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Sleepover I will neer forget

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She had a 9 inch cock that destroyed my ass

This is a true story that took place on 24 December 2019 and it a wild story. I invited one of my friends Rose for a sleepover because we were close friends and my Girlfriend was okay with it. She arrived and said she can put her stuff in my bedroom so long while I get the snacks ready for some Netflix for that night. While I was busy she was getting changed into her bikini because we were going to swim so when I was finished I saw her put her bikini bra on and saw her massive tits and it gave me a rock hard boner.

So when she was finished getting her bikini on we jumped into the pool and were talking about a few things. She was talking about guys and I was there to listen when suddenly I felt something touch my cock. It was her hand and I just said “I think we should get out and get dressed in our pjs.” So we got out and I grabbed my comfortable shorts and went to the bathroom so Rose could get changed. When we got dressed we sat down on my bed and started to watch some Netflix movies.

Half way the movie I saw her starting to lay on my lap and I was okay with that. Then I had a random boner and she felt it on her neck. I was scared because I didn’t know what she was going to do. She asked if she can suck it and I said thats okay. She made me cum after 10 minutes. We decided to go to bed as it was late. So we got under the blanket and started to fall asleep.

I woke up about 30 minutes from when we went to bed to her stroking my cock. I asked her what was she doing. she smiled and gave me a kiss she then said I must take my pants off so I did. She then said lay down on my stomach because she wanted to give me a happy ending massage. I did so and relaxed after 5 minutes I felt her licking my asshole and I thought it was weird but I was okay with it.

She then told me to turn around and I did and she stripped down naked but still had her panties on. She started to suck me and kiss me. She then said open your legs and at that point I was confused. She then took her panties off to revival her 9 inch cock. She quickly inserted her cock into me and covered my mouth. She was fucking me fast.

She said she wanted to fuck me for a long time. After she came in me she asked me to fuck her. So I inserted my cock in her and started to pound her hard and fast. Her cock was getting hard again from me fucking her so I started to stroke her cock as well. After I came in her I sucked her off until she filled my mouth. She said thank you for popping my cherry as she never has been fucked.

We still talk and started to have a threesome with my Girlfriend.

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