered my face and kissed her cheeks then moved on to her lips and force my tongue into her mouth. There was nothing there, so I rose just a bit and told her kiss me you are a fucking slut. I went back to kissing her my tongue found hers. I sucked on it and brought it into my mouth. I bit it some. I let go of her hands above her head. Her arms moved down to my waist, but instead of pushing me off she held my waist. I broke the lips and just said to her I have always wanted to fuck you, then it hit I yelled out I am Cumming again in you Maria. It was then her legs went around my waist and pulled me into her. I filled her pussy up. I went back to her lips this time they opened, and she kissed me back. Once I was spent, she moved me off her and she went into the bathroom and took a shower midway she called me in and held the curtain open for me to join her. From this point forward we were lovers. Her headaches went away. She would leave me her panties under my pillow. In addition, thanks to my dad getting his own boat we fucked all the time. We did have a few scares along the way where her period would miss. But even today 20 years later I still bang her from time to time.

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  • Reply Franco

    First I wrote this, I grew up in Miami, my mother was one who men would turn to check her out. She was 15 when she got married and had never been with anyone but my father. I was struggling at many levels at that time. After the incident she helped me straight myself out, and become a caring person and not an animal any longer. I was more than wrong in raping her, but she forgave me and taught me to be a loving person. I did and do regret it, but I won’t trade a minute of the time I spent with her.

  • Reply Gwendoline

    My son raped me when he was 17 and I was 53. I was sore for 4 or five days. I didn’t report it because I didn’t want him to get intro trouble. I told him the following week that if he needed sex he should tell me. I said he could use my twat whenever he wanted to. He’s using it almost every day now, before his father gets home from work, and I find that I enjoy having his cock up me more than I do his father’s.

  • Reply Horneolman

    Love your story, go hard reading it.

  • Reply James Picco

    Best story ever

  • Reply The pussy gaper.

    I did not have to rape my own mom.i earned my way to the bed with her.your a low life piece of shit regards if your doing it now.fucking moron.it figures bull shitter Janine would praise your story.she makes up bull shit tales also to get the praise from the dummies that believe her bull shit.

    • The Pussy Gaper

      Who the HELL are you? Identity thief! How dare you link me to this bullcrap and would use my identity to harm people. Fuck you you cock sucking, ironic, uncaring, horrible cunt. Diego and Janine, I am sorry for this bastard. As for you lying dickhead, if you didn’t like the story then leave it be and ignore it. Use common sense when it come to these things and don’t mess with other people for your enjoyment for god’s sake. – The Real Pussy Gaper

  • Reply Anonymous

    Janine knows this ass that wrote this story.janine is the bull shitter that claims she fucked her 14 year old son.yeah right.theirs only one guy on this site that has the best mom and son stories.and their not bull shit.i can tell.

  • Reply Janine

    Amazing story! One of the best stories on this website. mmm your story got my pussy wet and made me cum twice in a row. email me at [email protected] and we can have sexy perverted chats. 😉

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      Have facebook?

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      Text me