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Yuri’s Sexual Diaries Pt 7 Chapter 6, The Little Shop of Whorrors and Lustful Treasures

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So here, Yuri goes in disguise with her friend in the Adult Video Store and she finds so many things to her delight. Wait for the end of this tell.

March 15, 2019

Dear Diary,
I had the time of my life yesterday. All those toys, all those things. All the sizes that destroyed my virgin pussy. These are all blessings from god. I almost lost count on how many times I’ve masturbated but luckily I managed to reach a new record of 17 fucking times. My poor pussy is a little sore from masturbating however, still I’m happy where I’m going so far. My pussy is looser now and it feels like it as well as showing signs of its evolution.
When I spread my legs my pussy would slightly open with its insides showing. When they close though then my pussy would look tight once more. My pussy is finally considered gaping and I love it so much. It can take three inches of width and fourteenth inches of length and it can show. I can put two hands in it with ease, I can use my virgin pussy a carrier for many objects like my car keys, and I can also use a chasity belt to keep dildos inside of me when I am at work or somewhere else. I love my life and I am grateful for the store that Lacey brought me to.
Before yesterday, Lacey brought me to the place she kept going to called the Little Shop of Whorrors and it was only 7 miles away from our apartment. It is hidden underground with a business on top but it is a legitimate store.
I had to go in disguise because I don’t want people to know that I do this short of thing but my friend Lacey, in the beginning she was wearing a trench coat and some glossy make up with high heal boots.
When we enter the store a man named Stencil greeted her as if they known each other for a while. This is what this man said. “Lacey the nurse, great to see you. Hows my beautiful muzak doing?”. “I’m doing very well hun but I have you a new customer” said Lacey. “The ghost in black robe? Is he friend?” Said Stencil. “Yes she is” as Lacey grabbed my covered breasts. “Oh, she. You never disappoint Stencil Lacey” he said happily. “Why you cover self in robe and mask? Beautiful face needs to show.” I told him that I was a bot embarrassed and that I don’t want anyone to know I’m here and he replied “Understandable, all embarrassment starts here and all secrets stay here. Now what would you like to buy shy little ghost?”.
In so I made my orders on what could gape my pussy and he offered me many things. The tentacle, the horse rider, the kong toy, a chasity belt, the furry murrsuit which was a beautiful wolf, pussy beads that looks like skulls, a pussy plug, a horse spectrum and a regular spectrum, three bottles of lube, a little pink buzzing egg, and the Demon which was the biggest out of the rest with 4 inches width and 19 inches length.
I was happy with what I found but they led to 2,567 dollars plus tax. *How the hell am I going to pay for this* I thought in my head. Then Lacey made a deal with him which was even more embarrassing. Soon after Lacey finished bartering with him she took me to the changing room.
I asked why we’re here and she replied saying we’re going to put on a show. I was shocked by what she said let alone taking her coat of in front of me. SHE WAS WEARING NOTHING AND I SAW HER SHAVEN VAGINA!!! She looked very horny and she try to take my clothes off. I told her yellingly that I don’t want to lose my virginity. She replied saying “Don’t worry baby, I made sure you don’t have too. But you have to put on a solo show for our audience if you want your toys?”. “Promise me I won’t lose my virginity to anyone Lacey” I said near tears. “I promise you darling, and I’ll make sure it stays that way. Plus they are going to love you Yuri, you’re a nine and I’m a ten! We’re both hotties that can get what we want through pure will.
I smiled knowing I would be fine….even though she made herself a higher rank jokingly. I’m glad she thinks I’m hot. For me I never thought that way. People would say that I looked beautiful with my raven hair and my green eyes but I don’t see myself that way. Maybe this pussy gaping thing helped me find more appreciation for myself on what I feel and see.
I got on my murrsuit and prepared myself for self gaping my virgin hole once more but as the curtains opened in my booth, I saw over thirty nine people staring at my perverted body as the speaker yelled out “now for the new lustful volunteer we have Furry Kuro the Gaping Pussy Bitch.
*What the fucking hell did I got into* I though while panicking. And in the other stall I saw Lacey getting fucked by tow guys and a girl with leather straps on her. She screamed at me lustfully saying “You can do it Honey Bunny, complete your solo passion!”.
I had to do this now, even though I didn’t want to. I had to remember what porn videos I saw and what to choose. I went with stripper dancing and the Kuro Gal Bitch technique on myself with my new toys.
Soon everyone was cheering as I stripper danced with my pussy being stretched out by the spectrums and I kept fisting and gaping myself once I laid down on the fuzzy carpet. They all seen my pussy. How much I’ve used it, how stretch it can be, how my insides were showing, they’ve seen it all and I’ve loved it like I was in heaven. I didn’t feel lonely while masturbating, I didn’t feel bored, what I felt was my virgin heart feeling this lustful excitement. When I was near climax I screamed in so much joy that everyone loved my performance. In the end I talked to Stencil about the show. He told me that he gained more money from both me and Lacey and that I was the main star. He then surprised me saying ” I hope to see you again Yuri, you make good customer and worker” as he gave me my things for free. As both Lacey and I made it home I collapse on the bed as she checked if I harmed myself from gaping.
I told her I wanted to go again and that she was truly a best friend. She smiled, kissed my cheek, and walk back to her room. I have a new place to go now and I’m grateful for my virgin lust inside my gaping pussy.

Hey guys thank you for reading. Now I added something to her story that was the only one fake and it was the accent I gave to Stencil. Otherwise the rest was straight from her diary. If you want to know more about her then let me know. If you have a gaping pussy fetish then let me know as well. If you want to make a request for a story then I can write that for you. Otherwise guys, I love you and I thank you for reading.

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    I hope you guys enjoyed. This is unique because it fun rewriting this for Yuri. I hope you enjoyed