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Round two with my niece continued

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My y niece and I have been active since Halloween and I had not seen her for a week now were making up for it.

I woke to the pleasure of Rose stroking my cock and kissing the mushroom head, no blow job but she licked the entire shaft including my balls. It was late and I was hungry so when she finnished we went to the kitchen and raided the fridge, there were lots of left overs. I found a large cucumber and my perverted mind kicked in so I lifted Rose up and sat her on the counter so that her feet were on the counter toes and bottom were at the edge and she rested against the wall opening her legs wide her knees bent revealing her bald pussy to me. I got a kitchen chair a sat so that my face was level with the counter Rose was looking at with a look of curiosity as my finger entered and I found out she was wet with anticipation. I fingered her for a moment before outting the tip of the 14 inch cucumber in the opening of her cunt. Now she looked a little nervous as I slowly pushed it in, she sucked in a deep breath as it went in deeper and dèeper until it was all the way in. Her hands gripping the edge of the counter turning her knuckles white she watched the whole thing dissapear inside and make her tummy bulge as it was at its deepest. Uncle Jack she said I can feel it pushing against my tummy as I started to fuck ger with it, slowly at first drawing the full length out before re-entering then as she got more excited I went faster and faster. She was bucking ger hips and moaning loudly then her legs started to shake and she started to tell me to go deeper suddenly she let out a scream and a stream of cum shot out all over my face and chest. A few moments later it was over and she opened her eyes again leaned forward grabbing me around the neck and gave me the biggest hug then kissed me very gard on the lips forcing her tongue deep into my mouth, she tasted amazing as I sucked her tongue.

Finally sge pulled away and said I’m still hungry so we eat the cucumber that was still covered in her juices. We headed upstairs to the bathroom abd ran a bath as the water filled the tub she licked my face and chest clean. I have a huge tub with lots of jets so we climbed in me first then she stepped in straddling me and lowering herself down on my rock hard cock. She just sat there kissing me then after a few moments started to rock her hips back and forth so that her clit rubbed against me. It felt fantastic as the water was hot and created a slippery suction and her pussy muscles clamped round my shaft. We made love like this for a long time she would stop when she sensed I was going to cum then start again as I subsided. I don’t know how long this went on but when she did finally let me cum it was so intense I grunted loudly and seened to unload for ages deep inside her tiny hole. Now it was really late so after drying each other off we climbed in bed kissing and cuddling for a while until she snuggled into the spoon position pushing my cock into her ass and falling asleep. I lay there for what must gave been only a few minuets slowly fucking her delicous ass gently only pulling out an inch or two then back in before falling asleep myself. I woke up fist to the sum streaming through a gap in the curtains and lighting her face and hair she looked like an angel and so vulnarable I leaned over and kissed and daid come on sleepy head rise and shine your mum is on her way. Do I have to go can’t I stay here? She asked knowing full well wgat the answer would be no I said but it is only a week until we can fuck again, sge smiled and jumped out of bed to get dressed.

Her mother arrived and Rose gave me a giant hug kissed me on the cheek and said see you next weekend waved and ran to the car. Her mother looked at me and said I don’t know what you did to cheer her up but keep doing it we botth laughed and I said I would it would be my pleasure.

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  • Reply courious3839 ID:457h6othj

    Loved this. Very hot

    Wicker courious3839

  • Reply Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

    I wanna fuck my 10 and 12 year old nieces. They are soo fucking beautiful and sexy. They come stay with me alone sometimes a d i buy them night shirts and bathing suits too small so i can see them. They sleep with me in just thier panties and i rub their backs legs and just above thier pussies. I even rub thier nipples without alarm. When they sleep i rub my cock all over their ass and shoot my load in a towel. I want more. When they are with me i jerk off about 5 times each day. I make sure that they sweat and get the panties really soiled so i can take them with me and lick them later. I want more but I am afraid of losing them. I would rather have this than nothing. I kiss thier necks and feet and even playfully sliped my tounge in thier mouth and they just giggle. Sometime while they are laying on the bed watching tv i rub thier legs and thighs while jerking off right there. Wickr is trickyrick0000

    • Jack the bad lad ID:45xxzuer8r9

      Hi Rick I am on Wikr to jackthebadlad glad you liked my story.

  • Reply The man ID:1dlos7dbvh81

    Very well written, not overly complexed and the story flowed properly where we can have a visual image of what was happening and how it connected to each scene. Yes a couple of misspelled words but I later realize that it isn’t because you can’t spell it’s because you mis-clicked. The letter “h” was replaced by the letter “g” in some of the words but if you pay attention to the keyboard those letters are right beside each other. Overall it was very well written

    • Jack the lad ID:gnrrw0eqi

      Thanks glad you liked it.