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This time we’re giving Yuri a break and are presenting you with a different story. This is about a teacher who takes sex edd to a whole new level.

Hi, my name is Eleanor Walts and I want to say that I am a teaching whore. And when I mean whore I mean a giant O between my slutty thighs. Let me explain why this is the case.

I am 26 year old science teacher and I worked at a University. I have black raven hair, white skin, green eyes, and a small nose with little lips. My boobs are tear drops with the cup size of DDD and my ass is plump like a peach. I’m not really fat but I am a thick bitch.

So you might be think okay, this slut is perfect. I bet her pussy is tight for my GIANT FAT COCK!!! No, I’m not perfect, in fact what makes me not perfect is my pussy. There is a reason why the Pussy Gaper is telling my perverted story.

That is right bitches, my pussy is so gaping that it can suck in a bowling ball. It wasn’t always this hungry void though. Back when I was 20 I’ve married a black man named Halen Harvey and he was in fact the first person to take my virginity. He was kind, strong, gentle, and proud, but this biggest strength was his GIANT FAT COCK!!! Ah that joke always makes me laugh. Every time we were married he would always stretch me to where I started to become a size queen.

I loved him and he loved me too for who I am. Sadly this didn’t last when I was 21. When we went to the doctor to try see if we can get a baby, it was impossible due to how my husband is sterile even though I am able to have one. This brought him to a low where he became very depressed and less caring. He stopped taking me to places, he stopped interacting with me, he even stopped fucking me. The nail on the coffin was how he cheated on me while saying you’re tighter than the bitch I’d fucked before.

I was mortified, and soon on my 22 birthday we’ve got a divorce. From there I never saw him again. I then started my career as a science professor at 23 since I had worked hard for that position. My first year I was a bit stressed and I was new to my students. They didn’t really liked me for the past few months of that year but that all changed with a fraternity party at the delta omega δΩΩ. I wanted to go because I didn’t have anything else to do.

So here I was, crashing a party, and everyone was unhappy with my presence. I just was unhappy that I went in their closet. Drinking my sorrows away and thinking of my husband, I felt so alone. So much thought that I wanted companionship. I began fisting *yes fisting, fingers fingers do jack shit for my loose pussy at the time* my pussy but it wasn’t the same as his GIANT FAT COCK!!! Soon I became too careless and a frat boy found me fist in vag.

I soon began to cry my heart out after he noticed but in the sweet gentle kindness of his heart he tried comforting me. His name was Jeff Riley and he talked to me if I was okay. He didn’t really care that I was fisting my saddened loose hole. I don’t know why but I told him everything that has happened and that I had no one in my life.

Soon he asked if he can be there for me when things are bad. I told him that I would like that because I didn’t have anyone in my life. What I didn’t expect however to say if he wanted to fuck me with a passion. He at first refused saying that he wanted to be respectful to me, but remembering the state I was in he then said “Please come with me to my room”. He covered me up to hide my shame, took me up stairs without anyone noticing, and brought me to his room.

He then laid me down on the bed seeing if I was okay. He treated me like how my husband use to treat me. Kind and caring. He was a unique boy. A man with autism and a puppy dog like appearance. This however became clear that he was a virgin. This poor baby didn’t know what to do and he was trying to do his best to treat me like a person, so I had to reward him. I didn’t think that he would have a bigger dick than my ex’s GIANT FAT COCK!!! My ex was black but he couldn’t rival that of Jeff’s dick. Soon we had sex I felt so happy with him saying thank you every time he humped me in bed.

In the end of our session I was extremely happy. Apparently there were a show of people watching us because he forgot to close the door. Instead of calling me out as they’re hated teacher they cheered saying I was a sexy thick woman. It warmed my heart and soon I didn’t feel like how I use to.

So within the couple of days I began my sexual journey as a whore for my students. I had all sizes of dicks and some pussy in my faces as well. Soon I became looser and looser to the point where my pussy is forever gaping with its insides showing. I’ve grown new kinks like having guys and gals give me a blow job on my prolapsed vagina and being fucked by my students who dressed as furries.

So many virginities I’ve took from people, so many things I did with my students. I even fucked the school mascot which was a fucking horse. Furry, not a real one. People who do fuck animals you need help. I stopped wearing panties and started to use my body to help my students learn. For every question they get right when I call on them I would strip myself for them. And when I run out of clothes I stretch my pussy with a spectrum every time they get the question right. They love my pussy most of all even though it’s a loose and used mess.

My favorite student Jeff loves my pussy most of all. Even though his dick isn’t big enough anymore I still love him. If he is unsatisfied then I allow him to take my prolapsing pussy and fick my cervix. He is the only on to ever fuck my cervix and he does it without hurting me. He’s a very good boy.

I love my students and they all loved me. They think I’m the best teacher in the world. So I am happy to be the sex edd whore of the University and am proud of it.

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    Going back to this one waa really fun. I love the idea of a perverted teacher but I wonder why it was mostly forgotten. I still think it’s good though.

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      Well it depends on many tastes. For me I love virgin pussies and gaping pussies. Any they all come differently in many sizes and many forms. The pussy is a beautiful thing, something to be respected and the best way of doing that is being there for your lover.

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    This is good. And actually all those bitches fucking dogs and horses y’all need help!!!!!

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      I am happy you love my story.

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