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Sangheili Honor Lust/Halo Fanfiction

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This is sexual fanfiction for Halo and it is about a female elite and a human soldier. Let’s get freaky with gaping alien pussy.

Long time ago, I use to fight for the Covenant army against the human colonies which the prophets deemed as heretics to the Great Journey. I was a high ranking warrior and had slain many in battle. World upon world I help lead the Covenant into victory and all cheered for me. I had the highest of honor and all would have warriors follow me into battle. Sadly, I had no mate and my leaders wouldn’t allow me to have one until the war was over.

That would have all change in my life when I met a human soldier on the battle field. It happened on one of the human colonies called Deacon and my battle with them was at another victory. I was trying to chase down this human with my ghost since he had the intel and plans that could turn the tide against us.

With full velocity I hunted him down across the planet farther away from the Covenant forces. Eventually I manage to catch him near the cliffs but we were far away from any settlement or army forces. “It’s over human, you can’t escape now” I said as I got out of my vehicle. Eventually he kept shooting with his pistol at me and it came to no avail. He had no other weapon and yet he still fought me as if he was fighting more for his cause. “I must admit human, your skills and your willingness to do whatever it takes to protect your people is very honorable. You should be proud” I said looking at him.

He was truly a warrior, a man meant to achieve greatness and I was very surprised by not giving up. The most surprising factor out of all of this was that he brought me down into where I’ve could have been killed. He let me go however and to walk away while I was on the ground. I still tried to bring him back to fight me for I was not going to give up. Eventually I was his prisoner and we hid in a cave far from civilization.

It was night time and he was cooking food from the fire to eat. I didn’t know if he was going to feed me as well or if he was going to taunt me with his food. Either way, I didn’t want it due to how disgusting it looked. I felt lost however thinking that the Covenant would abandon me. I felt like I failed and was dishonored for my capture. He then notice I was crying over the matter and with some unique form of kindness, he asked me if I was alright.

Even though we fought like enemies, he treated me like an allie. I was dumbfounded by this. I asked him why he would do this even after we fought and he replied “With all due respect, I still want to kill you. Still, it’s better to treat someone like a friend then to be alone in the universe. Would you like some food, I am willing to offer some?”. “No, thank you” I said kindly. “What are you going to do to me human? It is not like I offer any form of value after all of this. I would be branded as a heretic to my people if you try ant use me as ransom”. “Alien, it is not a matter I ransom I am working for. It’s the intel or secrets I want from the Covenant so my people can survive this war” he said through the hope of his species.

“You have more honor than some of the Covenant for wanting to do whatever it takes to save your species human” I said while proud. “It’s amazing how your species work. To live as one, to fight as one, and to even die as one. For a weak yet powerful species you have more honor than others”. “Trust me, we still have problems like corruption, war crimes, etc.” He said in a low tone. “It’s amazing how we got this far without blowing ourselves up through all of our advancements”. “Why do you think this way human” I asked wanting an answer. “It is because I felt we should have died a long time ago, yet with our specie’s stubborn ness and our unearned confidence, we somehow manage to survive and prosper each time. I should be proud but with what have happened before me, I felt we had to overcome so much problems we’ve made from division to hate for one another.

“I see human” I said while thinking. “You don’t like your own species that much, do you?”. “Well, I like what we made and achieved and what they have given, but I believe they don’t like me” he said jokingly. “It’s very lonely from my species, not even my own family wants me”. Soon his smile faded and he started crying. Apparently he is not liked by his own kind even if he is this sweet and honorable. I just had to give him comfort by saying how I’m alone too. So we began talking of many things like what has happened in our lives, what activities we enjoyed, and what we wanted as a partner.

We share the same passions, the same unique honor that a creature should deserve. The only difference besides him being human was his depressing life. He did what ever he can to have at least someone like a friend or love one but he was instead denied and at times punished for something that wasn’t meant for punishment. He asked if I wanted to have a mate and I said yes. I also told him I wasn’t able to get one until the war was over. Soon he asked more and more questions until he asked if I was a virgin.

I didn’t know what a virgin truly was so I asked what a virgin was. He told me that a virgin was someone who never had sex before and I replied saying that my species call them pure bloods. He then asked if I was a pure blood and I told him yes. I don’t know why but he wanted to have me. He made a deal saying “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want too but if you have sex with me and give me love that most people wouldn’t give me, I let you go and you can kill me for your people or just leave”.

I was stunned by what he said. My pure blood was my honor and he wanted that honor. Not only that but it would be considered both treason and heresy to the Covenant. At the same time he was willing to give up everything to have someone in his life. I felt he needed this honor as well as I do so I said “You promise to be honorable on both our agreement and from the actions you’ll make?”. He then said yes giving my energy sword to me. He is someone that I was truly meant for greatness.

So I began talking off my armor and my clothes until I was naked with both my boots. He then remark on how beautiful I was from my skin to both my breasts and legs. I then shown him my mating entrance which in his species was called a pussy or vagina. He was amazed with a question of why it was gaping loose and slightly opened? I then replied that all Sangheili females have gaping pussy to lay unfertilized eggs as a form of cycle that happens once we hit the age of woman hood. He then examined my pussy more seeing my purple insides. I asked if he didn’t like it but he soon replied saying that it was beautiful and new to him. He tried a tight pussy before but never a Sangheili pussy. “Though they looked the same they do have some difference” he said happily. Apparently I was considered to be a gaping pussy virgin to his specie.

He then pulled his pants down showing his male genitalia and asked if I liked it. Though he is a small human, his genitals was bigger than his pistol that he shot at me. We then began mating as he stuck his human organ into my gaping pussy. I moaned and screamed in delight as my pussy began sucking on him. He then yelled “how the fuck did your pussy changed from extremely loose to extremely tight?!”. Soon he kept mating and mating to where I lust for this human grew. I felt him touch my egg sack entrance. I felt him squeeze my hip and breasts. I felt him love me.

We’ve gone for many hours until both he and I both exploded with our juices mixed. Soon my pussy let go becoming gaping again and my egg sack came out of it with his human penis inside. He then said “You and your species is truly magnificent. I didn’t know you can prolapse your cervix?”. I then told him that it was my egg sack being released and that I wanted to go again. So we did this again and he did something called fisting to push my egg sack back in. I was truly happy with the mate that I now and I never expected a human to be mine.

Now it been a few years since the Covenant has fallen to his species. He now calls me hos wife and he gives me a happy life. We farm together, we teach each other’s culture, he cooks for me, and even takes me traveling across Deacon. We also love mating with each other and he would always remark that he would always love my gaping and tight pussy. He treats me human and I would always love him for it. In battle we were once enemies but through both his honor and my gaping Sangheili pussy, he has won my heart.

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