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Wife covered in cum…

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My wife loves having guys shoot their load all over her face and big tits and one night in an adult theater she got her wish, plus lots more.

We had been married for about a year and had been into swinging for about six months. We were only 19 years old and had tried threesomes, wife swapping, exhibitionism and small gangbangs. We’d just started going to adult theaters & bookstores with gloryholes. We both really like them because she could take off her clothes and let lots of strangers see her hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body. With long red hair & matching bush and sparkling green eyes she was a real knockout. And the garter belt and silk stocking made her look even hotter.

This particular night worked out perfectly. We went in and as soon as the lights went out and the movie started she stood up and untied the belt on her wrap-around dress and let it slide slowly off her shoulders. Then turned facing her seat laid it over the back. She’d taken her time, letting everyone see her beautiful big tits with huge pink aureolas that covered the end as well as her bushy cunt and sexy round ass. As usual, she was soon surrounded by strange men who started fondling her big tits and rubbing her now wet pussy. I moved down a couple of seats to give them better access to my sexy young wife. It wasn’t long before she had 2 guys sucking her firm tits as another ate her hot wet pussy. As several guys looked on stroking their cocks as they waited their turn. And she was rubbing the 2 guys sucking her tits hard cocks through their pants.

It didn’t take long until the guy eating her stood up and stuck his cock in her mouth and she started sucking him off. Soon she had several cocks in her face as she took turns sucking one as she stroked two more. Other guys were still fondling her tits, ass, and pussy. The first couple of guys shot off in her mouth. Then one of the guys leaned her over the seat in front of her and started fucking her from behind as she sucked off a couple of other guys. All the while having her body fondled by others as everyone in the theater was watching. She had several guys take turns fucking her from behind mostly in her pussy, but a couple fucked her tight little ass. By now she’d started having the guys she was sucking off shoot their loads on her face.

After a while like this, she got on her knees in the aisle and had guys surrounding her as she took turns sucking them off, having them all shoot their load on her face & big tits. All of the guys were white except two. She had said she’d never let a black guy fuck her. But she had no problem in sucking these two guys cocks and taking their cum on her tits & face. She was starting to resemble a glazed doughnut the cum was so thick on her body. I was so turned on I’d pulled my own thick 9″ cock out and started stroking it. As I did a couple who’d been watching all this take place moved back to where we were. The woman looked to be in her 30’s and was a tall blonde with a fantastic body. She slipped her dress off and I’d started sucking on her big tits as I got a surprise when her husband leaned over and started sucking my cock. I’m straight but on occasion, I will let a guy suck my dick.

After a while had gone by the hot blonde got down beside my wife, where I’d figured she’d start sucking some of the guys off. But instead, she began sucking on my hot wife’s tits. Licking up all the hot cum from my wife’s firm young body. The guys backed off a little and watched as this lady was licking my wife clean and then moved down and started eating her cum filled pussy. Before long they were in a hot 69 going down on each others wet cunts. The woman’s husband had taken a hot load down his throat and was now sucking off another guy. But watching all this going on I was starting to get hard again. The girls kept sucking each others tits and eating each other’s pussy as they occasionally had a guy dump a hot load of cum on them they gladly lapped up. By then another much older guy had come over and as my cock got hard again he started to stroke it. And in no time he was sucking it. At first, I was about to stop him. But damn that dude could suck a dick.

About then the movie ended and the lights came on. The two girls kept going at it for a while and the old guy kept sucking my cock not caring who saw as others were coming in the theater for the next show. My wife just then getting up from the aisle so they could get by. She then surprised me when she moved over beside the old man sucking my dick and pulled his out and she started sucking him off. It was hot as hell watching my hot, naked 19yo wife sucking off this old guy who looked to be in his late 60’s. I shot my cum in his mouth then watched my wife suck him off as he reached down and played with her firm young 34D tits. Once he’d shot his load my wife slowly put her dress back on again letting everyone see her hot body from every angle. As we were leaving I saw one of the guys she’d sucked off and realized he worked there. And thought wow what a job thinking of everything he must have seen.

We went back to our hotel room and fucked half the night as we relived what all had happened earlier that night. I hope you enjoyed hearing about our experience that night. And if you have questions or would like to share experiences feel free to hit me up. [email protected]

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    It sounds like a adult version of what me and my little sister did as kids we had some good times when we were kids . I ask her if she wanted to play with my penis she said no .
    She was 12 years old I did not see her naked sense she was 10 years old but I did see her boob’s when she was 12 years old. She did not like to ware a bra but mom made her it was a size of 34c

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