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me and my sister pt 2

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it’s been 2 weeks after our spring break and my relationship with my sister and daughter are getting a lot stronger. we have love making time with her and now we have gotten her to orgasm for the first time, it was so intense she cried but it calmed her to the point she fell asleep after, but i noticed my sister feeling left out and i start kissing her and her neck, like we used to when we were 15 and gave eachother kisses in bed at night, she smiled at me and we just expressed our love for eachother while touching each others pussys, i love her, she gives me so much pleasure. my daughter and i are sneaky around the house and i’ve fingered her right infront of my husband! she’s gone around the house in shorts more often and she texts me while in school with pictures of her pussy with her cute school uniform. when she gets in the car, i drive and i start caressing her thighs, we have hidden picture of us kissing as if we were a young couple, i am in love with my niece, daughter, and sister, and my husband is a person i am capable of loving but can’t love me back, he is very distant so i’ve had to entertain myself somehow, me and my niece make out a lot, since most of my lovemaking is at my sisters house we see my niece in her room just watching us have sex or we see her masturbating to us kissing, we try to include her but me and my sisters love making us just so good, it’s so special and i don’t think although they please me, i’ll never feel it as good as i do with her. me and my daughter are going on our real first date to a water park, and i’m excited, i haven’t seen her wear a swimsuit in a while. keep in mind she has very big tits, and a nice round ass, so she gets looks a lot, usually at home i spank her and she lets out tiny whimpers, i’m getting off topic, but i just can’t wait to see her in that swimsuit, i’ll update about my date with her soon.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I absolutely love your stories keep enjoying your sister and your niece and of course your daughter. I would suggest you try and get your husband to suck cock EP enjoy that more

    • anonymous ID:7ylrenab09

      ooh..thank you for the idea