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Harvey Quinn and Her Seeds of Poison Ivy

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We all love bad girls and we want to punish them. Dedicated to Mike.

So how should I start this? It began in the night of Gotham City and I was visiting my sweet yet poisonous Ivy. Mr. J was still in Arkham Asylum from the confrontation he had with Batman like always and I needed to take a little break from my antihero group called the Suicide Squad.

Usually I wanted to do my own things at times. Since I became the Joker’s partner in crime I barely have time for myself anymore, even with the Suicide Squad with more freedom I still don’t have time for myself. Lucky that night I managed to escape for a little bit. Turns out though that would be quiet a while when I met up with Ivy.

Usually I am torn from my heart on which to choose like Joker baby or Ivy Honey but I just don’t know. At times I didn’t want to choose and with the Suicide Squad I wanted to pick neither for heroics. Mr. J and I was always together but he would be so abusive towards me and Ivy is such a sweet hear but we known each other less then how I known Joker for a long time.

When I reached the abandoned warehouse where Ivy stays I wanted to check if she was in her personal garden. As usual she is. “IVY, BABY, I’M HOME HONEY” I screamed out in joy. “Ah Harley Darling, it’s great to see you again” she said in such a calm manner. “Come and see my new babies, I’ve grown new plants to insure Gotham falls into the hands of mother nature. Please, it would be like old times darling”.

So I went to see her plants and what they offer to control Gotham. Some were Venus Flytraps that can engulf cars, some were vines that entangle and trap people as well as being sentient, some were injected by the venom elixir made by Bane, and some….I don’t know, it seemed all weird for me; but I’m here for my baby Ivy and I support her decisions.

We then reach the final creation of her that were seeds and her mood decided to change. I asked what is wrong and she gave me the full details of how this was going to be a failed experiment. Turns out she doesn’t have the right incubator to complete her process of a humanoid plant. She couldn’t use herself due to how they were descended by her DNA and she can capture a living person due to how batman is always up our asses.

Usually I tend to help the people I care about no matter if they are killer crazy like my Mr. J, so I asked if I could be her specimen. She then try to warn me for the consequences it would lead if I choose this but I didn’t care, I was doing this for her. She then kissed me on the cheek even though her lips were poisonous and she knocked me out me out on conscience. I didn’t feel pain so I guess it was her kiss that knocked me out cold.

When I woke up my clothes were off and my arms and legs were tide up by vines. I also noticed something inside me. Apartment le she was fisting my pussy as if I was being fucked by a horse. She then noticed that I was awake and smiled while gripping her pussy as well.

“Oh Harvey, glad you are finally up” she said in delight. “After I had to knock you our my dear I began the process of incubation where I am setting up the layout of the design and the calculations to make this achieve great prosperity. Right now I had to face the problem of your tight pussy”.

“M-My tight p-pussy, what are you gonna do to it puddin *nervous laugh*” I said in fear. I didn’t think she would need both my womb and my vagina for this experiment to work. “Well I have to stretch it out if you’re going to give birth to out plant babies from this machine” she said happily. “H-how long is this going to last” I asked worryingly. “Well it has to be a week with this 4 inch wide 1 foot long machine” she replied. “WHAT” I screamed. “YOU ARE NOT PUTTING THAT MONSTROSITY INTO MY POOR HOLE FOR A WEEK! I’LL RUIN ME ! PLEASE, I BEG YOU!”.

She then tried to calm me down saying that she’ll fix me once this is over with an elixir that would tighten me up again. I didn’t know what to say but I had to agree. After all it’s not like Mr. J would escape from Arkham any time soon. So I took the chance and she rammed that beast inside my wet cunt. The pain, the rush, the….Pleasure. I just couldn’t handle it even if I had a needle straight through my poor cervix. Not only that but the machine started to move in a pounding manner with liquids and seeds of plants pumping into me. I truly felt like I was a cow that was being bread for meat. For over a week I had this and once it was done with its job Ivy then took it out of me.

My pussy was then a gaping crater and I had to have it stay open for another week till I give birth to her plants. Soon over time it happened and my pussy felt like it gave birth to twelve watermelons while prolapsing. After it was all done my vagina felt completely ruined. I thought to myself on how can I ever have sex again with this now ruined hole and Ivy then told me to come to her chambers. I was very mad at the bitch but still, she is my bitch to love. What I didn’t realize as well that she had a gaping pussy fetish. When we were in bed she then fisted me with her elixir as she tells me of her desires to both gape and tighten her pussy every time. I fisted her with the elixir as well and we kept doing this for hours.

After that I went home with a final kiss from her and over time I felt my pussy get tighter. Once I was home it was tight again as if I didn’t loose my virginity in the first place. That shit was addicting and I wanted more that I started fisting myself over it. Since then I always gaped myself with putting the elixir on at the very end. Once my puddin escape I’ll show him my new version of a cream pie. By the way gotta go. My group needs me, see ya doll face.

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    Your story should be uploaded tonight! Hope you enjoy!!

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    The next story that posts won’t be the one I wrote for you because I hadn’t seen your request upon posting. I will work on one for you it won’t be entirely true but my same characters will be involved. Hope you enjoy it.

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