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My first sleep over

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When I turned 12 my parents finally let me go to a sleep over at my best friend Anna’s house. Anna was the same age as me and had a 17 year old sister. She and her sister with both incredibly hot. When she invited me over for the night and my parents said yes, I immediately packed my bag. I packed a swimsuit, some cute pajamas, and clothes for the next day. After my mom dropped me off, Anna hugged me and led me to her room before closing the door behind her. After a few hours of talking and playing games, the clock stuck 11 and we were getting bored. Anna smiled before opening an app on her phone. It was a simple truth or dare app and I loved playing truth or dare. I didn’t see what category she picked and I didn’t really care. I immediately picked dare. The dare was for me to remove an article of clothing. No big deal. I pulled off my shirt and looked at Anna. Her dare was to kiss one of the other people in the room. She looked at me and smiled sheepishly. I simply nodded before she kissed me. We kissed for a few minutes before my next dare came up. It was to give another player a hickey. I blushed before trying to leave a hickey on Anna. She pulled off her shirt to give me a better angle. I smiled before leaving a small hickey on her chest. Her next dare was to take off her underwear. She took off her shorts before taking off her panties, not bothering to put her shorts back on. I blushed before looking at my dare. Eat out the player to your left. I looked at Anna and she just spread her legs. My jaw dropped at the sight. She had such a perfect pussy, not a bit of hair either. I leaned down before gently licking her pussy. The taste was bitter yet sweet and god did I love it. I found myself wanting more and more as I started to eat her out. I wanted to feel her pussy against mine, that sounded like heaven. If she let me do this then why wouldn’t she want to do that. I stood before pulling off my shorts. I got close before I started to rub against her pussy through my panties. She moaned at the feeling and started to tug on my panties, wanting them off. I stopped for a second before taking them off. I straddled her slightly before rubbing our bare pussies together. I saw stars, it felt so good and I didn’t want anything else but to be with Anna. She reached up and took off my bra before sucking the n my nipple I moaned and started to move my hips faster. Pretty soon we both came. I laid down next to her before kissing her sweetly. “Let’s do this again sometime.” She said softly, to which I responded with a smile and a kiss.

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